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  1. Thanks for the ideas, but I'm still on the quest for a liner, that will fit and is easy to pull out with all the dirty bedding intact, for cleaning. ....If you ever see an odd woman in a shop measuring, plastic boxes and peg holders etc...it could be me !! Lol Will try some kind of plastic sheeting in the meantime.....thanks all
  2. I previously asked what people lined their cube with, having just got mine, after 5 years with an Eglu Classic...and discovered my new girls, knocked lots of wood shaving onto the floor through the large hole. Now I wonder if anyone has a full size liner for the nest.....why doesn't Omlet make one, a full sized liner, which you can pull out to empty easily.......it would be so ideal... So I am asking what you use, as it's driving me to distraction in rubber gloves
  3. Really?lol never thought of that....shouldnt it have a bit of ventilation, yes I guess small holes in tape...
  4. Hello all, only had my cube a few days, and that's after 5 years of eglu classic owning.. My new problem is that the girls have emptied out most of their next material, wood shaving, onto the lawn below. I had line d it with newspaper because of the large air hole, but has anyone any suggestions? I previously had my eglu classic n a permanent wood chip base, but I want to move the cube around the garden .
  5. Thanks very much all, query settled, I'll either get another grub, or use a different type
  6. Thanks clucker1, I was thinking of perhaps before I got my classic, on 2008 but perhaps I got muddled up with the new design of the eglu go. I'm still disappointed with the grub, so wondered if anyone has used the glug from a cube for food, as it's much larger, and if it's a success with the girls (hens) ? And then I would buy an additional one of those ..
  7. Hello there, very happily got my new cube erected today, by loving if disgruntled husband.. Going to have to sell my beloved classic Does anyone know if the cube used to have a larger grub? I know the glug used to have nipples, but that has gone, but the grub is the same size as my classic, I don't know if it's a mistake, or just. A bit disappointing.?
  8. Oh all my we girls managed the steps too, and I discovered how lovely and docile my new Gold Star, Gloria is, you could cuddle her all day, she is so sweet, my Welsummers pick on her though, and my could they fly, when I went to catch them, they need some handling...and bribes! Ahh Gloria !!!
  9. Thanks, love the colour , took about 2 1/2 hours to erect, and really my husband did it all, with the rest of us hindering. I'm going to have to get some cable ties to connect the side panels, to the rear panels of the run, the gap is too big for clips, and I may need some kind of bull dog clip, as the door closes beautifully, but in the small panel above, I think a determined fox could get in.. Could anyone also tell me if the grub for the cube is the same as it used to be. I expected a larger grub than the one I have with my eglu classic, and was pretty sure it was larger years ago, but I could be wrong. Anyway all the girls are happily ensconced.
  10. Well, I'm sorry that I feel that I have to announce it but I do, I'm getting a pink eglu cube this week.. .I hope I haven't made a mistake with the colour !!! As this is what my daughters really want. I have had a green eglu classic since 2008, and would highly recommend it every time, I just want to be able to get at the tray and egg compartment a bit easier.. And housemy girls together. So happy, but nervous about it. We live too far from the delivery area, for it to be built for us, and husband away all week working, so I'll have to move it when its delivered myself... I'll have to wait to build it though....just cant wait for it to arrive!!!
  11. I thing I agree that you should have a mix of birds, my rhode island red is still laying 2-3 eggs a week, although she didn't lay last summer, she did in the winter. My hybrids, fell off completely after two years, and laid nothing, and I did all the usual worming, tonics etc. they looked really healthy, although one laid softies after the two years, and all the remedies available, didn't alter that until she stopped laying... My eldest chicken is still going strong And a real character. So I think it's best to have a mix. My new girls are Welsummers, and then I realised that I might be eggless in th winter, so I'm getting a gold star ans amber star.. I love buff orpingtons, and I think you are making the right choice
  12. Agree with the poster who said, we shouldn't have got behind with too small a DD payment, laughably this is the only utility bill the husband pays for, mine are moved up and own in line with how much we owe, and I have had rebates from BT when it has been set to high several times. I'll take more notice of his in the future...I suppose we have a weird way of dividing the bills, but it " usually " works ok. Oh and my husband did take the forms over against our better judgement, (so we would have had to pay the outstanding balance) after we had been threatened the first time, by that woman we'd never met (new neighbour ) that was before the second man came, prompting us to call the police.
  13. Apologies for errors in spelling, punctuation and capitalisation, unable to edit properly on the iPad, as I can't scroll through my text. Thank you for your kind comments, we did have to call the police, who came to talk to us. And the went to see the neighbours. Very sensible pleasant policeman, obviously used to dealing with such silly situations, although it should never have come to this. We are both professionals, ( husband and I) , who usually in the way of work are called to try and remedy any problems staff are having. So you do feel rather ridiculous, having to ask people for help with threatening bullies, (especially as you have known them for several years, with no problems) Police have advised neighbour not to approach our home, as it is trespassing, and advised them of their behaviour. Apparently they disputed what had occurred. Police advised us that we should contact a solicitor, regarding a letter that was sent to all of our neighbours as the policeman felt it was slanderous, as it wasn't actually true. Also said the man had a duty of care because of the role he undertook, and shouldn't have disclosed any details to other neighbours. Also said he personally wouldn't have given this neighbour any details, or given the man any cooperation, as we had NO actual offer in writing from the LPG company, only his word for it, and when asked by email for a contact, and his wife was asked, this wasn't given. My car has been scratched since.(Didn't report it, as no proof of who did it, but I have photographed it) We have CCTV up and recording our driveway.. Baby due immenently To be honest, and thank you for the consideration, I have had ill health and at the moment, I'm forgetting about the energy thing. We previously moved providers at neighbours instigation, from the provider they are advocating now, to the one they want us to leave now. After a few months grace, the prices Rose astronomically, which would doubtless happen this time, but without anything in writing from the company, who in their right mind would change providers at a neighbours say so, who will not give a company contact, and where the company has not provided any formal offer? The last kind poster asked if the newest buyer in the street must have agreed to the current supplier when they moved in, and yes that's correct, their choice, nothing to do with us. All have to agree a move with the LPG supplier or we can't change, and we have a large outstanding payment to the current company to pay (direct debit wasn't sufficient) which would have to be paid to move suppliers, and under the current circumstances, we have rather too many other outgoings.
  14. Its LPG. Central tanks serve all, all have individual meters.
  15. I'm pretty sure the agreement states that all neighbours have to agree the changeover, husband now says just do it, but it will cause us harm financially, as we will be doing this under duress. I've been crying all night, husband has been snapping at everyone.. Thanks so much for the reply..ridiculous how alone these things make you feel..and powerless. It's a horrible situation, I don't know these new people nor do I want to, but the others we have known for years. I just can't bear to think about them bullying us like this

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