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  1. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    Well done. I've done 1/2 of mine but may redo it . Hope you don't mind being a guinea pig 😁 How's everyone else doing? Don't get stressed it's fun swap.
  2. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    You'll receive mine in pieces then 😂
  3. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    Happy Birthday Luvvie 🎂
  4. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    Wow they clean the tank don't they? It looks really green and lush for your fish. You can open them when you want but most of us wait until Christmas (or don't post pictures until Christmas ). Sometimes there are instructions to open them straight away
  5. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    and me ready to get making now. Have actually begun. Love your answers fat lot of help but have any of you questions that could guide your choices? Make me a corn dolly Valky Mullehunter I'll make you something lovely. I loved my wyandottes too so pretty. Catstails how can a million water snails be pets, hope you have names for them all. I'll let you work out how to castrate your trees. Luvachick you can't have pekins as your favourites they are so squarky and yell all day.ok they look cute. Hellis I'll be making you something in wild pink. Ursula you can't dislike purple! Please can you make me a quiet pekin. Soapy your wood and stone craft sound interesting have you posted about them anywhere?
  6. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    So a few questions for you all 😁 1. Your favourite colour 2. Colour you dislike 3. Do you have chickens? What? 4.Favourite chicken breed 5. Pets? 6. Any allergies? 7. What crafts do you do 8. What can I make you? 😂 Cheers x
  7. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    Poor Polly, I read your thread. No rush with emails still ..... days to go. I will be excited to get mine though
  8. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    How many days 😂
  9. You do have to be sure not to have the slightest gap though
  10. The water doesn't seep underneath. If the puddles get deep it can go over the door cill absolutely nothing i can do about that and if I don't put the tarpaulin down then rain can blow through the wire. But yes it keeps it lovely and dry.
  11. SS the filler you should use before using caulk is foam backer rod. I found lots of suppliers by googling it. I'll use that next time I renew the sealant. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=backer+rod+foam&hvadid=80470539101839&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=c&hvqmt=p&tag=mh0a9-21&ref=pd_sl_3n5ycqwp7a_p
  12. Probably doesn't make a difference. I've got 2 tubes on the go so not sure which I used last. I brush all dirt away and push wadding (left over from quilting into the gaps with a knife so it's not too deep. Then apply the filler with a wet finger and make sure its sealed against wood and concrete with no tiny gaps. There's probably proper stuff instead of wadding but I don't know what it As you can see from this pic it's probably been painted over and is mossy. Think I did it last Autumn
  13. Water seeps under my run so I seal around the base with external caulk (flexible, waterproof and can be applied in the wet). Don't worry too much about colour as it soon blends with dirt. I usually renew it yearly. On the west side I have screwed on acrylic panels with a couple of inch gap at top for ventilation and on the other sides have clear tarps on hooks I can add depending on the wind direction. Usually they're just rolled up. The roof is fluted acrylic and I've a gutter running along the bottom of the slope and an extra roof section over the cube. It's not foolproof but does a good job of keeping the girls dry. The base of the run is concrete that I sealed with garage floor paint. Hope this gives you some ideas, it's so much easier when the run is dry. Don't put sealant on the inside of the base of the run for some reason chickens eat it.
  14. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    Agree mostly because I'm planning the same. Option of 2 skills I may or may not use on my piggy. PLab make sure you share the other one
  15. Plum

    Christmas swap 2019

    Hello Hellis, nice to see a new face what sort of things do you enjoy crafting