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  1. Impressive love his backstory. Is he married with kids? 😁
  2. So cute what a lovely present. Your work's so neat.
  3. Just been on Knowles netting website and they have fox proof netting now. Wonder how effective it is?
  4. No idea who Maui is but he looks fun. Good trick with the tattoos. Love all the detail, such a lot of work. Well done.
  5. Fab it's really fun. Love that you've invented it.
  6. Pretty babies mine were 8 weeks and 12 weeks but wee fine together from the off. I just love the cheeping
  7. Thanks I'll go ahead and order a pack and get hooking. If I can find my hooks
  8. Thanks. Can't ask to see your Kaffe effort yet then. I've been having a look at Attic 24s packs of yarn to do a throw for daughter in law. Has anyone used the Stylecraft special DK? It's inexpensive but is it worth it? Cheers
  9. Brilliant so cheerful. Yes know what you mean about hitting the wire. I'm going to look out for the finger guards or did you get them online. I've been back to quilting. A challenge group I belong to are making quilts each month with different skills but an overall theme for the year. Mine's my garden. The first challenge was fabric manipulation so I pulled some fabrics and made my compost heap! and while I had a nice assortment of fabrics out I used them for a improvisational triangle sew along which we've been sewing over the last 4 weeks. So now I have 2 compost heaps. 😂 What's everyone else been making? Love these catch ups
  10. Aren't they fab I wonder how many are yours or who made them. You can own up now 😍😍
  11. Oh she must love having you for a friend. I've been looking at my crochet gifts from omleteers over the year and love them. I'll take a pic they rub along together well. Soapy pleased you're making progress I'm sure it'll take some time to heal.
  12. Wow Cats Tails you are so skilled your rat is amazing such character and the tail is creepy. Excellent 🙂 Soapy how are you recovering
  13. Cute decorations and a lot of work in them. Well done swapper.
  14. They're making you wait a lot. Good luck Tuesday. Enjoy the brownies. Happy Birthday mini Soap Dragon.
  15. Sounds finger licking yummy. Have you got another date yet? PatsyL lovely felting. What a good idea to decorate the eggs like that. Must have taken ages. Lucky DIL
  16. Yes I had this trouble because when my concrete plinth was put down it was level another time I'd have it sloping away slightly from the run so rain doesn't puddle there. I've solved the water coming into the run between concrete and wood problem by filling the little gap with sealant/ decorators caulk. I use one that's exterior, flexible and can be used on wet surfaces. I backfill first by poking polyester wadding in the gap so it's thin enough to cure. It works a treat, just have to renew every couple of years.
  17. Disappointing. I was expecting to come on and nag you to get on and move. At least you'll get the Kaffe done
  18. I've introduced ones before (not by choice) and have been quick and another long introduction . Like DM says let them get the facing up to each other and pecking order sorted out through the mesh by sectioning off part of the run. Don't push things she'd not be mature yet and they become more confident as they come into lay, even more so with your ISA's. They're big hens if pure bred rather than hybrid but not always assertive. Have a plan B if it doesn't work but expect it to take weeks. Good luck if you go ahead.
  19. Very much so. I have always loved his tapestries but never done one. He changed the way a lot of quilters worked by introducing the bright bold contrasting coloured fabrics in large and small prints. I love the brights and pastels though some others don't work for me at all. I love his style, his art, his life and his books and exhibitions. He's unpopular with a lot of quilters for not worshiping them and sometimes being rude and offhand. But yes I'm a fan.
  20. Best of luck with the op Tuesday. Hope it's not long until you're recovered. We'll be thinking of you
  21. Your soap sounds lush I'm glad it came out well. Olive oil soap is nice and good for cramp. How's the hip going?
  22. Eejit why? Mad lady yes 😁 Another distraction that I've had to scratch, making teeny tiny houses from fabric and stitch since I saw them in quilting arts magazine. What next a barn, garage or perhaps a hen house 😎
  23. Are you unmoulded after all your alchemy bet it smells lovely. Well I had some fun with a minion 😂 back to beasties for me
  24. Wow they're amazing, just right. What a lovely gift. I love that you got a good shape without armature. I might have a go at making a minion for my grandson, couldn't go wrong there.

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