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  1. Thanks Dogmother. Is there anything else that would be better to use that treats internal and external parasites? Ideally at the same time?
  2. Hi Can anyone tell me which would be the best to use please? I have used the Marriages layers pellets in the past, but quite like the idea of a 'double whammy' to prevent/treat mites and worms at once. Many Thanks https://www.amazon.co.uk/Harka-Mectin-Treatment-Ivermectin-Worms-Pigeons/dp/B06XVY6LB4/ref=pd_sbs_199_2/261-1115829-0298554?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XVY6LB4&pd_rd_r=a7290288-4c34-4e36-8a36-157fa0897af9&pd_rd_w=wtrio&pd_rd_wg=loKiQ&pf_rd_p=f4a31d1d-8f61-48f5-b6f4-a22ba06df575&pf_rd_r=1C8R7H92M7WH2QCQJ7DJ&psc=1&refRID=1C8R7H92M7WH2QCQJ7DJ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Harkers-4-1-Spot-Treatment/dp/B07N1KRZ2W/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3HVCYPVKVWP97&keywords=harkers+4+in+1&qid=1575122685&sprefix=harkers+%2Caps%2C144&sr=8-1
  3. I might just do that actually! We are bit of drive away up in Cheshire, but think it would be beneficial......you have however already helped me dealing with our first broody after watching your video on YouTube, so thank you!!
  4. Just watched the rest of it! Fab programme and really enjoyed it!
  5. I recorded it, but watched a few bits and looked it so good! My Mum text me saying the shapes bit was amazing, but I didn’t see that bit......felt so sorry for Lloyd though!
  6. Thank you both for taking the time to reply. And I think what you have suggested sounds like a good plan....I really love my girls being around (as does my daughter) and I would be so sad not to try again with them. I just sometimes feel a little out of my depth with them if things don't quite go to plan.....which I know sounds a bit daft seeing as I have an actual human child and have had horses, cats, dogs etc all my life, but chickens are funny things and I'm just not as experienced as I am with them as the rest of my herd, daughter included!
  7. Hi All A bit of advice please...... we have lost two girls (the last of which was last night) over the last two months and now left with one Pekin Bantam. They were both approx 18months old. ☹️ Both hens seemed a bit up and down before they died. Yesterday our Silkie was out happily eating sweet corn and this morning she was dead, although had looked a bit sorry for herself in the afternoon and I had put her into the house in the evening. Neither had ever laid many eggs and our Silkie had been having a few ‘yolky’ poos, but was still quite perky most of the time. They had all been wormed, the last time was late June and I’m forever puffing their house with mite powder and hadn’t found any mites on the girls , but I did read to check them at night which I will do with the remaining hen tonight. Ive looked at ‘spot on’ treatment for mites/worms which I’m going to do in the future too and clean the house/run regularly and use sanitising powder but I’m really worried about our remaining hen getting poorly and also her being on her own. But don’t want to get more hens for them to get ill too. I feel like the worlds worst chicken owner and feel like I should be doing more. Ive just checked on Binky and she’s sunning herself on the lawn, bless her and has laid an egg this morning too. She’s always been the most feisty of our hens and I really don’t want her to lose her sparkle. Thanks for reading. Jx
  8. She’s got a couple of hiding spaces behind their house and dust bath that she seems to be using. I’m a bit stuck with the size of run I’ve got as it’s a fixed, walk in one that just fits between the garage and the lawn, which is why I’m so keen on them being out as much as possible but there are times when they unfortunately have to stay confined. I just hate seeing her looking down, she’s such a friendly little chick, although having said that they have all been out this afternoon with no issues at all and I’ve spied them all snuggled up having a sunbathe together, so perhaps some sort of peace has been restored....fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks Dogmother. Their run isn’t huge....it’s just over 3 x 1.7 mts but they are out quite a lot when myself or my husband are at home. Nothing has changed apart from the fact they are being wormed this week and they have a new Grub....I’ve put their old feeder back in too on your suggestion and another drinker. Ive checked them and their house for mites and both seem clear, but scrubbed and treated it this weekend. Binky as become more dominant over th last couple of months, from when she went broody for the first time....I’m not sure if it’s just her change in attitude that’s causing the upset? Ive been watching them like a hawk for these last few days and it looks like Chickaletta is pretty miserable with them in the run, not all of the time but some of it but fine when they are all out. I haven’t seen any real aggression from Binky aside from the odd peck, but Chickaletta keeps out of her way for the most part. I don’t really know what’s else to do to perk Chickaletta up/stop Binks being a bully.....Chickaletta isn’t completely innocent mind, Ive seen her giving Feathers a couple of pecks over corn on the cob......
  10. I’ve just been to check the bottle and it’s Equinins Dy-Nomite and says on the back ‘100% modified DE’......won’t be using that again for sure! I left Binky in her broody cage till they others went to bed and then popped her in and shut the door. I loitered outside for quite a while checked on them a couple of times, but all was well. Let them out this morning and they seemed back to normal and Chickaletta is looking a bit more of a normal colour, especially after a dust bath this morning. Theres definitely more bulling going on of late, which I’m keen to try and nip in the bud. They are all out happily free ranging at the min, but Chickaletta is keeping her distance from the other two, although that is the norm really. Is there anything I can do to try and restore the peace? Jane x
  11. Hi all. My 3 girls have lived in apparent harmony since I got them almost a year ago and other than the odd peck from the Pekin (Binky) to the little Silkie (Chickaletta), which only really started happening the first time Binky went broody a month or so ago, they have been fine. Today I spend the morning scrubbing their house, disinfecting it and their run and all their things and having a proper Spring clean. They are on the worming layers pellets this week too and I thought id give everyone a quick dust with DE as a precaution. The DE was an orange colour and turned my little white Silkie a kind of apricot colour, which made me laugh initially, but as soon as I put her down the other two hens started attacking her, in a way I've never seen before from either of them. They obviously thought she was a new hen and were really going for it. Has anyone ever heard of that happening before?! I separated Binky, who is very much the ring leader and put her in the run and then the other two were fine in the garden and I left them to it for a while. We have been out this afternoon and I didn't want to put them all back in the run together, so I put Binky in her broody cage in the run and then fastening the other two in the run. And now I don't really know what to do! Shall I just shove them all in the house together tonight and cross my fingers, or perhaps leave Binky in the cage in the run over night? I have actually given Chickaletta a bit of a puff of talcum powder on her really orangey bits, in an attempt to dull them down a bit and to try to restore the peace...…. Any advice would be appreciated! Jane x
  12. Luvachicken its probably 2/3 inches in places and then 5/6 in others where they have scratched it into 'hills!' There is a strip that isn't on flags and was grass, which they have scratched to the soil and I try to keep the chips away from their feeding area a bit, just to make it easier to clean up anything that has been spilt. I just worry about missing any poos that end up sitting under all the woodchip and causing issues.....they like to seem to fall though the gaps!
  13. Thanks again! I think another tarpaulin is the way forward to try and minimize the rain getting in when its going sideways......🙄 I didn't end up taking Feathers to the vets because after me saying she looked miserable, I let them out a bit later and she has been happy as Larry all afternoon ….I I think a bit of sun may have been what the doctor ordered! When my Mum saw her today I think she thought I was mad even considering taking her to the vets as she said she looked 'smashing!' My sister is a vet nurse, so if at any point she needs to be seen, she can squeeze me in but agreed if she was looking ok again, getting her all stressed bringing her in may do more harm than good. Will just keep an eye on her.
  14. Thank you for your replies! We do have wood chip down already (also bought from Flyte So Fancy!) which I forgot to mention in my post, but I'm not sure if I should put another piece of tarpaulin up as there is still half without it on, but I was concerned about it almost keeping the damp in more...? Perhaps I'm just being a bit of a fuss pot because they don't seem to have wet feet unless there are out in the garden or scratching in the 'muddy corner' that they have all worked so hard to create! I'm taking Feathers to the vets this afternoon, as she just doesn't seem herself still.....as soon as I go out, she's rushing over and cheekily coming into the garage to look for treats but I keep peering at them out if the window and have seen her looking quite miserable again...... Thanks again!
  15. Hi All.....after a bit of advice (again!) please... We have had our little girls since the beginning of July and although its been wet, its now consistently cold and damp and I'm a little concerned about how they are going to cope. We have a covered run on slabs, with walls on 2 sides and then I had rigged up some plastic on which stops some of the rain getting in, but its still very damp and doesn't get much sun, which was great in Summer because it was nice and cool, but a bit depressing now! Their house is approx. a foot off the ground, perhaps a little more and I wasn't too concerned about that but my Mum as got my fretting about it and suggested putting them in the garage at night 'until its less damp' but my fear is that its going to be pretty much like this now until Spring! They stay in their run until the afternoon and then come out for a few hours, unless we are in and then they come out a little sooner. If its pouring down, they stay in the run. What's prompted my query is Feathers (named by my 4 year old!) was a bit peaky Saturday afternoon and was a little bit hunched up and looking a bit pale and miserable. I've put some tonic in their water and they were all wormed at the beginning of November. They have had a warm breakfast the last couple of days and she's been eating and drinking fine, although her droppings did seem a little loose, but after looking at many, many photos of chicken poo on the internet over the weekend, I'm not sure if I was able to reach any conclusions! She seems happier today and have seen her having a group dust bath with the others, but I'm just a bit concerned the cold/damp is going to make any little thing worse. Jane x

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