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  1. Made with YS this afternoon, it was so easy he needed very little help. Really yummy and much lighter than my normal lemon drizzle cake. This will now be my lemon drizzle cake. Thanks for posting.
  2. I have the Ikea 365+ range and am very impressed, have had them for seven years and still as good as new.
  3. Thanks for all your useful replies. Now have a very happy child with his brand new ipod; thanks to you guys also a happy mother who has disabled safari, made most things password protected and bought a £15 itunes card. How would I cope without Omlet!
  4. Thanks for your replies guys, 4th generation ipod it is then. Is 16GB enough or will he need 32GB? No doubt, once I've bought it I'll be on here permanently asking for help! Apologies in advance!
  5. As I may have previously mentioned, I don't do technology, have no interest in the latest phones and gadgets etc. MS has been wanting an ipod for a while but I have refused until now. It is his birthday in a couple of weeks and OH feels he has waited long enough for what he wants and says we should buy him one. For me, it is an expensive item, but compared to a football kit which he has suggested instead, it seems better value! Have had a quick look on the internet; he is after an ipod touch, budget will not stretch to a 5th generation, anyone have any experience of 4th generation? 16GB? All advice desperately and gratefully received!!! (ps what does an ipod do?")
  6. We have one. OH had been wanting one for a while, but didn't want to part with the cash. Eventually he gave in and bought one a few years back and absolutely loves it. We use it for camping, ideal for a fried egg and bacon sarnie of a morning, have not attempted the chicken dinner you can apparently cook in it! We have also found it useful for a quick bbq in the garden; with the summer weather having been poor for the last couple of years we've still managed bbqs because it is so much quicker than charcoal. Comes highly recommended from us.
  7. ES so wants to try the cheeseburger pizza. Tonight he had to make do with a stromboli and chocolate Victoria sandwich.
  8. My sister is also a teacher and a few years ago suffered from similar symptoms to yourself. She too had loads of appointments with different specialists with everything coming back as normal. What they eventually figured out with my sister was that the atmosphere in the classroom was causing/worsening her symptoms. A very warm classroom with no ventilation whilst making lots of use of her voice resulted in loss of voice, tiredness etc. Lowering the thermostat temperature in the school and obtaining permission to open the windows (health and safety!) resulted in an improvement. She still suffers an occasional flare up, but nothing that a few days rest doesn't sort out. Hope you get well soon!
  9. Those meringues are on my to do list as well, but today I made the sausage rolls from the pink whisk site. My first attempt, look good, but as I'm veggie haven't tasted them. Also made some cheese and onion cakes as opposed to fish cakes. Yummy!
  10. Well it's been nearly two weeks since I used shampoo and success! My hair looks and feels much nicer! Even OH commented tonight that my hair was less straw like than usual! My scalp is less itchy than usual, my skin has been really suffering with this long winter, since dropping the shampoo my scalp feels much better. Thanks for the tip!
  11. I too love the pink whisk site, and regularly attempt recipes, but much as my boys begged, I am not talented enough to attempt the sheep! We are all very impressed!
  12. Washed hair last night with conditioner only. Feels much lighter this morning and less frizzy. No itchy scalp which I have recently been suffering with. So far so good, will see how things progress.
  13. Sorry to say that as a teenager I suffered from re-occurring tonsillitis and was eventually diagnosed with glandular fever. I too suffered from extreme tiredness. I was in my first year of 6th form when the glandular fever struck and missed much of the school year. The school were very accommodating and would let me turn up and go home whenever I felt like it, I can still remember the extreme tiredness that would wash over me. On the bright side, once glandular fever had cleared, I had tonsils removed and have rarely suffered a sore throat since. Cross fingers that it's good news.
  14. Luckily it is dry this afternoon, but with an evil wind. I can see snow all around us on the high ground, but we've just had 36 hours of non-stop rain and high winds. Luckily our only casualty was our trampoline; OH was out at 1am trying to make it safe. Our local sports hall, where ES has his PE lessons and football training, was evacuated mid lesson yesterday morning when the children heard a loud noise. Upon investigation by the staff one of the external walls had given way, apparently due to the sheer volume of water in the ground. It is now shut whilst further investigations take place. I do hope it is not a huge job as it is a really important building in the community, used by the local primary and secondary schools, as well as football clubs, gymnastic clubs and the local youth club. The local council are in the midst of announcing major cutbacks, here's hoping this doesn't give them the excuse to shut it down.
  15. Thanks, have popped three into my basket. Was going to buy for my boys last week but too mean to pay £15 for 3. I can manage 3 for under a tenner!
  16. As a mum of 3 boys who all went to pre-school and now a pre-school leader, I have experienced this from both sides. I hated it when my boys started aged between 2 1/1 and 3, I wanted to keep them at home with me for ever, but at a certain point they needed more than Mum. I cried, but they were fine. All 3 of mine loved pre-school, it helped prepare them for school and they got to socialize and experience a wider range of activities than they would have done with me. At the pre-school where I now work, we take children from 2 1/2 until they reach full time education. It is a gentle introduction to leaving mum, it is much less structured than school, but it does start to prepare them for the routine of school. Not only does it help the children to make friends, but it also helps mums make new friends/contacts who they will know for many years, and can help each other out. From my experience it is much more traumatic for mum to begin with, but it is really important that mum does not pass this on to her child. Yes, some children do shed a few tears when mum leaves, but usually stop within minutes. The children are having a whale of a time whilst mum is at home with visions of a tearful child, which is why we always text mum to let her know that the tears had stopped before she left the car park! We have only ever had to call mum once when a child had not settled, but even he came in happily by day 3. As other have said don't dress them in their best clothes and send them with a spare set of clothes just in case. They tend to pick up all sorts of bugs, but a plus point is that they tend to be healthier when they start school as they have already encountered lots of germs.
  17. Yum! Thanks for the idea. Made these tonight. 4 out of 5 loved them. I preferred the sweet version, everyone else the salty. Will be making again very soon.
  18. I was going to suggest scotch eggs too, have made them for the first time today and have gone down a treat. Used 6 eggs to make 4. Will double up next time as they didn't last long! Recipe off the pink whisk website, worth taking a look at site for lots of other yummy recipies that include eggs.
  19. Never had such an easy intro - all girls sleeping, eating and free ranging together! New girls already run down the garden when they see me and let me pick them up, they are obviously used to lots of cuddles! Am so excited to have been able to put a white chicken on my signature!
  20. Still no idea. OH cannot find a way of blocking/unblocking (though I don't think he's tried very hard - I think he quite likes not being able to answer some of my texts!). It is a work phone (on which he has to pay for personal calls), and they will not replace the SIM, so I'm well and truly stuck!
  21. I'm clueless, how do you block/unblock someone on your phone?
  22. I have received two eggs in one day from the same chicken on the rare occasion, but never three.
  23. Yes, I got him to send ES and myself a text last night when we were all at home. ES's arrived instantly - I'm still waiting. Obviously I don't know if anyone else is not getting texts from him, but ES is.

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