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  1. I treat mine regularly and we still battle regularly with mites from wild birds. Louse powder with permethrin will kill crawlers, but it's a bit hit and miss unless you rub it right into the base of the feathers all over the bird. We use a medicated dog shampoo to get rid of a bad infestation(Northern Fowl mite is really hard to get rid of) and use Ivermectin/eprinex quarterly or additionally monthly if it's been a bad infestation. A bath in diluted Poultry Shield is very good too. Diatom is a fab regular addition to bedding and around the joins of the coop. Good luck: I feel your pain!
  2. did you sell them with your coop and run by any chance? If so I bet it's them that he wanted and not your lovely girls... I am so sorry for what's happened to you, it's devastating!
  3. grotty bottoms could be a sign of Northern Fowl mites, have a good look at the feathers near their vents to see if they are stuck together by something other then poo
  4. I moved here from the States via Ireland and can't imagine living anywhere else. I adore this country and the British people: i feel fabulously lucky to live in a country that is tolerant, democratic, fair with a sense of decency and general lack of bigotry and intolerance: where how much you earn doesn't decide how healthy or well educated you are. Two of my children have had nearly fatal illnesses and were saved by the "Ooops, word censored!"le and heroic actions of NHS staff: the outcomes would have been so different for all of us if we'd lived in the States. I will be forever grateful and forever thankful for living here and having British children!
  5. Thanks for putting the pics on for me Aunty Mostin!
  6. He is even more gorgeous with his eyes open! I'll get my pics on as soon as I find the blinkin' cable, Plum!
  7. I've got some lovely pics of Aunty Mostin holding little Joe. Once i work out how to get them off my phone, I'll put them on here!
  8. We had one with recurring blocked crop. I kept getting the blockage out then she'd block up again. I should have acted sooner as she was fading throughout and losing weight and condition. I wanted her to be well and that stopped me being pragmatic... A 3 year old hybrid has reached a good old age, it just may be her time.
  9. mostin and I went to a talk last night about MARANS: fascinating stuff. The cuckoo (also known as the 'English Marans') does lay a somewhat paler egg then the French Marans (copper black, often with feathered legs). I've got one of each and the French lays quite dark eggs (not as dark as you get in shows where they've been selectively bred) and the Cuckoo lays a welsummer dark egg with darker spots on it. Both very pretty but we'd have to go to the professional egg showers to get an even darker egg layer. Redwing's right too about the show birds vs the egg layers. Show birds won't lay a dark egg.
  10. Free range baby grow by laurmurf, on Flickr although nothing like as wonderful as the personal hand made sampler that Mostin created for Joe, I was pleased to find this in a baby shop in Brighton
  11. I'm so madly in love with him! Aunty Mostin and I were able to visit briefly (a struggle for both of us!) yesterday to get cuddles and kisses and to congratulate two very lucky lovely mummies. He is wonderful and squiggy and kissable. Beautifully in proportion for his size (my ED was 9lb4oz but short with it: could have put an apple in her mouth and roasted her for dinner). He has gorgeous whispy wavey hair too. Sigh: soooooo broody! I was amazed at how mobile and well HEN is: not even a week after her c-section and she was up and about and digging out boxes of old Country Smallholding magazines! Not the birth that she wanted or planned for, but she tells us the hyp"Ooops, word censored!"irthing really helped her and K keep calm and positive throughout. For all she's got extra recovery to deal with, she looks fit and well, healthy and so HAPPY! Well done to K for supporting her through it all. It was such a privilege to visit this new little family so soon, it will be hard to keep away..... mind you if I just happen to find myself west of Bradford again over the next few weeks/days/minutes..... ....
  12. Stunningly good job of work done there, HEN and K! Welcome to the world chunky Joe!
  13. I use either baby shampoo or dog shampoo with permethrin to get rid of any parasites. They usually love a warm bath, just make sure you've got somewhere warm for the chook to dry fully and/or use a blow dryer to make sure she's really dry before putting her back outside.
  14. stunning achievement! (any 3 handled cups?)
  15. I've never seen or experienced a 'chicken of fate' in 5 years. One of my chooks hopped the fence to next door then hopped back again... that's the extent of the wandering. I'm not aware, either, of the local RSPCA having to rescue many chickens. I know that Boston campaigners are trying to achieve the same entitlement to keep garden chooks that you are striving to; maybe they can give you some hints with a more 'American flavour'?
  16. Yorkies believe that he should be brought home to York Minster.
  17. i do mine in the kitchen sink with baby or dog shampoo. Fairly warm, let them sink into it up to the neck and work away at the crusty poo under water until it comes off but don't pull. You can always trim it with scissors too. Then a good long blow dry and kept indoors overnight to dry next to the radiator.
  18. In tears of happiness for you both just reading this and your lovely messages, which is ever so soppy of me 'cause I've been lucky enough to know about your bumpy news for a wee while! I can't wait to be an Omlet aunty! My dearest love to you, Karina and your beautiful bump!
  19. Already addicted to series 2! Loved the first and the second looks as good. If you havent seen the first, do try and find them online.
  20. You won't get a catalogue for entries until after judging has started on the first day of the show and there usually won't be a listing for the sales pens at all. You just need to turn up early at the sales pens and go into it with an open mind...and wallet!
  21. I would suggest you 'break' the broodiness in a broody cage/wire floored dog crate elevated from the ground (or hanging from a tree). That will let the others in to lay and allow her to get out of the broody-trance and lay her egg. Silkies do go broody quite frequently and easily so you'll need to be ready for this to keep happening.
  22. The main difference seems to be that hetero couples who would like a religious element to their wedding, or even to call it a wedding, can do so or have and entirely civil wedding: and that's a choice open to them whereas a gay couple are legally discriminated against from doing so. It must be very difficult to be a committed Christian in a committed relationship and being prevented from expressing that love and commitment in a way that others are just because of who you fall in love with.
  23. Hi Hazel, a civil partnership is only allowed between same-sex couples and isn't considered a 'marriage' and The Civil Partnership Act states that it will not allow any form of religious activity to occur during the process of registering the union. In addition, a man and woman who wanted to register a partnership but not be married wouldn't be allowed to have a civil partnership. A registry office ceremony is still a wedding and marriage and isn't offered to same-sex couples nor is a religious ceremony wedding.
  24. We tried a plug in solution in my daughter's 4 storey student house only to find out that the separate ring mains didn't allow for this. We went for a router extender.
  25. Clare, my dear, lots of omlet love to you to get you through the rest of a really bad day... you've had it pretty hard recently and need a top up!

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