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  1. I got half way there.... I emptied all the boys clothes into the middle of the floor to pick out only what they actually wear.............. Then I walked away (that was 3 days ago)
  2. Hi Sue. Thankyou for your kind offer. I will have a chat with the OH xx
  3. thanks guys. It was very unlucky.. as the week before we paid out for a tree surgeon to cut down 5 of her massive tree's that ran along that fence line as they were blowing about in the breeze.... we didnt think the ones at the back of her garden posed a threat. I will look at the run peg thingies
  4. 1. I WILL sort through the kids clothes, and make a bag for charity. I know im expecting again, but the amount of clothes i have stored is crazy! 2. I have already made a start on selling my kitchen stuff that i dont use I sold 40 pieces of Henry Watson pottery, and 2 cutlery sets on ebay. 3. I am going to make a box up of toys for the kids charity shop. 4. we have 4 broken laptops to give to charity.... 5. will make up 1 dustbin liner of clothes for charity. 6. I need to sort through my craft "stuff"... I don't need the rug kit.. and the candle kit.. and the soap kit. and all the sewing kits..
  5. 1. I am re-starting the food coop between my mummy friends 2. continuing to make my own detergents 3. make my herb garden bigger this year 4. try to grow more veg 5. sew more... 6. get back into washable nappies and wipes when this bubba arrives 7. cycle more
  6. The run and run extension got crushed in the storms (A neighbours tree crashed down) she is 95yrs and there is no way she could afford to replace it. DH has tried his best to straighten it out, but it sticks up around the base, and does not sit level. I have tried to have a go.. but im 31 weeks pregnant so have the strength of a flee. any tips? its not fox proof at all
  7. hmm. trying to work out how to resize it.... *waits for someone to enlighten her*
  8. FINALLY convinced my lovely OH that we should rescue some more hens (we were waiting till the extension was finished) So SO SO happy https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1262529_10151760719624118_436373321_o.jpg
  9. we dont have newspaper i have enviromesh.. or towels
  10. My seedlings that i sewed on my window sill late Feb have outgrown the window sill.... have i made a big mistake putting them out today? (they are in the greenhouse and in covered trays).... weatherforcast has just changed to -1C tonight
  11. I mentioned this in the shopping thread above. but we are saving a fortune on shopping. A few local mums and i grouped together and formed a food coop. basically we have an on line spreadsheet of what we all want, and then buy in bulk and split the costs. eg. I have always bought 5ltr refillable bottles of things like shampoo/laundry liquid etc... I normally paid around £45 for 5ltrs of my shampoo... from Suma its costing me around £13. My bread flour is a massive savings too, i normally pay £29 for 25kg of Doves farm bread flour.. but its only £19 from Suma. I spent £380, and most will last between 6-12 months We worked out we are saving around on our shopping bill . I now just pay river ford £34 a week for our veg and dairy. sumawholesale.com
  12. I made this today -Moroccan chickpea soup plus -2 loaves of bread, -6 jars of marmalade -1 large malt loaf -3 pints of chicken stock (more soup for lunch tomorrow)
  13. My local natural parenting group has just started up a food "coop" group and we have a suma wholesale account. I buy in bulk anyway, but still my shopping bill has just halved! http://sumawholesale.com minimum order is £250, so if you have others you can club up with it might save you £100's a year im a happy bunny
  14. YUM we have not had a roast chicken for ages. i just get the chicken carcases in the meat boxes... Maybe i should swap to having 2 whole chickens a month instead

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