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  1. I have three hens, speckledy rose, bluebell and petal. its been months now and I've been meaning to ask you guys about my two hens that choose to roost on a perch outside rather than in the eglu. its been so mild they seem to be fine. i'm imagining that as it gets colder they will go in. what do you think?
  2. Right I'm onto the clean bedding as this might be the problem - they do poo a lot in the nesting box where they roost. She has been like it for quite a while. Thanks for your help
  3. Bedding is the same as always - straw
  4. There are no mites. i had thought of sudo cream or even vaseline. Advice from friends was that it might pick up dirt and get infected. What do you think it is?
  5. Hello my fellow chicken lovers - please advise on this sore underbelly
  6. great help - thanks - I've got a bumper bit from a previous pecker
  7. My crowing, barren hen is eating the other's eggs - what do I do?
  8. My white susses hybrid has lost all her underbelly feathers and the skin is red and probably sore. What could it be and how can I treat it? many thanks
  9. So advice please. Pirate II has stopped laying for a while now and has started crowing like a rooster luckily a supply of eggs keeps the neighbours happy. But now she's going in and eating the eggs!!!! What do I do?
  10. Can someone point me in the right direction so I can see what people have used to edge their run. We used wooden edging which has now rotted. What are the alternatives?
  11. don't know what it is but I want to lose weight too so I'll look it up now and see and report back
  12. so what do you think of vitamin supplements?
  13. nope - can't find any info on how to upload a video - can it be done?
  14. I have finally managed to capture my hen crowing like a rooster on video but how do I upload it on here to show you? I'll just have a look to see if there is any info anywhere
  15. That is so funny. Yesterday I was on a course and in the garden next door this fabulous cockerel crowed ALL DAY
  16. hmm interesting. Not sure whether Pirate II is laying I only ever get three eggs from the four hens to date. No crowing today.
  17. Well I've been observing Pirate II for a while and she is more remote than the others, the most shy and now I think she's doesn't know what she is
  18. yep steve - thats the noise - I'll see if i can get mine on video
  19. I quite like all chicken noises but don't want to disturb the neighbours

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