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  1. I'm hoping someone can recommend a nice restaurant in the Looe/Polperro area of Cornwall where OH & I can go for an anniversary meal. We're staying in that area for a few nights and would like to eat out somewhere special. Thanks
  2. Hallelujah! Valerie laid a today first one for about 5 months!
  3. Just finished Forever is Over by Calvin Wade - £1.74 on Kindle. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Forever-Is-Over-ebook/dp/B006EAMOUY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1329779527&sr=8-1 Great read, an emotional rollercoaster of a story with totally believable characters. The book was also great trip down memory lane as it contains many references to TV programmes, historical events, shops etc from my younger days. The only downside was the terrible grammatical and typographical errors which at some points nearly made me give up reading it, glad I didn't though, I wonder if the typographical errors are just on the kindle version?
  4. Thanks for your responses. I've just spoken to mum and she said that Bella hasn't wet at all indoors at her house all week, she's been going in the garden completely normally. We really can't think what got into her, as mum had snow at her house too so it can't be that, she's use to going out in my garden she's been coming here every weekend for about 5 years so she's use to the chickens. Just don't know, will have to see what happens this weekend.
  5. My daughter has an Ipad and has linked it to my Amazon account so can read all my books without problem. The only thing is if she wants to buy a book for herself she has to do it through my Amazon account and I end up paying for it!
  6. I was only posting on here to see if anyone had had experience of this and what it could be not as a cost cutting exercise to avoid a trip to the vet. It's the weekend I think it would be a bit extreme to go to an emergency vet at the weekend because the dog has wet indoors twice. Of course if it continues when mum get back to her house then she will go to the vet.
  7. My mum visits my house every weekend Saturday and Sunday and brings her 11 year old yorkie with her. She's always been a really good little dog and has never wet indoors before until this weekend, yesterday she wet on my lounge carpet and not just a little bit but a full bladder load - and she'd been out in the garden maybe an hour before hand. Thought it was maybe a one off But now today we've just been having dinner, dog was in the kitchen having her dinner and when I went out into the kitchen to get dessert she has done another huge puddle in the kitchen and I walked straight through it Again she had already been out in the garden about an hour ago and had done a poo so its not like she hasn't had the opportunity. Mum is certain she hasn't been wetting at home so does anyone have any ideas why she's suddenly started to grace my home with her piddle?
  8. That looks a good machine Kazzy, and it looks quite light so will be good to carry to classes. As Plum says it has all the features you would want to get started on quiltmaking.
  9. On Craftsy.Com they have a Block of the Month course that is free to join up. Once you've signed up you can watch the lessons as many times as you like. It started in January this year so not too long ago to catch up easily. I've just watch the January tutorial and it looks really simple, perfect for beginners. The presenter isn't too annoying, though the sound and picture on the video are a little out of synch on my PC. Anyway I thought some of you may like to join in? We could post our photos on here and encourage each other? http://www.craftsy.com/ PS There is also another free course for making truffles
  10. Oh that's good for me to hear! But probably not good for Omlet Thanks
  11. At the top of my Omlet page I've got a funny message ! The webpage cannot be found Is it just me?
  12. I'm on my 3rd Steam Generator - first Tefal one lasted about 5 years, 2nd one Bosch was terribla & only lasted 18months but was falling apart long before it actually died completely, so have now gone back to Tefal. http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tefal-steam-generator-irons/338_3174_30262_1008_xx/xx-criteria.html Prior to steam generators I use to go through an iron every year but I think its because we live in a very hard water area.
  13. Lovely pic Cheeky Chook - I like the way you have the cabbage hanging is it something you designed yourself?
  14. We had 6.5 inches here, loads blew into the WIR so the girls were not impressed and most of them have now gone back to bed. Photo from first thing this morning before we tramped across The rabbits were snowed in The girls looking less than impressed We've left the snow on top of the cube for a bit of insulation. And now we've shovelled some of the snow out of the WIR the garden doesn't look so pretty
  15. Claire, I'm so sorry for you and your son. Just want to give you a big hug x
  16. We got our Valerie a Heritage Skyline in May last year, she started laying beautiful blue eggs in July, ahe laid about 10 eggs and then stopped, probably around September time. She then had a little tiny moult and is now a beautiful big full feathered girl, but she too shows no inclination to lay again. I'm hoping when Spring gets here she may decide to grace our breakfast table with a couple of eggs now and then but I'm not holding my breath.
  17. My friend looked at Pettistree House Woodbridge Suffolk for a family gathering it has 12 bedrooms but I'm sure she said it has extra other rooms that you may be able to put beds in - might be worth a ring? http://www.pettistreehouse.co.uk/ This place has loads of bedrooms and different wings available as extra but might work out too costly? http://www.bigcottage.com/Location-510.html
  18. OH & I stayed at the Lodore falls hotel about 6 or 7 years ago, it was lovely. Probably my only disappointment was that there was a road between the hotel and the lake which you can't really see from the photos. It looks like it has been refurbished since we stayed http://www.lakedistricthotels.net/lodorefalls/index.php
  19. Plum That's gorgeous, I love the soft colours and your quilting is awesome
  20. I was at an Adult Learning centre last week doing a Fostering course and there was a group of about 20 people there on a speed awareness course, complete mixed group ages & sex, I presumed they were there due to being caught speeding. None of them seemed to upset to be there.
  21. OH still misses Mister Byrite's What was that poster/picture shop called? Sure it started with an "A" ?
  22. First record bought for me was when I was 3 - Joe Brown's - Sally Ann First record I bought was Paperlace - Billy Don't be a Hero - I remember playing it over and over and writing the lyrics down. Also remember holding a microphone in front of the radio on a sunday to record the charts And getting really annoyed if my mum came into the room talking over the radio Good Times
  23. Just a little word of caution - DD was in a house share with 3 others, and they had Virgin Media broadband installed, it was done in DD's name, 6 months in landlord has terminated their lettings contract as he wants to renovate house for London Olympics so all occupants have had to move out, DD has moved home for a while Virgin Media have charged £190 to terminate broadband contract and DD has had to pay up other occupants are not responding her her e-mails to pay their share!
  24. Another vote for Wickes here Pros: We bought our kitchen this time last year in the sales, the kitchen designer was pretty good - at least as good as all the other places we tried - She took her time to fit in everything I wanted. The quality of the units is really good, we've got Pembroke which I think is one of their mid price range. We used their fitter and was happy with his work, though I have since been told that we could have employed our own and saved quite a bit. Cons: All my but 2 of my units got delivered at the specified time, the missing 2 were only a couple of days late. The biggest problem we had was that we had asked for the walls to be replastered but that request never got put down and we ended up having to get the visable bits done after the units were in which was a bit of a pain. But I think probably our fault because we never noticed it was missing when we ordered. I'm not happy with my taps but I think it is a design problem so would have the same problem wherever I had got them, also don't like the granite worktop but again I would have the same problem wherever I had got it. Overall I would definitely go back to Wickes if they are still there in about 20 years time as that is how long I hope this kitchen will last for

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