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  1. That is helpful - thank you. I can get my whole hand in actually, in fact I can with not a lot of force pull it off. Also the catch does not click. You have to guess if it is engaged. Hopefully they will send a new door. I will call them tomorrow. Thank you for your responses.
  2. I received my eglu today which I am generally very pleased with. I have had a cube for a while on which the egg port door fits snuggly. The eggport door on the new eglu wobbles about a bit - just doesn't seem to be such a good fit as the cube one. Does anyone else have any issues with their door? Anyone owning both have the same thing? Thanks
  3. I am now answering my own question, but thought just in case anyone wanted to know that I would post the answer anyway. The babies are 4 weeks now and have gone into the cube with their mum. We got a peice of decking border from B& Q which has a sort of fake grass on it and we cut it in half and attached it to the ladder with a cable tie. This is perfect for the chicks getting up and down. The first night most of them starting yelling when mother hen said it was bed time and left them all downstarirs, so we helped them to find the way. Tonight they all went in without help. They seem fine - and they are really very small because they are mostly bantam babies.
  4. mine does it, but I find if I put a stick wedged down on the nest box end of the bars, they stay up no problem.
  5. I just put my 4 week old chicks in the so they should be fine in the as they won't have theramp issue. Mine are bantam babies too so they are very tiny.
  6. I use ikea plastic storage boxes for nests (in our wooden coops too). So easy to clean, and if one of the girls go broody I can usually move them without fuss and they are quite happy.
  7. It could be feather mite? If so - our vet prescribes ivermectin which works very quickly. Is there any other signs of mites?
  8. I have found that bringing the food in helps. They have a great slug trap in Lakeland which has been given some rave reviews. I am going to get one or two of them. The up side is that I have noticed several frogs in the garden, who I guess are feasting on the slugs?
  9. If you have a rat problem, you really need to get someone to deal with the chickens whilst you are away. You must remove the food at night or you will not get rid of the rats. In addition - never feed by any other method than using the proper grub food container until the problem is solved. Uneaten food on the floor is obviously a problem. If the food is being removed, poison can work. Personally - we found out where they were building their nest and shot them. After that we have been obsessive about the removal of the food at night and their has not been a recurrence.
  10. Thasnk you for those answers. I am actually wondering about much younger chicks. My current brood are 3 weeks now and are able to fly high enough to reach the ladder of the cube, but I am concerned about them falling if they get it a bit wrong?
  11. what is the cinammon? No - they haven't worked it out - but I still am being a sfty and giving them their regular water thing.
  12. You could get a quote for having to shipped to the USA? I would suggest DHL? Where will you be based? You may find that there is a british military family on exchange where you are based (there are 700 exchange postings in the USA). You will need to befriend them and then get it sent to them through BFPO (The AFPO equivalent). We were based at Pax River, MD for a while with the Royal Navy and we had many many things sent through the BFPO.
  13. It doesn't look like it is double walled like the eglu - and also as it is black - wouldn't these two things make it get very hot?
  14. Maybe you could get rid of it and use the greenwheels service - do they have one near you?
  15. oatley

    Doll making

    There are lots of doll making forums including doll chit chat which is very popular. There is a magazine called discover dolls which is a UK publication which may help although it covers all types of dolls.

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