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  1. I have a speckledy who is coming up for 5 in around may. She is still bright eyed and bushy tailed but she does eat alot less than the other girls even treats and she is a real fuss pot. She won't eat loads of brands of food and she absolutly won't eat pellets. I give in because she is my old girl. She will come bounding up for treats but she isn't as interested as the other at all. She lays on and off though more off than on to be honest. It sounds like she is winding down but you may find that she will keep going for a lot longer. One of mine started to wind down like that in a september but managed to go on for another year.
  2. So sorry to hear about this. My aunt (who is currently living with me) was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer in december it's truely awful. I would second the advice to follow her lead and just be with her as much as is possible. Hugs Beth
  3. I can never pick apart somones spelling simply because i understand what it's like to not be able to. I'm a dyslexic and it doesn't matter how many times i check something a mistake will always slip through. What really gets my goat is when somone decides to correct me. If your message come across despite the fact that a word is mispelt or an apostrophy is in the wrong place then what does it matter. I understand with things like websites that take a long time and you build them but in emails and things that are done quickly i don't have time to be proof reading them for hours before i send them. I don't post on internet forums like this one very much because i don't have the time to spend 30 mins proofreading every post and the number of times people correct my spelling as a way of attempting to undermine my point.
  4. I've also shared it on facebook. Fingers toes and everything else crossed. People really are horrid sometimes.
  5. Thanks Plum. We will get there i just hate having to fake joy and pretend that it's all fine and dandy just because it's Christmas.
  6. I dread Christmas and never more so than this year. We normally have the family feuds developing because someone said "oh don't buy me anything just give me one of your Christmas cakes" and then when you do they get all huffy because you didn't buy them a Christmas present. Combine all that with the fact that we found out that my grandmother had breast cancer on the 22 of December and spent all of that Christmas terrified about what the treatments were going to be and this year my aunt has terminal cancer. Christmas is something to be got through here at the moment.
  7. Yes, they said shortly before the dance that Artem had pulled a muscle in his back (he did look to be in pain) and that he would be replaced by the assistant choreographer - I was watching to spot him and he did very well considering that he probably hadn't rehe"Ooops, word censored!"d with the other professional dancers. He did didn't he...he is the gentleman who won the bbc's so you think you can dance. here http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/features/soyouthinkyoucandance/aps/matt_flint.shtml there is some info there
  8. Yep I'm sleeping ok I'm definitely not going loony...no I'm sorry i don't know why there was major on the end of that sentence... my phone's been copying and pasting rather randomly
  9. I have the sudden urge to ask if you have been sleeping ok..... That was quite interesting though Editied for a word addition at the end of my sentence
  10. my Pekins don't dig as much as some of the big girls however that doesn't say much since one of the big girls managed to dig a hole that was about 3 foot by 3 by 2 awhile ago . I had to get the shovel out to fill it up... the only good thing was that she did it in a flower bed rather than the lawn. That's a fairly normal past time for them so the little ones the pekins do don't really get noticed.
  11. i went down on the list as soon as i could. i agree with the, if you are willing to accept an organ you should be willing to give as well. I wish i could give blood or marrow but health reasons mean they won't accept me. So i just badger people around me to do it. My grandmother has done all the forms for this and she is hoping that they will have her. From what i've gathered from her she did it because they will pay for the funeral if they take her.
  12. I'd love to know what he deffined as a cold call .... suggesting that he looked in a dictionary must have been tempting
  13. My goodness.... im going to come and steal a couple of those silkbars though... they sound brilliant
  14. I wish i had had it. It may be the case that we won't know the full benefits and amounts for another 10 or 20 years but even if it only reduces the chance by 5% or less that is still worth having. Anything that reduces the risk is worth it
  15. Sorry i meant at their physical shop not their online one.. should have made that clearer. I assumed it would be opening again with them will it?

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