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  1. Lots of 'Clockers' for sale (silkie x Sussex): chap put 20 pens in and sold them all straight away! Hope Eric is settling in, Tasha?
  2. On the road now taking hellymisscloud (YD) off to Lufbra. Bereft. So much worse then that first drop off at childminder; she'll never truly come home again. She's all growed up. Can I have a 'do over'? I want to wind back the clock 15 years and have another (better) go at this mummy business. I dont feel I got it quite right or enjoyed it as much as I should have at the time...
  3. I've had great success with dog shampoo and mites. I would go down that route myself after having used ivermectin too. You'll want it to be pretty warm and use an indoor cage or blow dryer to get her dry and warm at this time of year. Don't fret about them still being separate: ideally you want to leave them in isolation for a couple of weeks before integrating a new purchase and that's particualarly true of a chook bought at auction. You want to look for signs of myco etc that can come out with stress and spare your existing girls that. Good luck with her!
  4. A few of my chooks have had impacted crops and it is something you can deal with yourself, as far as it's possible. I syringe an avipro solution into the crop and then massage the crop so try to break up the lump(s). I've spent a good 20minutes/half hour each massage with lots of fluid to break it up. If you don't have avipro then live natural yoghurt mixed with water would work (you're just trying to get both fluids into her and then balance the pH of her crop so that it doesn't turn into sour crop), and you want to get as much fluid into her as possible to break up the lump when massaging. I'm able to do a crop lavage but I was shown how by mostin. If you don't feel ready to do that then just syringe as much liquid in as you can till her crop feels a bit softer then start the massage. I've had this approach work several times, and what's good about it is that even if it isn't a blocked crop necessarily then the treatment isn't going to do any harm. If the blockage is more persistent then I've also used oil to not only break up the lump but to try to get her to pass part/all of it through her gizzard and system and poo it out. Again you need to get a decent bit into her by syringe. When a blockage has been very persistent then I did a crop lavage with liquid paraffin and tried two approaches: one as before, breaking it up and trying to get it to move down through the digestive track and the other (as a last resort) was to move the blockage up her throat and out of her beak. This latter approach is fraught with risks so really is a last resort option. I did this when the only other option (which i wouldn't take) was to have the lump surgically removed. I hope the easy options work for you!
  5. From an empty eglu in your front room in Bristol to being self-sufficient in meat you've reared in a happy free range way: I envy you something rotten and would do it in a heartbeat! Well Done!
  6. Funnily enough I have booked a 'spare' room in Stafford for any wandering students. I'm not collecting this year tho!
  7. I sympathise! I'm about to take YD off to Loughborough uni... You'd think after doing it once with ED that it would hurt less but it doesn't. I felt bereft each time I saw ED off and expect it to be just as bad this time. Gut wrenching that I won't be a full time mum to them any more!
  8. OH has one from work that I use occasionally and I hate it. The typing/keyboard is the worst bit. If you are only reading and not responding then it's just a very light laptop. If you want it to replace a laptop's use then you may find this aspect of it VERY frustrating, especially if you touch type. Borrow one if you can and try it out, I wouldn't have one if it were given to me...
  9. I was so disappointed when I heard he sold moneysavingexpert.com, let's hope that this programme makes up for it!
  10. Hellymisscloud got a B, an A and 2 A*s - we're over the moon and she's off to Loughborough!
  11. Here's the conversion that Delia uses (i've got sets of American cups and measuring spoons but don't use them as I prefer converting american recipes into grams) http://www.deliaonline.com/conversion-tables.html
  12. If you want 'mean' try bees.... It was my lovely omleteer friends who rescued me from those nasty folk! I adore so many of you who've become some of my best friends. My 50th birthday was made joyous by the presence of these folk!
  13. Birds of prey generally aren't big enough to take a full grown chook - even the big ones would prefer them as carrion. A fox could and would pick one up and run for it - so not necessarily any feathers or fight signs. Once the fox knows you have free ranging chooks then it would come back - that would explain the 2nd loss a few days later. It's not likely to be a mink as they wouldn't take them free ranging but at night. The only other explanation is a two-legged 'fox' but you would probably have lost the 3 of them in one go.
  14. it sounds like you may have a fox problem so keeping your chook(s) in the WIR is a good idea. Have your sitter come and check on food and water in the WIR: she'll be fine, if a bit lonely, in that time and when you get back plan on what to do next and how you'll manage introductions, etc in the WIR. For example, you'll need to keep the old chook and new ones separate for both isolation and introduction purposes - possibly for a couple of weeks.
  15. if you have a younger and flightier hen who is getting picked on then I'd plan on separating them out for a long time until the flightier columbine has matured a bit and gained in confidence. I tend to take months on my intros and not weeks - i don't hold with the 'there's always a bit of bother, it can't be helped' theory: i believe intros should be absolutely painless and squawk-free and if that takes 3 months, then that's how long it takes.... my advice would be to take a few steps back, as you have, create two flocks from your existing hens and let them live side by side but not together. Go into it assuming that this is the way it will be for months and then when it's shorter than that, you'll be happier.
  16. oh now you've got me tempted.... I've got an empty double decker rabbit hutch just waiting for occupants. Lewis, you'd recommend quail, would you? I do fancy the quail eggs to sell at work and they're such adorable little bumble bees when they hatch!
  17. She was marked by our beek who bred/hatched (?) her for us but the paint has worn off! We checked the hive again last week and saw some signs of them being hungry - poor wee souls - so we fed them some sugar syrup. I'm planning to inspect again today/tomorrow to see how they're doing. very exciting!
  18. you won't be able to save the eggs - they'll be too old to set when the incy is empty again. Bantams can hatch earlier - but mine haven't so far.
  19. It sounds like bumble foot to me... why do you think it's not? Our chook, one of my favourite's, has had a swelling that we thought would improve as at first with us bathing it regularly in antibacterial wash and with purple spray: it didn't seem infected - just a lump. But it got bigger and warmenr and we had her at the vet yesterday morning with bumble foot: any sort of cut on the foot gets staph bacteria in it and the infection gets trapped in the foot. It needs fairly agressive treatment with antibiotics as lancing a chicken's foot isn't usually a realistic option as they can't be kept very clean. Chicken pus is a different texture - more solid - then mammals so it can't be lanced with a small hole, it needs to be opened up. My chook is on Baytril and bathing with hibiscrub 3x a day and is being kept in the hospital wing on clean bedding. She's bright, lively, eating well and laying eggs but her foot is swollen and warm. I would suggest getting antibiotics into her as soon as you can if my experience is anything to go by.
  20. you probably won't get anyone sexing them with categoric confidence until they start crowing. I've had several silkies over the years and I've never got it right until then...including - very sadly - a much wanted showgirl who turned into a show'boy' much to everyone's surprise!

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