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  1. Sorry ajm didn't get a notification for your reply until Koojies. Bum about your diagnosis, so sorry. I'm hoping for you it goes into remission and you get some respite. I'm glad you have your crochet to focus on, it's so beautiful and how amazing to publish patterns to share. What yarn did you use for my favourite the grey and turquoise one?
  2. Wow Ajm the turquoise and grey is my favourite it's gorgeous. They all are. How's your health now?
  3. No you're right colourwash! Plaid sounds interesting go for it. Thank you both for the comments We exchange quilts at the beginning of July so I can't share the other yet.
  4. Thought I'd share a quilt I made recently in a swap with a quilting group on Facebook. People give their likes and dislikes, colours, style, technique etc and you make a quilt to their tastes. I was well into this one when I read the brief again and it said abstract landscapes of course I'd done realistic so bum had to start again! I'm happy to keep this one though It's from a photo from my son taken in Ushuaia (known as End of the World) in Patagonia. The photo had such clear colours and air and I hope I captured that.
  5. Gorgeous it's like a watercolour. So pretty and vintage look. Interesting about the rectangles I had to look at it for a while before I understood. How are you going to quilt it or is it going onto the pile to wait for the special room and it's wondrous machine.
  6. How rewarding getting an old machine working again. The old singers could sew a good line. I loved my old treadle machine picked up at a scouts jumble sale. Bit of a contrast to the machine of your dreams. ðŸĪĐ like the trip around the would type blocks , very flowery. Fobs are smashing hope you get loads more orders
  7. Wow it's amazing you got such texture and depth to it's coat. Nose and tongue are so real. Fab
  8. Plum

    Has Anyone Been to La Rochelle?

    We stayed at Nieul- sur-mer just north and had a fab holiday. Not far away is Green Venice around the Marans area. You can hire authentic punts and wander round the narrow waterways. Nice pubs shops and villages on the way. Another thing I really enjoyed was a boat trip from Fouras to Ile d'Aix, you can walk round the island in a day. It's an old fort and there are places to eat and chill.
  9. Plum

    Easter swap 2019

    Welcome to.e and thank you for organising us. The makes have been lovely and varied. Well done all. Smashing swap 😊😊😊
  10. Plum

    Easter swap 2019

    Happy Easter all :)
  11. Plum

    Easter swap 2019

    It should say tear not year 🙄 And scrubbies not scribbles 🙄
  12. Plum

    Easter swap 2019

    Ok so I waited 😇 Now I have a year in my eye as I opened the box! And found this gorgeous dog! And then some scribbles for my face. What a brilliant idea And then some biscotti made from my swappers girls eggs and friends bee's honey. Scrubby has made himself at home. I'm going to plant the card with my grandson and watch the flowers grow. Thank you my Easter bunny what a fabulous craftperson you are. Xx
  13. Plum

    Easter swap 2019

    20 mins and counting 😂
  14. Plum

    Easter swap 2019

    No problem eating the egg bought for you. It's when you eat the eggs you bought for others....... Or the meringue you made for Eton mess tomorrow ðŸĪŠ I love lindt
  15. Plum

    Easter swap 2019

    Sorry to hear you lost a girl while away. Rotten for you and your mum. This must be a record all swaps completed before the date!