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  1. I've had a tip off that 2,000 ex-farm layers are going to be slaughtered this weekend if homes can't be found for them. They are described as young and still having laying life left in them. A lady called Sue is co-ordinating rescue on 07878932977. The farm address is Freechooks Farm, Lane Road, Chapel, Essex CO6 2BP for collection. She requested the message be shared as widely as possible to try to save as many hens as possible. If you would like to help, give her a call?
  2. I think this may be the NCT branch near you. I hope they can help. x http://www.nct.org.uk/branches/aberconwy-colwyn
  3. Good grief, I am so sorry you haven't had the support you needed. It can be a bit of a postcode lottery, and it can be difficult to seek out help if you're feeling so low. You are not alone in suffering from depression. It is a legitimate illness. Not 'crazy' in the disparaging way you fear people will label you. There IS help out there. Most NHS areas have a perinatal psychologist or some form of perinatal psychiatric help. It can be a bit 'buried' in the psych services, but it is there. The best routes to it are via a health visitor (I know these can be a bit hit and miss) or midwife if you are on really good terms. My GP didn't know squat about it because it's specialist. But the pregnancy and neonatal staff in your area, or at your birth hospital WILL be able to get you linked up to it if you bang hard enough on the doors - really hard when you're feeling low, I know. Your GP sounds rubbish. I would complain to the local health authority/practice manager about that attitude, and get a different one, pronto. Also, the NCT are very helpful and sympathetic to new mums about it. Their mission is to empower women with motherhood from pregnancy through to two years. There will be a branch near you, and there are national helplines on their website. Good luck. It WILL get better with the right help. xx http://www.nct.org.uk/branches/glossop-district/new-parent-support/post-natal-depression
  4. Loved it. RTD will keep it very Welsh still, but it is a global phenomenon they are investigating and it was brilliant to watch some of the big budget scenes with Our Gwen holding it all together. The holding the baby scenes were fantastic. Gwen Cooper is amazing, yanks or not. A very clever move to get the cash, ramp up the thrills but maintain its heart by RTD.
  5. Loving everything from knitted bunny onwards. Wow. Felted booties a particular fave!
  6. Acshually Plumzles, they mega love them and won't let go of them!
  7. Ooh yes! A travel kitchen blade! Kuhn Rikon ones rock. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kuhn-Rikon-Nonstick-Paring-Knife-/dp/B00169WBV0/ref=sr_1_6?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1307629797&sr=1-6
  8. Thank you. They are for some adorabubble twins turning three this weekend.
  9. My top sleeping fodder is: eye mask, ear plugs, those foamy roll mats for under the air beds - the cold comes from under, not above - and a woolly hat with ear flaps to sleep in. And for night time wees - a small kitchen funnel, a bottle, wipes, loo roll, nappy sacks and a carrier bag to tie it all up in. Nothing worse than having to get out of your tent in the cold, damp, er, 'wee' small hours.
  10. I can't sing it. The words are just 'bom b'bom b'bom ba bo-bo-bom. As for other wacky crafts - no.
  11. Granted but then you wouldn't be able to see out of it. I wish I was in Suffolk.
  12. Holkham Hall is also worth a visit and does amazing ice cream.
  13. Didn't see that. You basically remove the cover, and draw half an apple on the first page of the book against the spine, cut round it through the book, then pull it round the spine to make the apple. Glue it together, dust the edges in gold paint, make it a stalk and a leaf out of a twig and velvet.
  14. Thanks. He is called Mr Bompitty and he has his own song.

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