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  1. Hope you clever lot can help. I've just spent an hour or so trawling the internet and not got an answer. Last summer I made some delicious strawberry and champagne preserve, whilst making it I had a sneaky taste at the precooked mixture, it was heavenly. So I was wondering as to whether I could have just put it into jars as it was, sort of fruit coolie type thing. Any thoughts? I did find this recipe : Strawberries To every 1.1lt (2 pints) Bottle allow: 110g (4oz) Caster Sugar Sherry or Madeira Let the fruit be gathered in fine weather and used as soon as picked. Have some dry sterilised glass bottles ready with tight fitting lids. Remove the stalks from the strawberries. Drop them into the sterilised bottles, sprinkled with the caster sugar in the above ratio. When the fruit reaches to the neck of the bottle, fill with sherry or Madeira. Seal with airtight lids. Seasonable: Make this in June or July. I also came across a Rumtopt recipe, a real blast from my seventies past, thought I might try makind one, then potting up into jam jars as Christmas gifts? what do you think? Anne
  2. Hi, we have a seven berth motorhome, weve owned it for 7/8 years and can't imagine holidays without it. Each year we go to Europe for 3/4 weeks and don't spend a single night on a campsite. It has a large fresh water tank 125lt, waste tank 125lt and about 70lt toilet tank. All over Europe there are motorhome service points, some are free, some a few euros. Many cities have motorhome overnight spots, we,ve camped just a short walk from many tourist sites. As for cost we think ours costs us very little, if you can afford to buy it, ours has lost around 4-6 thousand in the 7/8 years. Insurance about £300, breakdown £120 ish, ferry crossing/tunnel £80 return, not expensive for a family holiday.We mostly camp on campsites in the uk, because we use our boat and need a seaside base Hope that helps, Anne
  3. Glad you all had a good day. We now only grow Master Gris and hang for 3/4/5 days guts in. We've tried all combinations and for our tastes we find that the best. We feed ours growers pellets/ 50% corn in the last few weeks, but if we run them on too long there can be huge quantities of fat inside the cavity and you get some truley masive roasters. Anne
  4. Sarah, did you make your Jollop If so can you answer your own questions, because I've just had a bag of ready peeled maris piper potatoes (some silly person obviously ticked the wrong ones on the potatoes section along with a tiny bag of flour and a huge bag of currants ) delivered. so now I need to use alot of taters quite quickly. Anne
  5. OOH can't wait for ours, you all look fab. We've had an email they're on their way including a freebee No Lesley I dont speak Norwegian and yes they are quite slow to respond about a week between emails. But I don't mind now my things are on there way. Just tracked it and its in Oslo Anne
  6. Just made a batch, they look really cute and taste great. I'm sure Alyssa will smile when she gets home from school, she was not a happy bunny this morning, wanted another snow day Anne
  7. Looks really nice Lesley, I love all the different colours. I hope that means ours will arrive soon. Anne
  8. Some nice picture of our snowy walk this morning Anne
  9. When Alyssa did her GCSE Art,they all had a black folders provided by the department. There fist task was to personalise them to there own design. Alyssa embroiderd sp? hers it looked v nice. Anne
  10. I agree Ocado are great. I like the texts telling you strawberry van or whichever, nice touch I always feel. Out here we only get Ocado and Tesco's so no competition really. Anne
  11. Hi, obviously living here i've got my own thoughts on good places to walk. Start with the basics, south of the county flatter more rolly, up north, where we live more hilly.So depending on the type of walking you enjoy, its north or south. Its all nice Being local we walk all our walks without walking boots (all the trippers have full kit, always makes us smile) exept Kinder, your in quite serious territory up there. Acommodation there is everything from fischers hall posh (were the famous stay)to yha's camping etc all depends on how deep your pockets are.( I can personally recomend Riverside Hotel, Ahford in the water, but that was a few years ago) Nice places to visit are Chatsworth, Bakewell, Castleton (looks pretty but i'm not a fan of gift shops and show caves) Some really nice walking/cycle hire at ladybower. To be honest I don't think theres a bad walk where ever you go. Book it and enjoy Anne
  12. We have one, I was too tight to pay good money for one, so I bought a large thick fleece blanket and made my own. They are really nice if your feeling under the weather and you can still hold your cup of tea,cake, biscuit or whatever takes your fancy. Not outdoor wear though. Maybe ok on a campsite Anne
  13. Lesley Thanks for your offer. Alyssa wants to order various bits and pieces, so we are going to try and order ourselves. Anne
  14. thanks very much lesley, i'll keep an eye on the post. the hats are nice i'm feeling a little tempted. Anne
  15. hi ooh lovely stuff, been thinking about ordering myself, but have an abundace of hats so I was wondering if it possible to order some fingerless gloves and socks? let us know, but we don't want to be too much trouble. We presume 100% ull is 100% wool. Anne

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