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  1. I liked "Before I go to Sleep" too. I thought I had already recommended "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern on here somewhere but its worth repeating even if I have because it is such a fantastic book. It's available from Amazon & on Kindle but I haven't seen it in Waterstones yet.
  2. Oooo Lovely new machine - look forward to seeing what you make on it. Pollyanna Patchwork are now £7.50 a metre on all their cotton fabrics - good for basics. http://shop.pollyanna-patchwork.co.uk/fabrics-1-c.asp Doughty's have a good sale on at the moment - though I had trouble with my last order from them, they got the order completely wrong and overcharged me - also be aware that if you order a 1/4 metre from Doughty's it will be a long quarter not a fat quarter that then send. http://www.doughtysonline.co.uk/ My favourite on line supplier is Laughing hedghog - reasonable prices, free delivery and very very good service & fast delivery. http://www.laughinghedgehog.com/fabric.html
  3. Wow! I haven't been on this thread for a while, you are all makings such beautiful things, Well Done all I've made a few different bits & pieces lately: Some easy peasy baby burp cloths An apron for a little girl who comes to stay with us now and then A couple of bags (Amy Butler Cosmo design) for christmas pressies - but only got a photo of one, the other one was finished at midnight on Christmas Eve and I didn't get time to take a pic of it More little christmas pressies - journal covers from this tutorial: http://bloomandblossom.blogspot.com/2009/02/journal-cover-tutorial.html I've just started something for me now: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Farmers-Wife-Sampler-Quilt-Inspired/dp/0896898288/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326058099&sr=8-1 This is gonna be a long term project - I've done the first four blocks only 107 left to do!
  4. Just seen you are in Essex. I only found out the other day that Kirsty at Hens 4 Homes, Stebbing does a consultation service for chickens, she's not a qualified vet but has lots of knowledge. Might be worth a visit if she doesn't pick up. http://www.hens4homes.co.uk/
  5. Wow! You lucky girl I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you will be making.
  6. When she was at the rescue centre was she in an outdoor hutch? If she was then she would have grown a winter coat, the only time you would need to worry was if she was a house bunny and you were moving her outside, but then the rescue centre should have told you she was a house rabbit and wouldn't be able to cope with cold weather. As long as you provide plenty of hay & straw that she can snuggle up in in the eglu then she should be fine with the door open, she can then decide for herself. Rabbits cope much better with cold than we do, last winter in the snow my rabbits would sit out in the snow for quite long periods of time even though I provide a nice warm snuggle heat pad for them they ignored it for the most part PS - I am presuming that you live in the UK and not in the arctic or somewhere equally cold!
  7. As long as your run is secure from predators then there is no need to shut your bunny in at night. Rabbits are often at their most active late at night and early morning so don't like to be shut away. My bunnies spend most of the night sitting out in the run and only go into their hutch to sleep during the day or if it is raining heavily.
  8. I need to get a new car soon, (2nd hand not brand new) needs to have 5 doors and space for a folded wheelchair in boot and be under £8k. Really want to get something that is economical to run. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  9. So sorry for your loss. I think our little girls are masters at hiding their illnesses from us
  10. Was really shocked and sad to find Amy had died overnight. Poor little girl really hadn't seemed that unwell and the vet didn't think there was much wrong and just gave a course of Baytril more as a precaution. She was out free ranging in the afternnon when we got back from the vets and she ate lots of corn along with the other girls, she must of been hiding her illness really well. RIP little one xxx
  11. Ahh Bless them and you Lewis for taking them on.
  12. Amy one of my newbies looks decidely under the weather today, mucky bottie & hunched up but still eating & drinking. So popped her along to the vets as I didn't want to chance leaving it with a long weekend coming up. Vet agreed she doesn't look quite right but couldn't find no obvious problems so has given her a course of Baytril. Fingers crossed it does the trick
  13. 1 out of 19 is tough! My newbies, who were POL in October, are all laying, as is Violet who was POL in the summer. However Valerie my Heritage Skyline who was new in the summer only laid for a couple of months then had a tiny mini moult and hasn't come back into lay since. My other 4 are now 3 years old, 2 hybrids are moulting so definitely not laying and the other 2 are pure breeds so have stopped for the winter. So I'm getting 3 or 4 eggs most days out of the 9. Food wise they have warm chicken layers mash with spinach first thing, then just their layers mash for the remainder of the day, and a couple of wire hanging bird cages filled with spring green and broccoli. They don't get corn during the week because we aren't here to give it to them before bed, but they have a treat of corn at weekends when they also get to free range. Hope they start laying again for you soon
  14. We've had chooks for just over 3 years now and still love them to bits. Though it is much easier now with a WIR sited on a patio. I'm very lucky that OH is still just as keen as I am so we both sort them out together each day and take it in turns to have a lie in at the weekends. The chooks make me smile on a daily basis We've got 2 bunnies as well and like Clare I don't think at the moment I would rush to get more when they hop off over the rainbow bridge. They are lovely but really messy, and it takes alot of time each morning to clean out their hutch before work - I don't know how people only clean out their bunnies on a weekly basis. I guess if they were cuddly bunnies I might feel differently but they don't enjoy being held so I tend to only pick them up to check them over so as not to stress them out unnecessarily. So I guess I don't feel with bunnies there are the rewards for the work as there are with the chooks.
  15. I make quite a lot of soups and normally use a stick blender and splatter the kitchen. My stick blender died a death tonight so I thought I might ask Santa for a Liquidizer or Soup Maker. Has anyone got a soup maker and how does it compare to cooking in a pan and then liquidizing?
  16. I haven't done this but saw it a few weeks ago on Pintrest and thought I might try it with my girls feathers. Perhaps you can give it a go first and let me know how easy it is! http://www.marthastewart.com/266705/feather-christmas-tree?czone=holiday/workshop-christmas/workshop-christmas-stock
  17. Thought I'd give you an update following our approval back in June: Following lots of frustrating delays we finally got matched with a little 10 year old girl with severe learning disabilites and some physical disabilites. At the moment we're building up contact time so she gets use to us, we generally have her over on a Saturday afternoon and we're aiming to the first overnight stay in January. Eventually we hope to build up to be able to have her for a full 2 night weekend stay once a month to give her family a proper break. She is a wonderful child, lots of character and spirit and full of laughter at the simplest little things, she loves "round & round the garden" and "this little piggy" tickle games. Yesterday she had both me and OH doing one foot each at the same time and she loved it. OH and I are both really enjoying this experience, & we certainly get as much if not more out of the visits as the little girl does.
  18. I have been sent stir crazy over the last couple of weeks by the loss of our phone and internet due to cable theft. Thieves struck on Monday 8th and stole cable which put our (and around 4000 other) phone lines out, we got the line back 6 days later on Sunday 13th for a few hours, then the thieves struck again that night and put us out again until Wednesday! Local businesses were really badly affected as they couldn't take card payments, people with care alarms in their homes were also affected, for me personally I really struggled without having the internet to hop on each evening - I honestly hadn't realised how much I had come to rely on it - what did I do before I had my laptop? Apparently the thieves use big winches on lorries to pull the cable up so it can't be a quiet operation so somebody must have seen something but probably thought it was legitment repair work going on. http://www.coastalscene24.co.uk/news/essex_copper_thieves_cause_150_000_of_damage_during_cable_raid_1_1124921
  19. Good Luck for tomorrow. Remember to have some examples for all your prepared answers, so if the questions is about your strengths/good qualities and you say you are well organised be prepared to talk about examples of how you can prove you are well organised. So I would guess for a LSA you would need to be organised about the lesson plans & having resources in place & talk how you have organised the children during an activity. They might not ask what your good qualities but instead ask "what qualities does a good LSA need", make sure then the qualities you list are your good qualities. This sounds obvious but I am always amazed that when I ask that question candidates will list all manner of qualities they think I want to hear but then when I follow it up with "so can you tell me how you meet those qualities" they are stumped! Smile and relax, try to concentrate on the question but don't be afraid to ask them to repeat it, take sips of water to buy time while you formulate your answer. If you want to ask a question at the end, asking about training (if it hasn't already been discussed) shows a willingness to learn and a commitment to the job. Best of Luck, fingers will be crossed for you.
  20. My Panasonic Combination microwave nearly caught fire a couple of weeks ago - it could have been a real disaster but luckily I was in the kitchen and saw the thick black smoke start to pour out the vents. I was only cooking a jacket potato at the time. It was only about 3 years old. I had never been that happy with it, it was an expensive microwave (about £250) but nothing seemed to work that well with it. The turntable seemed tempremental and didn't always turn smoothly especially if the bowl was heavy. The defrost was was hit and miss and the grill was useless. In hind sight I should have taken it back in the first few months of having it but never did. I'm sure I was probably unlucky and had a Friday afternoon product, there will always be at least one person who has a bad experience with a product, so if everyone else is happy with theirs you can probably ignore my experience. I'm now looking for a new microwave but want a cream coloured and there isn't much choice out there. I'm thinking of the Whirlpool steam one that has a curved back so if fits in the corner better.

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