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  1. I'll definitely make these changes to their diets. I think I got into the habit of "feeding them up," when I got my original three ex-batts. They were so scrawny that I obviously showered them with food.


    Natasha and Nelly are the first chicks we got at POL and I just carried on the same feeding that I've always done. I'm going to hang some greens up to so they can work a bit more. I'm also going to let them out when I get home so they can run around a bit.


    Oh dear - they'll probably be a bit angry about this, lol. But if it keeps them healthy then it's definitely worth it.

  2. Hmm, I pick her up fairly often (especially now she's having meds!) but I should have a better feel around. I know my ex-batts are tiny in comparison with Nelly and Natasha (who's a bluebell) but I thought it was just different breeds. I'll have a re-think about their food too as they do get a lot of treats; sweetcorn first thing, lettuce at lunch and corn last thing alongside mash which is their main food. I think I need to get them out and about in the garden more now it's lighter - help them work some of it off!


    Thanks again for the advice :)

  3. Thanks for the info Budgies - it's much appreciated :)


    I was wondering about her weight actually - she's a big girl. Mine don't often free range and although they have a WIN with roosting bars I had thought whether lack of exercise meant she wasn't as fit as she could be. I've had no broody experiences yet so I'll bear that in mind when deciding what we should do next. I've just given Nelly her tablets which was easier than I thought it would be despite the fact she was fighting like a tiger which is a good sign.


    Despite losing two girls (maybe three) in the last year I still love keeping chickens - it's the most addictive thing ever. Fingers crossed though that we manage to have a quiet few months after this!

  4. We're quite lucky as we've found a good vet (I should add him to the list). He drained a little fluid yesterday and she's on antibiotics for a week. I've managed to catch it quite early this time and she doesn't seem poorly at all but I must admit the vet thinks that it's a bit of a slim chance that she'll pull through.


    I was talking to my husband last night about rare breeds. I suppose what we're looking for is a chicken that doesn't normally lay every day but it seems that it's either hybrids who lay all the time or rare breeds who aren't great layers. I'm sure eventually we'll find a happy compromise.

  5. Hi everyone, long-time lurker and occassional poster here :)


    I'm just back from the vet with Nelly, my Speckled Star who has peritonitis. She's only about 10 months old and although looking very healthy and happy has stopped laying and I could feel her abdomen was a little full. We just lost Myrtle (our ex-batt) about six weeks ago to the same thing :(


    My question is - is it something that we're doing? We'd like to think that our chicks are spoiled rotten but is there something that I could do to prevent this happening. Is it true that pure breeds are less prone to it?


    We've got medication for Nelly and will be going back to the vet on Tuesday next week so fingers crossed.

  6. Hello


    I'm normally a lurker but would appreciate any help regarding my 24 week old hen Nelly. She was fine yesterday but went to feed them this morning and found her pancake like and hot in the nesting box.


    I got her out (as another chicken was trying to lay an egg on her head!) and she was quite floppy and the other two hens started pecking her. I separated her off and she laid her egg which looked normal. Her breathing seems to be a little laboured, tail down. I've syringed some water in to her. Her eyes seem bright but she has had a sloppy yellow poo.


    Her vent is clean though, I'm a bit stumped.



    Eta - have just got a bit of flubenvet down her.

  7. Hi everyone, I'm new here so please excuse the question.


    We got three ex-batts on Saturday and they're settling in well but don't seem to be using their feeders. I put a plastic box of extra water out which I have seen them drinking from. However, they don't seem to be eating their pellets out of the grub and I've only seen them eat grass since we got them (and the odd slug!).


    Help! I don't want the poor things to starve! Very surprised to see two eggs already and I've put a dustbath tray in their run which is being well used. Will they ever eat? And will they use their grub and glug? I've put some shell and grit out and I've seen one peck at that.

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