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  1. Thank you to both replies - no I havn't wormed them. I have cut back on treats a bit of corn and some carrott tops as that is their favourite and a few grapes now and again - but not every day. I got them August 2008 from Omlet and I think they were about 16 weeks old so started laying oct/nov time that year. I didn't realised that the worms could put them off laying - If they had worms would I see them when I clean out their tray - as I have looked and no sign. A few friends have looked at them in their run and commented on how healthy they are - but I will see if I can get some flubenvet and have a go with that.
  2. I currently have two chickens. One was ill a few months ago and I thought we might lose her but she rallied and now looks healthy. The other has been fine all along - now and again they do very runny droppings but that is the only sign of any possible ill health. They are eating, pecking around, acting normally - I have cut down on their treats so that they eat plenty of layers pellets and I regularly add shell to the feed as well. Since around 26th June I have had one soft shelled egg and that has been it. We sadly lost one following a prolapse about 2 months ago and I was keen to try and get another 2 chickens to add to the remaining pair - however I am nervous of getting any more chickens when I am not sure if the existing 2 are healthy. If they have been good layers in the past what are the chances of them laying again or do we sadly just have to give up and start again. One of them wasn't well a while ago and we thought we would lose her but she rallied and looks fine now. Look foward to hearing anyone's thoughts
  3. Thank you for the advice - I have sudocream - magic stuff hadn't though of using it though - I have tea tree oil as well so can dilute some and use that - when I looked this morning it looked fairly clean and when she is walking around is covered by the other feathers - she is eating and drinking so I guess as long as it doesn't get infected she will be fine. Juliette
  4. I think due to the warm weather my chickens have been insisting on roosting on top of their Eglu run - I did try and put them in last night which usually works and it was dark but they insisted on coming out again. - they have an electric fence around them as well so we leave it on at night and have had no problems with foxes - with these warm nights we ahve found it useful as they can get up and go into their main run as soon as it is light and don't wake us up calling out to be let out! We were woken by a horrible noice last night and we think when it began to rain Pepper unfortunately got confused and got herself caught up in the fence - I was outside very quickly with the dog in case it was a fox! She has lost a lot of feather and bless her is trying to lay this morning though I am not expecting much from her - in the light of day she has got some open wounds on her back - I have read Arnica is good could I use tea tree cream on her back just where the wounds are - I am worred they could get infected - or a bit of tea tree oil diluted in a spray bottle and I could spray it on the area. Look forward to hearing from you - and lesson learnt whether they like it or not they are being shut in their run - they will just have to put up with it!
  5. have spoken to the vet yesterday as when I felt her legs again it now is slightly warmer than the other one. She is on a course of antibiotics which I can give her with a syringe (she has been v. good about it today). And see how she goes with that. Today she seems to be trying to put it down a bit more. She is hopping about still, pecking away, laying and doing what chickens do best. and on that note must go and shut their door as it is now dark and they will be in their cosy bed.
  6. I struggled to open the eglu this morning so lifted them out via the nesting box so i could pour hot water onto it without the risk of hurting them. They have scratched an area clear of snow yesterday so seem quite happy pecking away. Still got 3 eggs yesterday - will see how may I get today.
  7. by the way sorry to be so ignorent - what is bumblefoot?
  8. The foot doesn't look swollen, and I have checked it regularly if it feels hotter, but it hasn't, will try the arnica idea and see how she goes. Thank you.
  9. one of my girls - Honey has been limping a bit for sometime but it has now got worse and she doesn't seem to want to put any weight on it. I can't see anything obvious. My husband and I have had a good look at it and compared it to her good leg, she doesn't seem to show signs of distress when we press it - so can't work out what is wrong. Just feel a bit sorry for her in the current weather as the other two swap legs in the snow but she can't. Does anyone have any advice or do we just leave it hope it gets better on its own. Thanks. PS she is still laying OK as I am getting my normal 3 eggs a day from them.
  10. Dear all Happy news - Ginger is now eating I think we will try and put her outside in the next day or so again. She has had some maggots - so thank you for that suggestion - eaten some pasta and fruit and pelletts. So I am more hopeful than I was yesterday. We were beginning to think if she didn't start eating soon she wouldn't make it. As far as introducing her back into the run with the other two - I can't put her back fulltime for two weeks just in case she starts laying again - but do I just put her in and let them get used to her again or put her in the cage in their run for a bit each day. I am hoping I might be able to borrow an eglu someone isn't using for a couple of weeks - it is a friend of a friend so slightly complicated and then I thought I woudl just put that in the run but keep her in the eglu run until the two weeks are up. Thank you for all your advice and I will continue to keep you posted until she is out and about and behaving like a normal chicken again.
  11. to all my concerned new friends Ginger seems a bit brighter this morning - but is still not eating. Off to get some straw and install her the cage so she has a bit more space. I think I will keep her inside for another couple of days and if she improves I can start putting the cage outside so she gets some natural light and putting her in the garage for the night.
  12. I have taken her to the vet and she has had an antibiotic injection and some liquid parrafin - he thought her crop was a bit large and that may mean there is an impaction and he is hoping the liquid petroleum will get things moving - and the antibiotic will help her fight anything off. We don't think she has been eating well for a little while or at least not digesting it properly. As she has been wondering around until yesterday doing what chickens do I hadn't noticed - but when I picked her up this morning to take her away from the other two I noticed she was really light - particularly compared to my other two. So fingers crossed she will pull through - but I am being fairly realistic about it. She is nice and warm though in the cat carrier and tomorrow if she is feeling a bit better a farmer friend of mine (who thinks we are all far too sentimental about these things!) has suggested I put her in the dog cage for a while as if she does lay any eggs we can't eat them now for a couple of weeks. Juliette
  13. Hi Just coming on here for some advice - had a very odd evening last night. None of my 3 chickens wanted to go in their eglu - finally Pepper and Honey did, but Ginger still wouldn't - finally managed to get hold of her by lifting the eglu up and put her in through the nesting box. This morning went to check them - to be honest fully expecting Ginger to not be with us (as she didn't seem herself) - but all three seemed fine. Ginger though would not come out and when she did the best way to describe it is she sounds like she has got a cold. She is just standing in the field with her head tucked in - not wanting to feed or drink. I have now put her in a cat box in the garage which is fairly warm (certainly warmer than it was last night!) and put a bit of food in for her - reading through the poultry health forum I am now going to put a few grapes in for her as well! One friend has suggested worms, and I have put a call into the vet - but wonder if anyone has got any ideas. The other two are wondering around their patch quite normally s"Ooops, word censored!"ing up the ground and have a bit to eat here and there. look foward to hearing from someone soon and hopefully Ginger will make a full recovery being allowed some peace and quiet on her own. J

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