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  1. We have had chickens for almost a decade and ducks for about 3 years. we relly fancy the idea of geese, does anyone have any? any tips or info gratefully recieved.
  2. We have had ducks for 2 years now but now my youngest is at Pre school I have just rejoined the work force! (BOOOOOO) So I have less time to dedicate to my chucks ducks and dog so thinking of ways to make life easy (we now have a gravity fed water system so except when its Frozen I dont have to worry about Water. my main concern is the duck pond, we currently use a plastic Dog bath and change the water at least weekly, they also have a fresh paddling pool everytime they are let out to free range (pretty much daily) to Save time and Water we were wondering if we can get a filter system (you know how much "Ooops, word censored!" they can deposit on a very small space of time!) Do any of you use a pump does it cope with the Ducks mess and if so what brands / costs?
  3. Your set up is fab! Where are you thinking of having water for them they do splash a hell of a way! we dug a gravel bed area to sit a dog bath on no matter what we do it is just mud around the pond they are VERY messy! but worth it! We have 3 aylesbury cross peekings 2 khaki campbells and another beauty but no idea what thwy live happily with out 8 hens but when we lwet them out of their enclosure they always keeps seperate! very funny!
  4. Re the eglu being a suitable bed, depends on the breed however my khaki's go in to lay (sometimes) but always sleep upder the bush! (they are in a secure enclosure) but dont use it really
  5. I love my chooks but my khaki campbels have recently come into lay, I got then at 8weeks old at the start of the summer holidays. The eggs are amazing! had a double and triple yolker! although also found 2 eggs in the bottom of the pond! (1 a week for 2 weeks) they are real characters too
  6. Please chucky, that would be great thanks
  7. when you sign up its up to you if put a phone number on! then when you use a mobile to access it you actually get asked ( I did!)if you want to make your number available so it only shows if you have chosen to make it available. I appreciate not everyone is very good at computer stuff especially social sites but this is why you need to be extra careful. I actually feel really sorry for such sites when people accuse them of publicising info. they only provided the place to do it, but it was you who gave it to them.
  8. how old are they are what breed? my khaki campbels are 20 weeks now and nothing yet
  9. Glad its not just my chickens drinking pooey duck water The ducks have a trough so the girls probably jumped onto the side and lost their balance. will try popping a breeze block in for now and see how we go. thanks everyone
  10. HELP! Our ducks have shared their large walk in run with the Chickens for a few months now but this week have had 2 chickens get into the pond and drown! I am really angry as its my fault! but I have seen chicks and ducks live together all over the place and not heard of / thought about this! Other than building another WIR which isnt really an option any advice to stop this happening again edited as the ducks have shared with the chickens! not Ducks!
  11. Ok its been mentioned that the 3G allows you access the internet. Is that general browsing or just for ebooks? Talking about the Kindle by the way
  12. I'm planning to start soaking my fruit for the pud and cake this weekend if all goes to plan
  13. hate to be a party pooper (and have t admit to lying about kids ages before now!) however sneaking kids in is actually very dangerous. in the event of an emergency and evacuation they might rescue 4 bodies not knowing there are 5 in there? I know this might seem a bit doom and gloom but when it comes to staying overnight I think honesty is the best policy. Also as jjmack has found if you actually ring and ask its amazing what you can get. With regards to big families a lot of these corporate chains wont change overnight. the whole world is geared up to families of 4. Now more and more places are geared up to 3 kids with cheaper options for more kids but we decided on 2 children as we thought we could give them everything we would want to. I would love 3 but reason and OH have made us stay with 2. I have 2 friends with big families, 1 has 6 and struggles with hols etc but never moans, they made the descision to have that many kids and cope and deal with it exceptionally well! I couldn't do it. But the other has 4 and moans non stop about the cost. Sorry but you should have thought about that before. Kids are not for xmas they cost money 2 kids will cost more than 1 and 4 will cost more than 2 its not rocket science,
  14. it has been said before but the head doesn't get carte blanche over new teachers, but 2 sounds dodgy, let us know what the LEA have to say about it
  15. I use the bbc good food recipie for my coeliac customers, I have already got xmas cake bookings from them. the flour I use (as I do it with soya spread, so it gluten wheat and dairy and nut free) is expensive and has a dove on the logo in a circle I think, I get it in Asda (along with supacook gluten free baking powder) No one can ever believe its made with mash!
  16. no experience but it looks nice!
  17. if anyone wants a diet thats just old fashined calories and exercise try nutracheck. its a webbased one and you get a 5 day free trial. I love it and have lost over 1 1/2 stone now
  18. I would go in Ebay and buy a large star nozzel and a cheap 10'' bag or bigger, thats what I use for big swirly cupcakes
  19. ounds like it! A friend of mine (who looks after the girl when we are away) was pleased to see we had ducks and couldn't wait for the eggs. I had jut bought a tray of duck eggs from the local farm so sent her home with 2. Her face swelled up! to quote her husband she looked like the elephant man I saw the pics and he was right! long stiry short duck eggs have more protien which is what she is allergic too! hens eggs are ok for her but he cant have ducks! weird!
  20. [quote="Snoxy" Can the colour of eggs change when hens have been laying for a few weeks or could it be that Gertrude (Magpie) isn't sterile after all? they can vary slightly but my guess is it gertrudes!
  21. I used chilli powder rather than mustard! worked a treat
  22. We had Martine McCouchin 'perfect moment' I also walked down the aisle to it as my then SIL sang. I didnt want here comes the bride
  23. Lewis! what a terrible day! poor you! (and jemima) sorry for the delayed response but not been on for a few days
  24. ask them to remove you or you will go to watchdog or the papers

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