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  1. They are indeed a welsumer leg bar cross Very pretty birdies I have to say, but on the breed listing they're supposed to lay brown eggs and have a single comb, unlike my little girls
  2. Morning lovely chooky peeps I am in need of your collective birdy wisdom.. I recently bought a trio of gorgeous birds (two hens in lay and their unrelated cockerel). The chap said they were welbars but I have my doubts.. notably because the girls apparently lay a blue/green egg and have what I think is a pea comb rather than a single one! I got them because I fell in love with them not because of what breed they are so it doesn't bother me either way but I am really curious as to what they could be! I did wonder if the girls are a welbar/legbar cross? Will post pics later x
  3. thanks lovely, thats fab Our garden is on a slope so tends to take on a swamp-like nature in winter, plus we have a few feathery footed ladies, so anything that helps keep their feet dry in the run has to be a good thing! x
  4. Hi lovely peeps Has anyone used Flaxcore as bedding instead of hemcore or aubiose? We've used aubiose for years with our little herd of chooks (hubby decided that we now have too many to be a flock, so they're know as the herd!) and love it but due to family reasons I've had to go part time at work so money is incredibly tight so we've been looking for an alternative to aubiose that is less pricey but at least close to being as good.... anyone got any thoughts?! x
  5. Hi guys, Had a quandry. Really want to raise our own meat birds however really struggling to get on a course on how to humanely dispatch and prepare a chicken for the table... I know most abattoirs won't prepare birds for you anymore, but does anyone know someone who would? Alternatively, is there anyone near to Stoke on Trent who'd do the deed(s) for me in exchange for a chicken?! xxx
  6. Am starting to think that way yeah... Mum hen had what looked like crusty scabbing almost on her face a week ago she wasn't her usual happy self and had obviously been scratching, the ivermec sorted that out and the scabbing is clearing nicely (almost looked like accumulated mite dirt), plus she's not got a pale comb and her behaviour is normal... she doesn't have any mites on her that we can see, they're around 1mm, round back end and are either pale cream or black x
  7. lol, funnily enough Andrew, was just chatting with a friend who's parents have chooks and they use jeyes fluid in their coops after a mite infestation!! Not totally convinced these are red mite now though as they little blighters were out and crawling along the run in the daylight and I thought red mite were strictly nocturnal? Mum and babies now safely tucked up in our spare room in the temporary coop (aka chicken cage!), have dusted Mum and the litter with DE thinking that the babies will get dusted by association as it were
  8. Oh *"@£$%>)(@. Despite dismantling the eglu, scrubbing with poultry shield AND spraying with permethrin, the blasted mites are everywhere again! Broody has one or two mites that I can see, but am very concerned about the chicks, as they're only 2 days old We've moved them to an indoor rabbit cage for today while we break down the eglu again but am really worried... there was one egg unhatched this am and when we went back to see how Mum was getting on she was off the egg and it was COVERED in mites. Have squirted everyone with diatomaceous earth (know its not a cure but figured it can't hurt), Mum had a dose of ivermectin a couple of days ago but chicks far too young for anything like that... Don't want to lose any of these little cutiepies to something that should be preventable but really need help to know how best to protect them... after doing the eglu etc before I'm not sure I'll be entirely confident as to its mite-proof qualities after this! x
  9. We got ours from Harlequin Farm (http://harlequinfarm.webs.com), we've had 7/8 hatch The parent birds are stunning, the cockeral esp. was a really beautiful boy x
  10. Nutmeg is such a clever girl Four beautiful little babies seen happily chirruping today, two boys and two girls (thank goodness for autosexing breeds!)... 4 eggs left under her, she doesn't want to leave the nest yet so will see how she is tomorrow, may have to encourage her off and candle any remaining ones x
  11. this is a very good point...! Will get my bum into gear and unload
  12. Now then, we currently have two beautiful little aruacana babies (well, toddlers really) without names Jubby wouldn't let me name them until we knew they'd survive (!), and they have so now I need help naming them They currently live with Parsley the baby pekin so I suggested Thyme and Sage but apparently they don't suit them Suggestions?!
  13. Well, am the proudest chicken Granny in the world! We so far have one little girl chick, peeping out from under Mum Mum very protective and clucking away gently to the other eggs so have made sure she has water close by and have left her to it. Gonna be a long and anxious wait till the evening when I'll pop up to her again...
  14. WE HAVE PIPPING!!! Very excited now, thank goodness I'm not in work today Just been out to check on Mum to be and she's in great shape, she came off the nest herself to get a drink and could see the shell starting to be pipped, and can hear cheeping... hope they all make it out safely However, on a not-so-great note, we have mites again Evil little b........ ahem. Now then, Mum has had a dose of noromectin yesterday, and I've sprayed all visible crawlies with total mite kill. Am slightly horrified to see some crawling on MEEEEEEE!!! They have now been squished, rapidly. How can I protect the babies once they hatch as they'll be sitting ducks (well, chicks)? Plan is to wait till they venture out with Mum then strip the coop again and rescrub/spray. Can we dust the chicks with mite/louse powders at only a day or two old? Don't want them to go through hatching only to succumb to mites xxx Currently 8 under Nutmeg. 1 pipping
  15. Thats great, thanks She's always shut into the eglu at night, theres a gap by the door which I intend to shore up tomorrow x

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