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  1. Are you unmoulded after all your alchemy bet it smells lovely. Well I had some fun with a minion 😂 back to beasties for me
  2. Wow they're amazing, just right. What a lovely gift. I love that you got a good shape without armature. I might have a go at making a minion for my grandson, couldn't go wrong there.
  3. Cats are so hard so do show me yours. It could just be me but my son was so rude about mine I gave it to him for Christmas 😂
  4. The book I have which is needle felted workshops by Jenny Barnett gives step by step really clear instructions and pictures to follow so you can just do it or go on and add your own interpretation as well. So get a book and have a go. Like Valkyrie says lots of topics. How about a mushroom? 🙂
  5. A friend gave me a needle felting book for Christmas . It's getting addictive anyone else had a go.
  6. Love candlelight and having them out this time of year. Must be nice to know you've made your own. I've probably seen your other runs if you've posted on Omlet 😀
  7. Oh my goodness those buttocks 😂 and please move the twig 😂 he's amazing well done. Very tasteful tree Cats Tails!
  8. Thanks Luvvie from me too xx
  9. Oops! I was given some tools and books and found a local group so I'm looking forward to having some fun and no finger piercing. I made a rice bag which makes it less likely.
  10. Brilliant they're so original. Are your fingers bleeding Love the penguin cake
  11. Wow what amazing gifts and crafts you are all so talented. What a treat to see I've just got back from my son's. I've received these wonderful gifts just look Thank you so much my swapped I love the string trees very clever and the novelty snow baubles in a baubles and best of all the little chicken painting on an easel. Love it! Love them 😍😍😚😍
  12. None of mine ever used ladder I have used a piece of picket fencing over it and at present have an ikea stool they can hop onto with extra bricks to get into the cube. Poo is normal and don't worry about the veg it takes them a while to realise it's food maybe weeks. At least they like corn so it'll make it easy to tempt them into the run. With the sticky eye I'd wipe it with boiled water at least twice a day and if there's inflammation or it doesn't clear up a trip to vet for some drops or check for problems.
  13. Lovely job not seen the nautical design before. Both great now you make me want to get a kit

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