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  1. What.a.moron! Doesn't deserve animals if he can't be bothered to spend some quality time with them, let alone doing dangerous things. You just can't believe some people can you? Donna x
  2. Wow she's gorgeous, and such a lovely name. I hope you are feeling a little better now about Bracken, I remember you posting after we lost Georgie a short time ago. I'm sure Skye will have a lovely home with you xx Donna
  3. Helloo... Well it's been a few days,we picked up Georgies ashes yesterday (had another episode in the vets-embarassing )The vets and nurses were so kind to us. We've started to plan a weeks holiday for june for something to focus on. I'm really missing the pussy cat companionship so much already, and feel guilty for even thinking about getting another. We've discussed it and I think possibly we'll try and get a couple of snowshoe kittens towards the ed of the year when we feel the time is right (would like younger ones next time so we have more time with them). I'm just sitting now remembering the little monkey with a smile on my face so things are starting to get better. What a rubbish week....
  4. Thanks everyone, you've all been so lovely Debbie I'm so sorry avbout your cat All I can do is cry..keep having visions of tuesday morning. We will definately have other pets in the future as we love having little dudes around, but will never want to replace my lad. I know things get easier but I never knew how much it hurts. Must keep busy until it passes Donna xx
  5. Thank you all for your kind replies, Have just been down to the cats protection league lady and given her a huge bagful of cat food pouches and old toys (kept pookie bear and kissyfur-his faves), thought it might help the charity as they always need stuff. Also, been out to our 3 pekin girlies today, thought that little pickles' comb and wattles had got big..checked the nest box and 'ta daa' 4 eggs..our first ones from these girls. How bizarre as it happens when georgie goes night night? What a rubbish week. I know things will get better but it hurts us both knowing we'll never see his cheeky chops again Donna xx
  6. Sad news. Georgie had to be put to sleep yesterday morning. OH and I held him while the vet injected him, and we stroked him to sleep. I have never cried so much in my life. Bless the vet he was so caring, and said george really was a cool cat..he even had the nurses in the back crying. I guess he had worked his charm on them all while he was staying in the hospital. The poor lad's kidneys had given up, and the wobbliness was due to the toxins from his kidneys going into his brain making him dizzy and unsteady. It was awful to see such sweet natured, robust cat with a massive personality go downhill so fast. We are heartbroken, the house feels really empty. I miss the stupid things already like him chewing my glasses on the bedside table at 4 in the morning to wake me up, and stealing my pillow just before I put my head down. All that consoles me is that we lost the George we knew a week ago, and that we did the right thing not keeping him going for our sake. We adopted him and his brother from the blue cross..it's true how they say you don't pick a cat they pick you, thats just what happened. We have given them both more love than they needed, and been twisted around paws for just under 4 years and every bit has been wonderful. Sleep tite Georgie..we love you very much..hope you have plenty of love and cuddles wherever special cats go xxxx
  7. Thanks for the lovely replies He's a bit wibbly on his feet. OH called the vet today and told him that he's not himslef and wobbling when he stands up, good sign is he's had a fair bit to drink and a little dry food today..OH was a bit naughty and tried him with felix marinades (one of his faves-George thast is!) and he ate it straight away. The vet has said his wobbling is probably due to either low blood sugar (hardly any food) or his condition is worsening (Hope it's the first one). It's just so so sad..I can cope with the sleeping, but he seems a shell of what he was before. Today OH came home and found he had got under the covers in the bed and was sleeping with his head on the pillow..but no meows or the wonderful things he does. I hope that my intuition is completely wrong, as George has many more years of being run around after and being spoilt rotten..we just need to get through this. The hardest thing is going to work and trying not to cry. When you tell people your cat is ill, the response normally given is 'oh', but someone who doesn't have the pleasure of having that company in your life would never know how hurtful it is when bad things happen. Thanks again..omleteers are the best at being understanding about animals I'll keep you updated on Georgies progress..please keep fingers and toes crossed for him Donna xx
  8. Hi, I think we'll give him a couple of days and if he hasn't perked up then take him back to the vets..he seems really miserable and sleepy, wasn't sure if the sleepiness was to be expected as it's been a traumatic time for him. Thaks for your honesty, i'll keep you posted Donna x
  9. Hi all, Thank you for the replies..it has made me feel a bit better I'm not sure what to make of all this, it feels like an emotional rollercoaster. First thing in the morning he's alert with a pink nose (still being fussy with the food) and as the day goes on he gets less and less interested in anything, and just sleeps. I have to persist with making him drink (his fave is the bathroom tap), but he really is turning his nose up at the food. We're getting a lot of licking lips, and he even approaches the food but then sniffs it and walks away. Yesterday he probably ate one pouch in total in a couple of sittings. We ordered some dry food that should be here today, lets hope he eats that. We asked the vet if he could have fish/chicken and he has said nothing at all, just the prescription food. George has posh taste (If he had a voice I imagine it is upper class lol, and he loks like puss in boots from shrek) I feel like we've lost the cat we had and are left with a shell. George really does have such a big personality, but I feel like he's in a way given up. All I do is cry, in fact thats what i'm doing now (soft sod!). Even the vet said they're all rooting for him as he is such a lovely cat (must have been flirting while he was in for 2 nights ). Is the sleepiness and disinterest to be expected? Are we going to loose him or will he slowly get better? I have no idea what to expect and feel like I have started to grieve already. My OH works away quite a bit so George really is all I have (apart from our 3 cuckie ladies) our families both live away from here. I really am fearing the worst. I feel so sad, and have to go to work with a smile on my face for 81/2 hours and all the time i'm worrying if he's eating/drinking and worse. Donna x Sorry, I feel I need to let it out and get some advice..our pets really do cause us turmoil hey.
  10. Quick update.... Wohoo! I went on you tube and someone wrapped their cat in a towel..it worked and no scratching! Also, warmed his food up and he is happily eating away, although may geta dry version of the food for him as he's always been less choosy with that. Phew..stress over for this morning, I can get on with my day! Thanks for your advice, really appreciated. We are really close to George, he's my companion when OH is away, and just want him to feel better. Donna
  11. Thanks for your help.. The food is wet, but it has to have two pumps of medicine mixed in with it. He's not allowed any of his old food as the supermarket stuff has high levels of what they are avoiding from his diet in it. I might try warming it up though I've just tried giving him his tablet as well, and half an hour on i'm still not having much success..he keeps pushing it out of his mouth with his tongue after a waiting competition with me holding his mouth closed. Aargh! This is frustrating but he needs his meds, the vet said he was also really good at taking his medication..we'll he would be if you're trained to do it! We had to resort to worming drops as he would never take tablets. Donna
  12. Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice from any cat owners who've experienced this or someone with vetinary knowledge.. Our beautiful cat George went into the vets on tuesday with kidney failure. They kept him in on a drip to flush his kidneys out, and he came home yesterday Now his levels have gone down in his kidneys, we have to feed him special renal food (with medicine on it), a syringe of medicine morning and night and also a tablet with his breakfast. The only trouble we're having is getting him to eat the food George is rather spoilt (oops our fault) and turns his nose up frequently to non labelled food..now he is turning up his nose at the special food he has to have. I'm not sure if it's because it has the medicine on it, but he won't touch it! Does anyone have any ideas on why he's doing this..is he expecting me to put something better down?! I refuse as he has been given the diet for a reason, but worry as we want him to get stronger and feel a bit better. Will this pass or should I go back and tell the vet? Sorry to babble..it's been a stressful few days..just glad to have him back home Any advice gratefully received :0) Thanks Donna
  13. Hellooo, We've had Bluebells before which were fairly noisy..they went to a farm as they needed more space. The pekins we have now are fairly quiet..Millie is a bit gobby on occasion but I think she's shouting at me for not letting her out of the run when I'm getting ready for work. Donna Pekin-Fleur Pekin- Pickalilly Pekin-Millie RIP Barbara & Baby

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