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  1. yes, fox watch plugged into mains I can almost hear it squealing?? it certainly pips?? Have tried it in a few positions, think the fox maybe deaf or desperate. It's not been around so far tonight, but I have spent the morning increasing the fence height, they are pampered chickens...I have had numerous offers of wee and dog poo- I'm sure this is a good thing, although not sure it will work long term, just have to keep vigilant and keep the hose handy...the girls don't help by staying up late and looking at me as if to say 'why are you looking at me?' oblivious to the threat...
  2. last 2 nights fox has been in the garden 1-2 meters away from me and my OH . The fox comes round at about 7.30pm then back again an hour or two later- sits on a neighbours roof and waits, then jumps down into garden, about 6-7ft and walks up and down the run tormenting the girls. AND we have a fox watch!The first night we had just closed the run door as they had been free ranging for a bit- very near miss. Our Neighbour kindly got his dog to come and go round the garden today, but not sure how long this will last, and if the fox is that bothered. The fox didn't move when I saw it, I had to run towards it growling!! feel a bit stupid, but it was instinctive!I like the idea of using the hose! Hope he gets fed up soon, been no visits for months then he appears and he is massive! Think he must have just had some cubs....
  3. they look like they are picking up satellite signals the way they move independently of the body.... might just be me then... ha ha chick nav!
  4. I recomend easibed- The fluffy bits in hemcore seems to get matted onto the chickens toes!although it does smell lemony-plus easi bed is cheaper and available from countrywide I think?it needs to be covered, but any deep litter system does need to be changed eventually to prevent bacterial build up...
  5. Mine didn't lay for ages when we got her, turned out she needed worming- laid straight after this- not sure if this was coincidence?!She may also be waiting for a bit of sunshine as the vitamin D helps the processing of the calcium to form the shell!where is the sunshine!!??They all take different amounts of time I think! good luck!
  6. aw, your stories are really heart warming! the girls are really lovely and a bit mad, just like all good family members!It's really nice to hear about other hens feel even more better now!!I like it when they hear a noise and come rushing up to the back door for some 'reassurance'! brilliant pets!
  7. Felt quite bogged down with work today, but one look out the window soon cheered me up, hens are just great! They were fighting over a worm and generally larking about, dodging the showers and having a great time..they always cheer me up!hoorray for hens!
  8. Yes, it looks like her crop, my chooks have similar!I think it's a problem if it doesn't get smaller in the morning, but it sounds like it is.They are lovely pictures!
  9. gnats fart!!! Had a chat with OH and we both agreed swopping chickens not an option!!I think I will have to just keep them occupied whilst this is going on, I have to get up very early!!! Am trying out screening the run and have removed the big perch, so they can't see us (don't try and get our attention?) and no perch means no mimicking a cockrel!?? She still squawks in the eglu, but the door is shut It will be cooler soon, knowing this country's weather and we can all shut the windows!!Just when you think it will be easy!!
  10. 6.30 she was at it this morning, still in the eglu, starting to get at wits end... I have rebuilt the eglu run and house to see if that helped, but whilst the sound was a bit deadened by being on the ground, she still did it!! the other is lovely and quiet, I wonder if it's the breed? she and my dads past chickens are white or crossed with light sussex hens and they seem to be loud?The brown hens seem to have always been quiet?? I was even thinking whether trying to swap her might be the solution? she is only noisey after she and the other hen has layed!! however she is lovely when she's quiet and will always sit on your lap for a cuddle so I really want to try all the other options before giving her up...
  11. ha ha, it is sort of early though! and lately daily!I will try and time it if I can bear to, it does seem to go on and on you're right!
  12. I have had my 2 girls for a year now, but lately, in the summer, one chicken has started squawking madly when the other girl has gone into lay, she seems to stop when you go out and see her, but wondered if this was because she was lonely? I was also wondering if it was because they were in a bigger run,with the house higher up, out of eyeline, on bedding and whether putting them back in the traditional eglu/run on grass may help her to feel secure?If you see what I mean?!! I think I remember seeing something about someone else having this problem, but I am not sure getting another chicken helped? They are fine apart from this and the other girl is a model suburban chicken, i.e. chats quietly!!The neighbours haven't complained yet, but I want to avoid this. when I do let her out she does tend to just sit at the back door, maybe she thinks she's a human? Does anyone know what I can do? Thanks
  13. Fantastic ideas- thanks so much! I think I will go for it in a couple of weeks, but will need some help moving the run as it's a bigger one than an omlette run!Will wait for my OH to become free! Thankyou.
  14. wow thanks- I might give it a try. I have a big walk in run so it would be good to 'rest' the area it currently sits on before the girls are there for the winter...they seem to walk about on the deck at the moment ok, I can jet wash it after use!

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