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  1. Haven't got any piccies at present..they have gone on their holidays to my mums...(she lives on an estate so I hope Lily doesn't cock a doodle....neighbours won't be too amused, we have fields and long gardens, so not so much of a problem)....for afew days...but if I get chance tomorrow I will try and take a photo and post it on. I thought by 24 weeks if she was a cockeral it would be apparant and she'd be trying to get friendly with the othe2 but then I also thought we should probably have had an egg, but then both Maisy and Tilly (RIP June 09 ) were over 24 weeks before they laid. Our other newbie Daisy , a little white wyandotte bantam is only coming up for 18 weeks so has afew weeks to go before laying starts.
  2. Hi I have a approx 24 week light sussex /silkie cross bantam. Had no eggs yet and in the last couple of days have heard a definate cock a doodle. Only a couple of times and not very loud but now am worried that she is not Lily but infact Larry. Is there any way that I can tell without having to wait until she lays an egg or not as the case may be. Her wattle and comb look the same as the light sussex bantam we have who is 3 yrs old and she only has very tiny spur like bumps on her legs which do not appear any bigger than the others. But she does seem to stand taller but I don't know whether this is just her breeding. We got her from an experienced breeder when she was approx 18 weeks old. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  3. Hi,I have checked them for mites etc and there are no signs at the base of their feathers etc. The house is regularly dusted with mite powder. They have not been wormed since we had them....I do keep a check on the poo from the tray and it has remained the same and there is no sign of worms. But maybe I ought to worm just as a precaution.What do you recommend and is it easy to do....ie can I buy something to put in their feed or water ??? Many thanks the girls mum Maisy and Tilly
  4. Hi ,we have had 2 light sussex bantams for over a year.They have been laying quite consistently until about 3 weeks ago.Tilly has definately gone broody as she stays in the eglu most of the day but is still laying an egg,but Maisy hasn't laid an egg for almost a fortnight but is feeding,eating and pooing fine. They both seem happy and there is no sign of worms or mites but I am baffled as to what may have happened to Maisy to cause her to stop laying.They have a small amount of treats late afternoon and show no signs of moulting. Please help. Any ideas would be gratefully received. The girls mum...Maisy and Tilly

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