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  1. Tree too big to net but I will try some some dangly things. Thanks
  2. Last night it looked quite funny. One hen weighting down a branch of the magnolia tree so the remaining 4 could easily eat the leaves. Not so funny today tree is now looking very sad and hens are working their way up perching and scoffing leaves. Apart from regulary going out and shooing them away any ideas to stop this destruction. This tree has been in the run from day 1 and only now have they decided its yummy. Magnolia does not appear on the list of poisonous plants I've looked at here.
  3. Thanks to everyone. She is still understandardly subdued. she was a bit more willing to eat this morning but went back into the cube afterwards. Have been making her porridge which she is eating a bit of. Will try the rescue remedy.
  4. It did cross my mind that maybe she had injured herself. Fences all reinforced and extra electric fencing in place - tested by OH and definitely working Just hope Mr /Mrs Fox tests it and keeps away. Thanks
  5. We had a horrible time at 3am Tue morning. We were woken to a lot of noise and sqwarking outside. A fox (the first in 5yrs) got into the run and killed 2 of our 3 bluebelles. Our legbar who has maintained flying skills over the years managed to fly over the fencing and hide and I think we got there in time to stop fox getting bluebell no 3. I am very upset by it and feel very guilty. Bluebell no 3 is doing normal chicken stuff but the Lgbar has gone from being a very active, flighty hen to a very dissinterestd subdued bird. She barely ate anything this morning and is just hunched in the run. I can't find any physical damage on her so I think she did avoid the fox. Any ideas or expreience of how to help her back to normal would be appreciated. She is getting on a bit (4) but was laying well and appeared very healthy until this happened.
  6. We had two Legbars from there about 4 years ago - Beatrice and Miranda (I was going through a Shakespeare phase!). The set up there was fantastic the hens had loads of space and were protected by electric fencing. Our two were lovely - sadly we only have Beatrice now. She is still very aloof and I can only handle her if she is broody or is roosting. I was able to catch the omlet hens easily and I now have 3 bluebells which are very friendly and easy to pick up so compared to the other hens in my experience the Legbars are more flighty. The owner was also vey helpful at the time of purchase and again afterwards when one was poorly.
  7. We recenlty moved our hens to a very similar looking area in our garden - although there was grass to start with but not much now. We moved them because every time they were ou this was the area they spent most of thier time in. They love scratting in the leaves etc in the border.
  8. Hi We are getting a cube on 11/05/09 . Any advice re getting the girls to use the cube? Do I need to keep the eglu for a while or should it be removed to encourage them to go to the cube? Thanks
  9. Have you checked they are not laying somewhere else. One of mine had acouple of sneaky places she used to lay when she didn't feel like using the Eglu. I have one who is 4 yrs old and she stopped laying about 4 months ago.
  10. We have just had a similar problem. At one point OH saw three rats in the eglu run. Rat man from the council came (free of charge) and put down bait. He advised us not to put fill in their runs in the first instance as his bait boxes were along the "rat run". They have consumed the bait and seem to have gone. This has taken 10/7. I have also bought a treadle feeder to replace the peanut feeders. Basically the girls have to stand on a large lever which opens the access to the food, when they step off the door closes, so this stops open access to the rats to the food source. Still having some difficulty getting the girls to step on the lever, however we are making progress
  11. Got it from Wells Poultry Housing www.chicken-house.co.uk. It arrived this morning. Looks quite big - I ordered the smallest on they did. There is a wire base which is what the girls will have to stand on to open the feeder. I think it will have to be a bit of trial and error. They tend to be a bit daft about new things in their space. I hung some veg up once and they wouldn't come out of the eglu run until I took it down I'll post again regarding my success or lack opf it.
  12. I have just ordered a rat proof treadle feeder for the girls. Over the last couple of weeks we have had unwanted furry visitors sharing the feed. I take the peanut feeder in at night but the rats are grazing on what lands on the floor during the day. Rat man has been to deal with the problem but I want to prevent further visits after this lot have been dealt with. Has anyone used/introduced one of these feeders to their hens?
  13. I have had a similar problem. I tried gentian violet but with little effect, just had very pruple fingers and clothes. I use Stockholm tar which I got from a livery supplier. It is very messy but pits a thick coating over the affected area. Smells horrid and the others do keep away.
  14. I have followed the same setter training programme, as long as I let her do what she wants everything is fine. She is definitely my dog. She had an unhealthy interest in the hens when they arrived and stalked them up and down the run. All was resolved when they were let to free range and they chased her across the garden, pecking order established. Now she has a look of what hens?
  15. Poor OH! He has recently started working from home and had a bit of a tough time today Gracie - head choock - got a mouse and the other two wanted it aswell, so there was a bit of a comotion going on. So he went out - in the p*****g rain I'm told - to investigate. Found said hen with said mouse managed to catch her - not something he's vey good at -and retrieve mouse but he dropped it so she got it again He retrieved it again and threw it out of the run, but then the mad setter started to become interested. Sorted dog. Poor mouse almost dead so he had to despatch it. I managed not to giggle as he told me - feel very sorry for poor mouse, but the image of him chasing chickens and dogs in the rain does make me smile.

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