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  1. What dreadful news. So very sad. I live a couple of miles from the airport/crash site and watched them go into land land from my garden . I just couldn't believe that seconds later Red 4 had crashed. Thay had just performed a fantastic show of skill over the sea front. My condolences go to all of the crew and their families. There are lots of people wearing red at the airshow today as a tribute
  2. SSSSSSSSSSnakes and slow worms : plants with huge leaves like Gunera: Robots and Daleks Saw some of those child bollards the other day outside a school and nearly crashed the car....... they are really freaky
  3. Granted; An open ended stair basket becomes the new trend and you win the ' designer of the year' prize I wish that I hadn't been told that my job is officially at risk and I am to be redeployed after 25 years
  4. I know a Chris Muspratt and my Grandfather was S.Melling Esq.
  5. ..............And mine The fun shades were a great deal Just waiting for hubby's beehaus arriving on 26th
  6. Well that offer was so good, a shiny new green beehaus fell into my basket OH has been keen to start beekeeping and has course booked in May.......... hope he likes it or we'll have a spare beehaus ornament in our garden
  7. Oh dear........ happened upon this offer and a red and purple funshade got into my basket too
  8. Got married in a Scottish castle by special license ( all arranged in 3 weeks) Only 6 guests all of whom had travelled from Bournemouth.No first song but they played the theme tune Harry's Game by Clannad. Reminded me of Robin Hood and was very fitting. That was 19 years ago and still going strong ............wouldn't change a thing
  9. So sorry to hear your sad news RIP little ebony
  10. How terribly sad to hear I lived in Netherton for 10 years in the 60's and have some really fond memories.
  11. Oh how awful for you. I had a friend who had her handbag snatched from her kitchen table in the middle of the day when she was in the house ........... She had only left it for a few minutes; her back door was shut but unlocked at the time. She couldn't believe it and was convinced she was going mad until the handbag and unwanted contents were found in several streets away We also had a neighbour report seeing someone walking up our road trying all the parked car doors during the night. It is unbelievable what some people with no scruples will do. I hope you are able to sort out your losses soon ((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))
  12. Yes it was bin day for us too Shame as the the view up the road shows the bins randomly left around the pavements by the bin men No chickens either as hidden from view in the back garden Great fun to navigate around though even if it is a bit intrusive
  13. Chalk Hill Poultry has lots of different pure breeds and Hybrids to look at and choose and is well worth a visit (4 miles beyond Cranborne). Nick the owner is lovely and very helpful. I love it there. Horton Vale Nursery and Tearooms Nr Wimborne is nice too. Vines Close on A31 towards Sturminster Newton have Warrens for £12 in season (not yet towards end of March usually). Good luck
  14. Well I'm surprised no one has nominated David Tenant. He was certainly loved by young and old Other than that Joanna Lunmley or Julie Walters for me
  15. OMG yes ................all the time signed up member of EA (Eglus Annonymous) Have even been known to look at AA routemaster to see how far away they are despite not needing an Eglu or a Cube

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