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  1. Hi In the last year we have lost 5 of our hens, including 3 younger ones we got around Easter last year. We are now left with one white leghorn and not really sure what to do. We are not 100% certain that they died of natural causes and as such aren't too keen on trying to find her a new home (incase we then infect another flock) or getting more to introduce her too (incase they all get sick and die too), plus we are not sure if we want to continue with chicken keeping just yet. What do people think? Would it be cruel to keep her by herself? Thanks Becca
  2. Thanks everyone - very nice to get reassurance from everyone!!! Will have another look at the roof joint this evening. They do seem happy and cosy it it, especially with the cold mornings the last couple of days!
  3. Evening Put our Cube together yesterday - we have a walk in run so didn't have the mesh run to go with it - I'm a bit dissapointed - it doesn't seem to fit as well as I would like. The non nest box side didn't seem to fit in the gap and there are large gaps around the side. There is a a big gap at the back between the roof and the side. I've got some photos here and have emailed Omlet to ask them if it looks correct to them. http://picasaweb.google.com/103341258462178402451/CubePhotos?feat=directlink Wondering if anyone else had the same problem or any suggestions? Thank you!! (Off to get the 4 new chickens on Saturday - just need to decide upon 4 more names now!)
  4. Good idea - i'll give that a check this evening. The other one was still in the eglu - think that they might just be protesting about their new WIR.
  5. Evening Got in 1 hour or so ago and when to check on the hens before retiring myself. One in house and the other in the dustbath trying to go to sleep. Is this normal?? They've never done it before, but since we went down from 3 to 2 they have not been acting completely as normal. I've tried putting her back in the hosue, then checked 20 mins later and she was back in the dustbath!!
  6. Just wonder as my remaining two hens are currently not acting their normal selfs, since Willow died on Monday. They are also in the new big WIR, so might just be adjusting to their new surroundings. But they just seem a bit unsettled.
  7. Of course I will keep you all posted. I'm sorry that you have lost your hens recently too and had bad experiences in introducing previously - everything I have seen does say that introducing 1 hen is really hard. I guess that 2 new ones have each other for company and can share the "attention" of the old hens. At the moment we have been toying with the idea of upgrading to a cube and using the eglu and run for the introductions and possibly getting 3-4 new hens - as we have the space in the run. Inbetween explaining to rather inconsiderate people at work why I would not be eating Willow!!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions - will give Frank a call and see what they have. Really need to just go somewhere and have a little look to see what they all look like in real life!
  9. They do look like a nice place - will drop them an email and see when they will next have some hybrids in. Yes, that's a good point about the sleeping!
  10. Oh - using the cat carrier is a good idea. I was thinking of seeing if we could get a cheap-ish little house to use, as we can make a run with the left over wood and wire - but putting the eglu and run inside is a much better idea! I've read quite a bit about getting them to sleep in the same house, but having them in seperate side by side places during the day. Just need to decide on what breed to get and find somewhere local that has them. Cambridge Poultry doesn't have anything available at the moment.
  11. Thanks Olly. We had just finished building our WIR on the Sunday, it is approx 2m x 4m - so 4 hens should be really happy with the space. Just a shame our little Willow didn't get to be in it for very long.
  12. Hi Very sadly we had to get one of our chickens put to sleep yesterday (she had sour crop, but had hidden being ill for at least a week and was so weak and thin she didn't make it through the Vet's treatment yesterday). We have two hens, but there are not really "friends" for want of a better term and Fern was always the top hen. So I am worried that Poppy is going to get picked on quite a lot being the only other one there. I was thinking of getting at least 2 more, but hubbie this morning did mention how many we could get if we had a cube instead of an eglu!! Think that he must like this chicken keeping melarky really. So I guess the question is how soon should I get new chickens and is 2 old and 2 new ones a good combination? Many thanks Becca
  13. Hi That was done at the beginning of April - so she should be ok with worms. I did wonder if she has exhausted herself with the huge eggs and that was her final lay?
  14. Hi WIllow hasn't been laying massive eggs over the past week, but the shells are really rough. She is now still a little hunched, but looks really pale pink in her wattle, comb and face. She's not really showing any interest in food. Any suggestions what I can do for her? Thanks

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