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  1. There are supplements specifically for imminent menopause, Boots sell different versions of them. They also sell a testing kit (pee in a bottle kind of thing) which identifies where you are (or aren't) in the inevitable process. So far, I'm finding the alternative approaches are working perfectly for me, they may well do for you .... when the dreaded time comes. Good luck!
  2. I'm surprised no-one has posted this link yet! It comes with a Time Wasting Warning! Cat wearing a shark costume rides a Roomba
  3. I've been using Estroplus from Boots for over a year and they sorted out my relentless hot flushes last year, but they came back even worse this summer. I tried acupuncture, which was absolutely amazing and just about stopped them - I'd say more warm glow than overwhelming, stop me in my tracks and smack me in the face roasting! I read about taking a Sage supplement a couple of months ago and that seems to be working for now, but I'll definitely go back for more acupuncture if needed. Good luck in finding something that helps, I had no idea how horrible it was going to be. I met with a friend in Glasgow a few months ago and she scared me half to death when she told me hers had been going on for SEVEN YEARS!!
  4. I feel for you all, I'm having a similar experience with my mother and sister. I won't bore you with the long story about my mother, how my sister tries to manipulate/control her adult children and everyone else in her life, how her adult daughter turns to me when the chips are down etc etc, but my sister decided earlier this year she would never speak to me again when I refused to do what she told me to do (turn my back on her daughter/my niece). I thought she'd get over it, continued communicating with her as normal, sending her a 50th birthday card and present, etc etc, but I heard she cut up my £50 gift card and threw her favourite perfume out so I guess I'm still in her dog house. It escalated last month when my mother took her side (listening to her version of events and refusing point blank to hear mine), so she's not speaking to me either. I swing from being upset at being cut off like that to resigned to getting on with my life, so I sent them a joint email saying just that. I'd always be there for either of them if they ever need anything, but I'm not playing the piggy in the middle peace maker any more. It was quite a relief to stop trying to fix something so out of my control. My life is complicated enough right now, my 30yr+ plus marriage is over but we can't extract ourselves immediately for a variety of reasons (dogs/business/house/etc) so my energies are best spent on me and staying sane right now. So far so good!! Sending positive vibes to all who need them
  5. I copied my itunes library to my Nexus tablet using Google Play. Once it's in that magical cloud thing, you can download it to an android device - it even kept all my playlists
  6. Just bumping this thread to see if there is any more feedback about Freesat. We have a Sky+ subscription but the Sky box has gone bang and needs replacing (not difficult as they're readily available on ebay). However, I've had a quick look at Freesat+ as the idea of not paying a monthly subscription is appealing but before I cancel my Sky subscription, I wondered if anyone here had any advice? We only have the basic Sky+ subscription but the main appeal is being able to watch/record two channels and pause/rewind (we have no terrestrial TV because reception is so poor). I'm not worried about more/less channels, more about the quality of Freesat+, ease of use, reliability etc etc. I thank you
  7. Good luck and please don't be frightened by the diagnosis, if that's what you get. It's a bit of a shocker initially but apart from a puff each morning, it doesn't have to be life changing. The only time I'm really conscious of mine is when I get a cold because it's likely to end up on my chest. Other than that, no-one would ever know.
  8. Oooooh I really feel for you Bramble, it's horrible isn't it! I can't say I'm cured, just that my symptoms are much less extreme than they used to be, so I am actually sitting here at the kitchen table with a fleece throw wrapped around my legs - instead of a duvet!!! Have you had any luck with the doctor yet? Minne, it's good to hear the other side too and that you're happy with your life changing decision. I used to work with someone who had an overactive thyroid and he was HYPER - I don't think he ever sat still!!
  9. That's a brilliant idea! I have several fleece bed inners and recently bought new covers for them as I'm challenged in the sewing department - I wish I'd seen this first but I'll definitely try it when the new ones need replacing.
  10. Bumping this ancient thread to see how everyone else is doing with their symptoms and diagnosis? I still have no idea if my thyroid is underactive (for me) but I have managed my symptoms away by taking my life by the scruff of the neck around 18 months ago. I stopped making excuses for myself and found a diet that worked for me - eating less, doing more and not indulging in a glass or three of wine in the evening. Guess what? I've slowly lost the equivalent of a sack of dog food and I'm back down to where I was nearly 20yrs ago now. My symptoms (restless legs, cold, lethargy etc etc) have reduced to the extent I rarely notice them any more. I wouldn't have believed it could make so much difference but am delighted it has. Anyone else with news to share?
  11. That sounds just how my asthma started at the ripe old age of 30 something. Definitely get yourself to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Mine has been easy to control with just a puff or two from an inhaler each day, occasionally more if I get a cold or take very strenuous exercise. I rarely give it a second though now and am fitter than I've been for years. There is life after diagnosis!
  12. If you have the patience, dig it up clump by clump and extract the crocosmias bulb by bulb then replant. Or offer them FTG to someone to do it themselves as they're exceptionally beautiful plants and not cheap to buy.
  13. We found an injured young mink in the garden of our last house, but we had a river at the bottom. Yours is unlikely to be a mink unless you have water nearby, so I think the best way forward is to find someone who can set a live trap for you and who is prepared to deal with whatever you catch. It could easily be an escaped polecat or ferret, but if it is a mink then it would need to be killed as you aren't allowed to release them. Good luck!
  14. I lit the kitchen fire on evening the bank holiday Monday, which I thought was mildly ironic! I've had to light it a couple of times since as the evenings are getting chillier, but yesterday I lit the woodburner in the afternoon and it's going again now. Mind you, it's blowing a hoolie with sideways rain outside ... and my dogs are very grateful!
  15. I'd try contacting a local tree surgeon or two as they often have a surplus and will drop a load off if working nearby. Just specify it's for chickens so you don't want anything with thorns / yew / laurel.

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