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  1. wow.....excellent...thanks.....Blast from the past is it....... fab film
  2. we are trying to remember who starred in a film about a family in the 1950's who believed the A bomb had been dropped and went into a bunker. the boy child grows up in the shelter and his parents die there. He eventually leaves the shelter and enters a down & out area, thus confirming his belief that society is lawless etc. I think Brendan Fraser is the adult "child" Who starred in this film, what was it called? can you help. please.....
  3. ooh thats interesting, I didnt know you could do that. Does it use much LPG? what size tank do you need? I see a google session coming!!!lol
  4. Hi, my issues with Aga group began when I booked them to service my aging and temperamental Aga. I had to pay up front (well over £100) and they couldn't service it for 2-3 months.....I do not expect to have to pay up front and wait all that time. This fee covered the call out and a "look see" as I understood it, ant work would cost extra. The engineer arrived, on time, and looked, did a smoke test and condemned the Aga. He told us a load of horror stories about CO poisoning, and said it would cost loads of money to have the work done through Aga. He kept telling us he knew someone locally who would do it all much cheaply (I think he meant himself). We had a CO monitor that has never alarmed. We asked him to get Aga to send us a quote, he went away and we never heard from Aga again. We were left with no cooking facilities and no hot water for 2 weeks...had to buy a microwave for cooking. Then we got an independant guy around who found no problems, it just needed a good service. We have had poor service from their "customer service" dept before!!! When I researched replacement range cookers I noticed that Aga seem to be buying up all the independent makers of cookers, as if they are trying to wipe out any competition, Redfyre being the latest. In my research I found that there are a lot of issues with the newer Aga and rayburn cookers, you will soon find them if you google, no wonder their sales are well down last year. I guess in a nutshell I just dont like poor customer service, rip off prices and products which are poorer quality than I would expect. (flimsy doors on cookers for example). I choose not to support this group of companies. I will jump off my soap box now....sorry for the rant I would love a dual fuel cooker but couldnt afford to have gas laid to come out here..lol
  5. Some time ago, I was considering buying a new cooker. My research showed that a lot of brands are owned by Aga group, I as I won't have anything to do with them it severely limited my choice Aga group own...Fired Earth, Rayburn, Stanley, Divertimenti, Falcon, Grange (furniture, French) , Rangemaster, Mercury (I liked these until I saw who owned them ), Leisure, La Corune, Redfyre. You may like to consider Everhot cookers www.everhot.co.uk there is an interesting thread here http://www.allaboutyou.com/community/forums/thread/1477400?page=last#post18002071 hope that works. I would certainly give them a serious consideration. Happy hunting.
  6. oohh....dont blink!!! blue sky.....off to uncover the girls....
  7. Hi, just wanted to add that I buy something called "Cousin Jack" to use in the run and nest box, its eucalyptus scented and I've not had a problem with flies. I buy it at Cornwall Farmers, not sure if its available nationally. Good luck sorting it out.
  8. ooh some familiar stories here I attended a number of schools as father was in RAF. I was hopeless at all sport, short, fat and wore glasses. My last secondary school was different though. Although not much equipment we did have an on site outdoor swimming pool and a teacher who wanted to teach modern dance (1970's style) I hated the school but the PE teacher was great, as long as I supported her dance projects, she didnt ask anything else of me. She would always give me a note to get out of whatever lesson I didnt want to go to, so I could "train" or practice for her next project. As a parent now, it makes me shudder, but at the time it stopped me playing truant. Oh dear I sound like a right nightmare!!!
  9. Thanks for your reply, had visitors arrive yesterday so no chance to check forum. I have tried a torch but perhaps I should leave it a bit longer. I have just asked OH to take some pics and I hope to post them later.
  10. Hi, last week we bought 3 beautiful bantam chicks (hybrids). They are fully feathered, off heat lamp, but had never been outside. They cheep beautifully (I know this as I have spent many hours sat watching and listening to them ) One has the beginings of a comb but not the others, yet. They are currently on chick crumbs and growing rapidly. Can anyone give me any idea how old they are and when I should change them to growers pellets or layers pellets. I've never had such young chicks before. Also, they never go inthe eglu at night but cuddle up together in the run. I have taken the bars out and put plenty of bedding in there. Its been power washed and cleaned with poultry shield so I'm confident its not red mite . I cannot get into the run to reach them to put them inside. Can any one offer any suggestions please. Thanks
  11. Hi all, what a great thread. Its great to see some old faces. Whilst I have never been a prolific poster, it has often been my first port of call for advice for all things chicken related and even non chicken related. I read regularly and love to watch as folks share their knowledge and enthusiasm. We had to rehome our rather dominating Maran, and she is now managing a flock of around 12 hens, . I cant imagine life without chickens and Omlet forum. We have taken on chickens from an elderly lady who sadly fell and broke her hip so can no longer look after them, and bought 3 bantams last week so I dont see myself "dying off" for some time yet... That reminds me I must update my thingy with our new ladies.....
  12. ahh... beautiful bride and fab pics.... well done o everyone !!
  13. Thanks GrooveyChick, will contact them next week. Tracey never knew we could do that, will ask whoever we get for a quote about it, thanks. I knew I could count on this forum for some good sensible advice.
  14. Soory can't see anything that looks familiar, it may have been the Ginger Lilly but that doesn't seem to be open anymore. On trip advisor Morrells Bistro in Upper Market St gets great reviews. Have a great break, we love it there, we had our honeymoon there many years ago.
  15. Last year (or the year before) we ate in a fab restaurant but I,ve forgot tom what it was called It was very small on one of the busier streets in Looe. It was set back from the road and you went up a step to approach the front of it, we had a lovely cosy evening there and the food was great (not too expensive either ) will google and see if I can find it.
  16. thanks for that, OH not keen on going Sky/Virgin route, but I will check it out. Groovey Chick, would you recommend the people who set yours up?? I have been think ing I probably need to get someone around to give us some prices.
  17. We currently use free view, using an indoor ariel. Its a bit of a pain tbh, to keep moving it to set it up every time the weather changes. So should we pay out for a proper ariel and get that set up properly or get freest which MiL has in her lounge and works very well. Your experiences or thought appreciated please..thanks
  18. Good Luck, this afternoon. xx
  19. as children, we would eat Heinz tomato soup when poorly. My boys wanted hot lemon squash (homemade) and toast or crackers . We knew they were on the mend when they requested chips!!!!

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