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  1. We dont think a person could get over the gate tbh plus the chicks are near impossible to catch even if not startled, plus dogs... The RSPCA inspector did ring and after my husband explanied things he did agree that its most likely a fox. Sand is a good idea but with dogs the marks would be hard to tell the difference. We also have rabbits in a large WIR separate from the big girls so it is quite worrying.
  2. Hello all, Well, unsuprisingly we have not heard from the RSPCA yet. We told neighbours yesterday about our fox suspicions and she said that although she has never seen any foxes in 20 odd years, they are in the area. Apparently some old bat not far from us used to feed them regularly untill the council spotted her doing this and recently stopped her. . . . we are now wondering if this is why we have our situation??? With the burying 'cacheing' (sp?) it is known for foxes to do this although we definately think it had been disturbed as this is why a chick and hen were still on lawn and not been buried. The dogs would not let a person in the back garden although they may not be so agressive towards a fox??? Also the dogs are scratching like mad with fleas i think and were only bathed on Saturday and no fleas then. Another factor which points towards fox maybe??? As you can see we are still pretty clueless and I didn't sleep last night worrying if whatever it was was coming back for the rest of my flock! I'll keep you posted.
  3. Dear all. We have hatched 4 chicks with a broody, 4 weeks ago now. They have been in the house in an indoor cage until this weekend when we bought a rabbit hutch so that they could go outside and have more space until they join the big girls in the WIR. Today I got home at 1.15pm to find mum hen dead on the lawn and a chick on the patio also dead. Feathers all over the lawn from the mum hen. Hutch door off its hinges. No blood on the hens or bite marks. The dogs have access to the garden through the dog flap while we are out so blame was placed on the 14month old labrador spaniel. He has been very naughty since a pup and we just thought this was latest thing. This was until husband came home and after looking for other 3 missing chicks when he discovered two chick legs sticking out of ground by a corner of the garden, covered by a rock partially. Our dogs cannot bury things, or if they have attempted to there is usually mud everywhere. Both dogs were clean no muddy paws, noses and no soil over the rest of the garden??? On further inspection we found the other 2 chicks buried in the same way, just 2 feet sticking out but buried in difficult places for a large animal to reach. Also the bodies have no bite marks or bloody. We have phoned the RSPCA and they have logged it as suspicious. They are hoping that someone will visit us but not sure when. They asked if we had 'problems' with anyone locally but noone. Typically, two sets of neighbours were on holiday, one pair work all day and the ones who are usually in all day were out so no witnesses and noone heard anything. Does anyone know of any similar attacks or suggestions of what it could be??? Much appreciated, Heather
  4. Its like great minds think a like!!! I have just got some land through landshare and I am super eager to get some crops going for the winter. Will be taking a seed shopping trip tomorrow...
  5. Hi all They are now growing by the hour! And getting 'big' feathers in all places now! 3 weeks old pics! http://s878.photobucket.com/albums/ab349/mrsallen2008/?action=view&current=100_1236.jpg Both our barnevelders are boys - Very thick legs and very upright! Silkies I know are hard to sex so we are just watching for shape change at the moment as both are very round and timid. Although they could just be foolling us!
  6. Me too! Just trying to work out if you could just put salt in the pondwater!!!
  7. Things have progressed wonderfully! I am sure we are all very We have just seen some land bcome available near us through landshare so hopfully! We will be able to get something set up before winter arrives!
  8. Hello all. Thanks for the comments. Pat is a bantam! Thats all we know - i think her markings are classed as 'partridge' but thats all i know!
  9. So sorry to hear about your poor hen. for the little chicks to be okay.
  10. Hello all! Finally I can show you our new chicks! Pat (the broody bantam) did amazingly and from 6 eggs - 1 infertile - 1 cracked - 4 good! All 4 remaining ones hatched! We have 2 silkies and 2 barnevelders! Here come the pics - Just arrived! Very camera shy and Pat is still hatching the last egg! Some fresh air! 9days old! Quick pic before Pat gets in the shot!
  11. yay! How fantastic! We had the same due date but 2 of ours have hatchede today. We have 1barnevelder and our only fertile silkie hatched too which we were super happy about! I bet you will be very early at school 2moro' heather
  12. thats good news Whens ur hatch date?
  13. Sorry to hear about that Kev. It makes my blood boil, quite frankly. Glad there isn't too much damage - have you notified the police?
  14. She'll be fine! Much better than my Pat who is in a large indoor rabbit cage in my spare room!
  15. Thanks all. We tried candling again later and noticed that the very porous egg had cracked so removed that - it was fertile! and a bit And we removed the nonfertile egg the other day so we are down to 4. Last night we candled again and all 4 are developing nicely, you can really see the little chicks wriggling around and the veins are a lot thicker now too. Only one of the eggs is slightly porous, but things are going okay so far...
  16. well the 'candler' was a torch and mobile phone. Okay so maybe not the best apparatus. Going to make a better one later with lamp and box and have another look.
  17. Hi All We candled the eggs last night (9 days) and we definately had an all clear egg which means infertile right? But the others did show the shadows of what we assume is the chick but were very 'high porous' which says on the guide they are BAD eggs, however it doesn't say they have any bacteria but are less likely to hatch. Have I got this right? It wasnt as severe as the pic on here - (pic 6) http://shilala.homestead.com/candling.html We are just wondering now what we should do??? Many Thanks x
  18. oh bless! my dogs are soft as..... grease! i am still cautious but they only lick and stare at anything we have had hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chicks, hens.... No intention of testing them with children though! lol
  19. Sorry to hear about that but as other have said hopefully with the warm weather you may still have a hatch.
  20. Congratulations! Hopefully this one will be okay too. How many are left to hatch!? And come on with these pics! Or we will send Claret round!
  21. I am so sorry. One of my hens looked very poorly on wednesday. she was sleeping a lot and wasnt stable on her legs. tbh i thought she was dying. i took her out of the WIR and put her in the shade and made her drink some water. after about 4 hours she wasnt much better but standing more and drinking by herself. i put her to bed as usual and the next day she was fine. i am convinced it was just the heat that had affected her. we just have to be extra vigilant in the heat.
  22. who would have thought beautiful fluffy orpingtons started life like that! the polands are so cute though, i love dustin!

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