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  1. Tallullah is a speckledy as well. I have locked her out of the run and she is hanging around the door. Poor girl, same as you, its nice to have a cuddle with her she normally runs off. I have a cat basket which I may fill with straw and see if she decides to settle in. Donna
  2. Go to the Gites France website. We hired a house in France last year that slept 14. I booked it through an English company. Both the owner of the cottage and I discovered in conversation that we had paid £600 more that what it was listed on Gites France. Donna
  3. Tallullah has gone all broody on us. She keeps going in to the nesting box and refusing to move. I remove any eggs as soon as the others lay them and take her out every time I notice she is missing. Of course I can't do all this on the days I am working. Will she pass through his phase? how long will it take? anything else i can do to help her? Donna
  4. I returned to work when my son was 5 months old. I cried every night for the week before i went back. However, once I was back at work it amazing how quickly you slip back in to the work routine. I worried that I would never be able to concentrate, but you do. I thought about my Son but I also focused on work and did my job. I gave up my full time job when my Son was 14 months. Mainly down to the commute, I now work part time (self employed). Enjoy your time when you are at home and prioritise what is important- 1) Baby 2) Chickens 3)Husband 4)Housework Donna
  5. In Hertfordshire the last day of term is July 21st. Donna
  6. Hi jules, for exactly the same reasons as you have mentioned we use the Omlet fence. We just keep moving it every time we want to get to the cube. Its great because you can keep moving it around. When we are letting the girls totally free range, we put it round the patio so our 16 month old has a poop free area. We have only had 1 problem with it. Princess used to fly over it, but we removed a low branch she was hopping on to to give herself height. You could watch for someone selling some second hand. Donna
  7. Reminds me of Covent Garden Soup Company's Chorizo Casserole with chick peas and coriander 3 tbs olive oil 2lb chorizo 2 onions 2 garlic cloves 1 red chilli 1/3 pt dry white wine 14oz can tin toms 1/2 pt chicken stock 1 tds soy sauce 1 tbs worcester sauce 1 tbs tom puree 2 cans chick peas bunch coriander S&P fry onions garlic chorizo in big pan add everything but chick peas and coriander Cook for 25 mins add chick peas simmer 5 mins Add coriander as you serve We usually eat with nice crusty bread. Donna
  8. I used to work for a homelessness charity. In the school hols we took the kids by coach on trips. We used Hackney Community Transport coaches. They had adjustable height seat belts but also insisted that younger children were in suitable car seats. The would refuse, and i think quite rightly, to budge until everyone was safely fastened in. We also had our own minibus with car seats and our policy was children had to be in an appropriate seat. When I managed a Day Nursery parents had to supply and fit their own car seat to the hired minibus. Having spent years making other peoples kids safe, I'd like to think the appropriate safety measures are in place for my own son. Donna
  9. Hi there, what do your kids schools do about coach travel. My sons Nursery/foundation class are going on a trip (including a section of motorway.) I have asked about the seat belts, I would like to think there are the ones adjustable to child height but no one can tell me. Last time they went the seat belts were just normal adult belts. My son told me they were made to put the belt under their arm. A friend in the police told me this is the worst way to put on a seat belt as it can decapitate a small child in a high speed accident. We have not been asked to provide booster seats. I think I will insist my son has his booster seat but what about all the other children. I'm I being paranoid, what do other schools do? Donna
  10. This happened in our area. 30 children from our town didn't get a school place in the town, they were going to have to attend school 8 miles away. All the parents got together and campaigned. In the end they put a temporary classroom at one of the schools. Remember strength in numbers, find out who else got turned down contact your local MP and get their support. If there isn't the infrastructure now how will they cope with 40 more houses? Donna
  11. I could but they would have to have a hen house. Our Cube was constructed in the space between the fence and the shed and the only way we could get it out is to take it to bits. My friend has a spare Ark but gets lots of foxes so I'm not sure if the girls will be safe. It was just the idea that we have a slightly larger than average, comfortable house sitting empty for a week and someone else could use. Donna
  12. I guess its not on everyone's top holiday destinations but there's lots to do here. We are in the Chilterns this would be a good base for anyone wanting to do part of the Ridgeway walk. Donna
  13. Thanks, that would be really helpful. My parents would normally stay but we are taking them away. We had planned to go to France but because of the exchange rate decided to stay in England. Just thought if there was someone out there who would normally go on holiday but, because of the now recession, now cant they could still have a break. I have got a friend who can take them but she has lost 2 girls to foxes in the last few months. I feel mine are pretty safe here. Donna
  14. I have posted this in the chicken sitters forum but have only had one response, so please don't move it. Is there a family out there who is feeling the credit crunch and would like free accommodation for the May half term week? We have a weeks holiday booked and, though we can find people to let out and feed the chickens, I don't want the girls to be on their own. We live in Herts but with easy reach of London, 30mins by train to Euston. Have a 4 bed house next to football pitch and park, short walk to canal, close to National Trust Ashridge estate, 15 mins to Whipsnade. We do live on a main road but the house is set back. We have all equipment for kids 0-100 so you wouldn't need to bring anything. Perhaps there is someone out there wants to try out the chicken thing before they buy? The 6 girls are housed in a cube with a fenced in area. They are very spoilt but friendly. Many thanks, Donna Rosie Martha Maisy Mrs Williamson Tallulah Princess Hannah chick

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