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  1. Yes, luckily I sold the falling down house 4 days before the storms swept in. I now have a huge flat in a beautiful spot just outside of Glasgow. I should be looking for a job, but am constantly lured to the film set of Mr Carlyle most days this last month! All my other european fan friends have taken advantage of my proximity to the set. So far my flat has hosted France, Spain, Germany & Sweden. I feel like an outpost of the UN
  2. Hello all.... *Shuffles into forum tentatively* I'm back! I haven't been around for the last year & apologise for that. I had a bit of a breakdown, but on the upside I sold my wreck of a house in Cornwall & am now living in sunny Scotland Don't laugh! The last 2 weeks have been so hot that I've been sunburnt in Glasgow, amazing! Onto my query... I did a charity skydive recently & raised a lot of money. A friend did it with me; she is young & broke. She declared £90 of donations as offline donations & I or the charity haven't seen the proceeds yet. Do I feel obligated to pay the charity directly (I was at the forefront of it all) & then beat the money out of her, or do I let it go? The charity deserve the money that was pledged to them, but I am unsure of where I stand on this (please ignore my legal training...) Much love SnowB xxx
  3. When I was up in Edinburgh last month, I saw a Christmas shop...I don't know if it's a permanent fixture, I didn't go in...
  4. We managed to meet Robert after the afternoon interview for BBC5 Live at CineWorld. He knew that we were coming. but was still stunned that we all came from so far. He gave us all big hugs & kisses When we were waiting for the interview at the Traverse theatre in the evening, his PA came up to us & told us that he had mentioned us on a later interview that he did that afternoon for the Culture Show. He was saying what respect he had for us going so far, just for him. It took my Mexican friend 11 hours to get there, from Cornwall, it took me 19 hours Then we saw him afterwards. I told him about how much of an affect one of his films had had on my life, & he gave me the biggest hug & I got loads more kisses Then he just held me around the waist for the next 5 minutes as he spoke to other people I also spoke to his wife, who is soooo lovely At the end, after he had signed & posed for everyone who wanted his attention, I got another kiss & he said how much he appreciated what I'd told him. He is such a beautiful, humble, caring man; it was the best day of my life
  5. I'm off to Edinburgh today to sit in on a couple of interviews with Robert Carlyle. Friends are flying in from Germany & Brazil to meet us too! Celia is in charge of map-reading, I am in charge of stalking. I can't imagine how they came to decide that
  6. I adore Thornton's Alpini & the Lindor round ones too. Last Christmas I bought a bar of the Lindor one & propped it up in the cupboard & then forgot about it for a month or so. When I found it, I started having the odd chunk of it but was really disappointed, as (like Wagon Wheels) it had gotten a lot thinner than I remembered. It was only as I literally got to the bottom of the bar, that I realised, that being a soft inside, all the filling had melted & slid to the bottom. Nom nom nom!
  7. When I hear need-to-know music, I note down the radio station & the time. They usually list the music played that day on their websites under each show. If I'm near my phone, then I just hit 'Shazam' which is an app for your phone that identifies music playing.
  8. They're both great! I love them
  9. I ate a Hershey's bar the other week, my first...I can only liken it to scooping up a mouthful of gravel from my neighbours driveway..
  10. She'll treasure that day for sure! I met him over 20 years ago when he was promoting Edward Scissorhands. I didn't fancy him then, so had a reasonably 'normal' convo with him. It wouldn't be the same today I'm meeting Robert in two weeks, everyone is already going
  11. I'm off to meet Robert Carlyle in a couple of weeks. He's doing an interview for the Edinburgh International Film Festival; He tweeted back at me that I'm insane to be travelling 18 hours just to see him (that's the Cornwall travel network for you! My friend is travelling from Mexico & it will only take her 11 hours!) . I've been promised a photo with him too I am practicing not blushing or speaking with a squeak
  12. There isn't anybody else involved. My parents have decided that as he wants to take over the entire thing, that they are going to retreat with their dignity intact. They sound reasonably okay over the phone, but I think that they are having memory issues over it all, unsurprising really! They don't want to contest the will either. I'm just hoping that the funeral leaves him out of pocket. Am I being vexatious?!
  13. My heart goes out to you; life is too cruel
  14. That's so thoughtful, to still be thinking of me The Slimeball vicar (as he has become) came back from holiday this week. He rang my dad & asked him where my sister banked. My dad told him; then the vicar asked how much money was in the account When I heard this, I went up the wall, a bit...I thought that if he wants to be the executor, then that's his job to find it out? Also, he's going to get a shock, as I presume that the DSS are still paying her benefits into her account as "Ooops, word censored!"ody has informed them of her death yet. However, all of that will have to go back to them won't it? As he's the sole beneficiary as well, I'm wondering who he has to accountable to? The first inquest hasn't even been opened & adjourned & she is still in the morgue; it's been 6 weeks now
  15. This is probably unrelated, but years ago, I had my wedding ring made smaller to fit my hand. In the process, It lost 3 diamonds. Probably not too expensive; however, I had to point this out to the jeweller, for him to compensate me for the loss. Otherwise he was going to pocket it for himself & charge me for the repair...
  16. Thank you for that! I'd forgotton about putting notices in the papers... I know that she had debts, she just ignored them. No, my parents can't be forced to take the debts on, if he wants it his way, then he will have to deal with it all. I so need to see a solicitor or CAB this week while he is on holiday (God does move in mysterious ways eh? ) & on a further surreal note, he moved parishes from Liverpool to Cornwall earlier this year...actually to the town next to mine...whoops for him!
  17. I have just got back from Cardiff & the whole situation has gone from bad to bizarre. Thankfully, the police aren't pursuing the poisoning link, it seems that if anything was injested, then it was by her own hand; typical for someone who should have had a diagnosis of Munchausens years ago in my opinion. Considering how little I know of her recent life, it may have been an option; the coroner is certainly looking into it now. The autopsy was completely inconclusive, so everything is being analysed & will take weeks if not months to get through. My sister had been in daily contact with my parents for the last 2 or 3 years. They had been on good terms for the last 10 years, but she only came to see them if she wanted money or somewhere to stay. She spent her adult life hopping from one city to another every couple of years, to get away from people that she had annoyed, or joining different churches or religious nuts. Apparently she had been under the care of different psychiatrists for pretty much of the time. On Thursday, my dad got a call from a man claiming to be a Reverand. I have Googled him & can only see one reference to him; it's a very happy clappy type of church, that isn't traditional. He claimed to have known my sister for the last 9 years and said that he was the Executor of her Will. I arrived to see the Coroner the next day & we saw a copy of this Will that had been scanned & faxed from somewhere. It was dated 2005 & in it, she listed the Rev as her Executor & Sole Beneficiary (apparently there is money around somewhere). She went on to write that any debts were to be met by my parents. All of our family are barred from her funeral that is to be held in Liverpool. I'm sure that you will understand that my parents are between distraught and hopping mad at this. I have various questions: How strange to sign over your estate to someone that you've only known for a year, someone that you never ever mentioned to your parents during your daily phone calls. Considering that she was obviously severely mentally ill, was she of sound mind enough to make a Will, and was she coerced into it by this Reverand? I Know that You can be Executor & Beneficiary, but wonder if there could be a conflict of interest? I couldn't even collect her possessions, because he is undoubtably in charge of it all now. Well, yesterday he swanned off on holiday for a fortnight, so she is in the morgue for even longer...The coroner thinks it all quite bizarre too and is happy to not release her to him until I say to. I really think that I'd better take legal advice, but don't have the money to pursue it financially
  18. Thanks for all the kind wishes. My boss has given me tomorrow off work (as holiday ), so I will meet all the people tomorrow. It will be like speed-dating, only with more paperwork
  19. My parents made a call last Friday evening & found out that my twin had died in the last few days (well, the police couldn't trace them for some reason & she died on the 21st). I wasn't close to her, but I feel so sorry for my parents, especially my mother. They are in their 80's, so I am going to meet the police & the coroner in the next few days, as the police think that she may have been poisoned
  20. I get a bit miffed when I join a new site & Brand 'Snowberry' is already taken
  21. Don't forget to change it on the Daily Quiz
  22. The house does need work doing to it, but I have always maintained that this was factored into the price. I'm dreading what they'll say when the survey is done
  23. Law of Sod! How does it happen like this?! The house has been on since Sept 2011; the price went down £2000 to £155,000, 9 months ago. Now, Eldest (Aspergers) is happy in his laundery job & back to college in September. Daughter is doing so well & going into yr 10 in June this year. I am into week 2 of my new, permanant job I have just had an offer of £140,000 on the house, but am insting on £145,000. Am I mad?
  24. I'm always browsing the Vienna Tourist board website: http://www.vienna.info/en A visit to the Mozarthaus is a must: http://www.mozarthausvienna.at/en/

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