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  1. My Gran swears by conkers. She dots them about her flat and says she has no spiders.
  2. That sounds really interesting and as you say a great idea for hampers.
  3. Cor Lewis you don't do it by half's do you Hope your foot didn't spoil your enjoyment too much.
  4. Anyone have/had this? I've been to the nurse and Dr today and they are both almost certain that i have carpal tunnel. I have to go for bloods tomorrow to rule out other stuff. If the bloods come back normal i'll have a nerve conductivity test and then probably a small op. My main problem is the pain. Does anyone have any tips for this. All Dr advised was to try and sleep with my arm hanging over the bed as sleep has been pretty much non existent and to take a painkiller an hour before bed. Also to try and avoid heavy lifting or doing much with my left arm.
  5. Poor you. If you have any, bicarb is great in a cool bath to help the itches.
  6. Thanks Emma I've got two, a boy and a girl and defiantly want to get both done. The vets are offering 4 weeks free insurance when you get vacs which i thought was a good deal
  7. Firstly at what age do kittens normally have their first jab? Secondly, do they really need the leukemia jab? It's just that it doubles the price.
  8. Could you make Kev a medallion?!!
  9. Thanks It's the Corby branch i'd be using. They have limited hours at the mo, but are opening fully on 13th Aug. May well pop into the Kettering one on Saturday if i get a chance
  10. Vasoline is good to, helps suffocate the mites, is messy though! As Egghead suggests i would also use an ivomec spot on *not licensed for use on poultry* as both a treatment and preventative on all your chooks,
  11. The IOU for a day out is a good idea and one i use My Gran at 86 has everything she wants/needs but really values me spending time with her. I always give her a homemade voucher for a day out with lunch for her birthday and christmas present. Infact, that reminds me she hasn't cashed in her birthday one yet, must arrange something with her.
  12. I'm still here I stopped posting as much when i had to rehome my chooks but still look in every day. My voluntary / bank workplace keeps chickens and ducks So i'm looking more and more again I've made some good friends, virtual and real through here and have always found the forum very supportive in all areas. There is always someone to give advice and/or a hug.
  13. Does anyone use Easipet Vets? http://www.easipetcare.com/home There is one very close to me and i'm thinking of registering my two kittens as the prices are fantastic.
  14. Thinking of you and sending lots of ++++++ vibes

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