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  1. 👋🏻 E! I say, this forum has got a bit jazzy. 👀

    1. Egluntyne


      It has. But with the same doxpzen or so members who talk to each other all day long. 

      it’s nowhere as busy as it was in our day.


      How are things with you? Do you still have the shop? x

    2. clootie


      If I still had my chooks, I’d be one of the dozen!

      No shop, gave that up a few years ago to build a house. Never again! 😩


      all the best for the festive season E... crazy times  



  2. Totally agree.... loving Motsi, comes across as a very genuine person too!
  3. 19? That’s not far away from 10 😂 ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Maybe it’s me but is anyone else getting a bit fed up with the heart hand gestures? How old are we.... 10? ❤️
  5. Are you asking me Soapy? All I can make is an absolute mess 🤣
  6. Oh nooooo. I’m sorry to hear that. Sad news indeed. 😞
  7. Ahhhh Plumster, those were the days. Koojie is one of those special folks.... and I mean that in the nicest possible way! 🤣
  8. That would be Eric who is now 13 years old, blind in one eye, deaf as a post but still sprightly! The Mouse is just the same, full of love and affection. Makes me laugh every day 🥰 Good to see you’re still one of the “old timers” too! Missed the forum actually, had some very funny times on here!
  9. Heyy! 👋 I‘m chookless though. Have been for years and still miss them! Great to see some “old” friends still here! 🥰 Hope you’re well!
  10. Leeeeeeewisss! 👋 how the devil are you?
  11. Devon! How lovely! Yes to alpacas. Yes to sheep and a big YES to the birds!! The mothership has changed a bit since I was last on! Very nice! Is Cookie still here?
  12. Coooo eeeeeeeeee! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻🥰😂
  13. I’m with you E! It’s the only one I can be bothered with but as the years go on, the fewer I recognise! Bring back Len! 🔟 Very posh on the forum nowadays I see! All changed!
  14. Very interesting indeed! I wonder if I want to open that particular can of wormsies!

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