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  1. Finished mine yesterday but could take a while to post it You've got ages Ursula get crafting
  2. Valkyrie this a link to some stuff about exercises for quilters and shoulder slump Link I don't do enough cleaning to get affected.
  3. Hey well done that's a lot of blocks. I've seen some exercises for quilters somewhere, I'll see if I can find the link.
  4. Hurrah good news. Robins prolapse has gone, at least unless she's pooing and she's no longer dripping from the bum. She's still got some dead tissue but I can't get to it so it'll have to come off by itself. I'll leave her isolated a bit longer. On the other hand the diva was trying to peck her bum yesterday in the garden. Then at 5.30 this morning was having a good crow. Grrr! How long do Pekins live
  5. I'd carry on with what you are doing and just give them time. It takes a couple of weeks. Gut instinct will tell you when they are safe to leave together. I've introduced one in the past in the way you are doing it.
  6. Bless her, a real Diva! My Crow (pekin) does that and it's not even her laying. Stupid Robin with the prolapse's egg they're just attention seeking
  7. Oh no You're right they've pecked her head off
  8. Pretending to be innocent girls. Silly Robin laid a ginormous egg this morning but the dwellings going down and neurotic bruised area is just protruding about an inch so hopefully she's going to heal. Run now adapted into 3 large areas so back in the sinbin they go
  9. Oh yes they love to make a noise. Crow is squawking and crowing away down the garden at the moment. Probably seen a daffodil. Run rebuilding today, thank goodness I've kept the old cube run. I can knock together great dividers using a panel at the bottom and netting tied to canes to bring it up to size at the top. Doors are more challenging. Friends little house is pretty rotten and felted roof that looks dodgy so I'll stick to a cat carrier for one house. I love tag ties!
  10. Things have chugged along fairly well for a while apart from losing a couple of my old girls. Currently I have an 8 year old pekin and two young ginger hybrids. They are all friends and no aggression but one has been progressively been losing more and more feathers. Anyway a couple of weeks ago a nasty wound appeared on her back where I presume someone had a tasty meal of a new feather and made her bleed and carried on. They got sprayed with Johnsons smelly stuff then moved on to Nettex anti peck and ended up with bumpa bits given supplements and extra protien. Crow the squawky pekin (who crows and has nice spurs but not laid for donkeys years) decided she couldn't eat with the bumpa bit on so I took it off and isolated her. Maggie's feathers are regrowing nicely and then Robin other hybrid decided to have a prolapse which looks as though it's been attacked as well. So now she's isolated and Crow is back out and bumpa bit on again. I go out for day and come back to find Maggie with big bald patches. Arrghhh!!! So now I have them all isolated!! and off to find another house tomorrow. Lesson don't take peaceful chickens for granted.
  11. I can't see an outbox but when I clicked the setting button next to the inbox button I was able to delete all messages with one click. All one!
  12. You just need to keep doing it over and over and over and try not to get distracted by memories as you do it
  13. Interesting, love teal and nice points. What's the dark blocks at the bottom going to look like - a herd of elephants to me.
  14. Phew sending you a message was hard I had to empty my inbox first which had not only messages but notices of my posts for the last 8 years!!! Good luck the rest of you