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  1. The Wii Fit on amazon.fr which now costs 121 euros isn't being sold directly by Amazon, it's being sold by an amazon dealer. The one i bought yesterday cost 95 euros including delivery (£75) direct from Amazon.fr. It's being delivered next week. amazon.de still has them for sale at 89.95 euros excluding delivery: it think it will work out about 96 euros inclusive so about £76. The problem being that they won't be delivered for 5-7 weeks. The difficultly is that UK purchasers buy them in huge numbers and resell them so Amazon in Europe either runs out or stops selling them to UK buyers: that's what happened with the Wiis last year. Sadly that makes some people desperate and/or foolish and they spend far more than is necessary and well above the rrp. I think if anyone wants to buy from amazon.de they'd better do it soon before the shop's shut! Good Luck!
  2. that would be funnier if I hadn't taken part at many a family wedding.....
  3. Oh I wish i hadn't read this thread.... Okay, here's your chance to put me off: what's the capacity like? There are 6 of us to feed (and the 12year old lads eat for England). Would I be able to make enough chips/sauteed spuds/sausages or whatever to feed an army? please tell me no....please tell me no...
  4. We got ours from Glencroft Poultry Farm in Catterick, North Yorkshire: he does 'White House range' similar to Meadowsweet poultry. The 'list' price was £10 each but the price got cheaper for 6+ hens. We got 6 and he charged us £8 each. An absolute bargain i thought! Lovely healthy birds raised to RSPCA Freedom standards, recommended by Omlet and oft mentioned here.
  5. If anyone out there, like me, was searching fruitlessly for a Wii Fit for Christmas then I'd like to pass on a tip i got from the Martin Lews Moneysavingexpert.com website. I ordered mine from Amazon, but Amazon.fr! It was also available from amazon.de but would have taken longer to deliver (5-7 weeks). The price is rrp plus £5 postage, which is a great deal better than some rip-off merchants are selling them for in the UK. My french isn't up to much (and i couldn't ask the kids to translate for me obviously!) but i did get a translation of the process on amazon.fr from the mse website too. Luckily it's so familar from the amazon.uk site that i wasn't too worried. Hope that helps someone else.... now must make sure my daughter, hellymisscloud, doesn't read this post!
  6. it was extremely easy to put together! There aren't actually that many pieces to it, the most fiddly bit is using the omlet clips. Download the instructions from Omlet (they were supposed to be in the library but weren't when i looked, I emailed Omlet and the instructions were emailed to me by return) this gave me an idea of what happened in stages. It was actually my two teenage daughters who did most of the work with my OH giving 'helpful' instructions with a cup of tea in his hand. It took about an hour to rebuild (shorter time than to take it apart!). When you are rebuilding it, it's a perfect time to build the 'cube door modification' from the forum if you have a spare arch, otherwise order one from Omlet. We did and were instantly glad to have better access although we only had a couple of days of my daughter climbing in to change the grub and superglug! By the way, before we picked up the cube I ordered spare clips in case of breakages, as it was I didn't need to use them but I was glad to have them. You'll be glad to have the extension too, we're collecting a second hand one from an omleteer this weekend, mainly to give the girls more room when they can't free range.
  7. I transported our cube in pieces in the back of a Galaxy with the seats out and there was more than enough room. In fact we could have left the wheel unit in one piece rather than taking it apart. All the extensions comes in pieces too so they were easy to transport. The biggest piece, as far as i recall, is the base of the cube followed by the roof, but again it's not huge and they transport well. I would suggest you bring a container for all the omlet hook thingies, there will be dozens! We watched it being taken apart but as the seller didn't have the instructions to put it back together we emailed Omlet for them... felt a bit cheeky as we didn't buy it directly, but there wasn't a problem. good luck with the bidding!
  8. sorry, I've just posted a beetroot pickled egg recipe on the forum. I'll work out how and where I should have posted it and do so again.
  9. last year Tesco sold jars of cranberry curd at Christmas - it was not only delicious but such a pretty pink colour! I made a sponge with mascarpone and cranberry curd filling for a friend's birthday that was grown-up and girly all at the same time. Now that I've got the girls, who will - i hope - start laying prodigiuosly very soon, I'd like to make some curds. I've got the lemon and lime recipes, but does anyone have a recipe for cranberry curd?
  10. ah, the hypertext link worked after all - just not in my preview. I can't wait until our girls start laying enough eggs to make this. I ADORE pickled eggs!
  11. Today's Guardian ( 10.9.08) in the G2 section (p17) has a recipe for 'Beetroot Pickled Eggs' which looks delicious! The picture shows beautifully pink eggs and the recipe is very simple. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2008/sep/10/eggs.recipe (sorry this isn't a hypertext link for some reason) Beetroot eggs - G2 weekly recipe. Photograph: Felix Clay Both pickling and beetroot are enjoying a renaissance at the moment, while eggs never go out of fashion. When I was over in Virginia, US, the other week my friend James, knowing I liked trying some of the more weird and wonderful local delicacies gave me one of these pink eggs that a friend of his had made. He made his with the liquid from a store-bought jar of pickled beets, which was good and interesting, but a subsequent version made with fresh juice made them even more arresting and beautiful, both in colour and flavour. A dozen free-range eggs 250ml vinegar, pickling or distilled 250ml beetroot juice (the amount obtained from juicing 500g of fresh, raw beetroot) 3tbsp golden granulated sugar Boil a pan of water and gently lower the eggs in using a slotted spoon. Simmer for six minutes, then tip into the sink so that the shells crack, and leave to cool. Sterilise your jar (mine holds 1 litre) by filling it with boiling water, and separately submerging the lid in a bowl of boiling water. When the eggs have cooled, peel them. Chill in the fridge for at least 10 minutes to make sure they are properly cold, then put in the jar. In a bowl mix the vinegar with the beetroot juice and sugar, then pour on to the eggs. Fill right up to the top. Put the lid on and keep in the fridge: if you used fresh juice I can attest that they are good to eat straight away, but ideally you want to leave them for a couple of weeks.
  12. so we're benefitting from your insomnia? In that case an especially big thanks! I've got family on the east and west coasts and I'm always having to bear in mind the time difference when I talk to them (not that they always remember!) My brother keeps Rhode Island Reds and Brahmas in his gardenin Portland, OR - i'll have to get him online too!
  13. I love these fascinating facts that you post, Angels! It was you that posted the link to the chart of the different hen breeds/temperaments and egg colour, wasn't it? My kids and I have pored over that one too. I'll get them to read your post when they get home from school since all conversations are hen-related these days! thanks again, Laurie
  14. as you can see, Egluntine, i'm taking my responsibilty seriously... when you make a mistake, apologise, learn from it and move on!
  15. I left the States 26 years ago and this is the first election I have registered to vote for! I think i still feel so guilty for NOT voting in the last one when Bush got in on a technicality (and a few missing votes) over Al Gore. I apologise to you all, the rest of the UK and the rest of the world for my negligence and the part it played in allowing that man to damage his own country and ours! The latest news about McCain and his choice of running mate frightens me even more - i think it's a real risk that they'll end up in the White House. Heaven help us all....and our lovely chucks!
  16. i did wonder whether we would skew her results at all.... i can imagine the outgoing friendly and chicken mad on this forum won't fit the suited business types that these surveys often get!
  17. I think in the Omlet brochure it suggests 6 medium size/hybrids in the Cube with the standard run and 10 with the extension: so it mustn't be based on 'house' size. We know that since we got our six girls, after intially settling themselves round the perches, that they now all cram themselves quite cozily into the next box area of the cube. I could easily keep another 20 in the main cube itself by the looks of it! (not that i would dream of it!). I did find, through a google search, a calculation that gives space per hen recommendations for the run - it may have been based on the 'free range' definition - but the standard runs is absolutely appropriate for 6 according to that. I presume the 'Omlet 4' must have researched this fairly carefully to make sure the dimensions were right and the number of hens to keep in the Cube justifiable. Saying that, I am looking for a cube extension for my 6 for the winter when i may not be able to give them a daily free range as I just want them to have the extra space.
  18. I've been feeding Organic Feed Company (Allen & Page) layers pellets to my six... i say feed but it would be more true to say I fill the grub up and it gets ignored. They really don't seem to like it, unless they're sneaking beakfuls when I'm not looking. They're not underfed, that i can tell. Free range all day and - as they are new to the kids who insist on 'taming' them - they're getting far too many treats of dried meal worm, apples and mixed corn at the moment. I open the girls up between 6 and 7am, then keep them in the run for about an hour before free ranging to 'encourage' them to eat the pellets, but they don't seem interested. I've tried adding garlic powder, I've tried adding less and more garlic powder. I've tried adding bokashi bran (which they would happily eat on its own). I've even tried making a pellet porridge - but they just turn their beaks up. Is this typical behaviour? If they don't look or act underfed, and with a couple laying already, can I assume they're healthy but getting most of their nutrition from the garden? Is it the pellets? I've been reading about Dodson and Horrell pellets being popular, would it be a good idea to try something different? Are they eating too much of the wrong thing? As I keenly bought a 20kg bag for them, i'd hate to think i bought the wrong stuff! I didn't think to check the best before date when i bought it a couple of weeks ago but it's only good until November - would that be an old bag i picked up? I went to our local feed merchant - WM Thompson in Murton - and he suggested i tried their own layers 'mix'. What do you omleteers think of the mix rather than the pellet? Would it make a difference?
  19. I swore I'd never do it.... but then I got the girls and their cube. This forum introduced the idea of crocs as chicken accesory. I too refused to consider full price so got a real pair cheap off ebay and can now confess that i TOO HAVE FALLEN! They are simply fab at rinsing under the tap when covered with chicken poo. Omlet should sell a matching pair of crocs with each eglu/cube as an essential component of chicken equipment!
  20. I don't know if this is near-ish you ( my geography isn't what it should be!) but it looks like they do cheap bokashi: Wiggly Wigglers Lower Blakemere Farm, Blakemere, Herefordshire HR2 9PX, UK | 01981 500391 | wiggly@wigglywigglers.co.uk
  21. When I looked for bokashi i found it the cheapest from... Omlet! As it's £4.10 for a kilo plus £2.15 postage that works out cheaper than £7.50 for 900grams that you found Redfrock. I don't think Omlet do combined postage though... that's where you'll make savings I suppose. Omlet buys theirs from www.wigglywigglers.co.uk, where they sell it for £5 for a kilo bag (more expensive than Omlet!). I couldn't find out how much their postage is though... I bought my first bag and am not quite sure what changes to expect but I'm sure it's good for the girls in any case!
  22. Hi Scramble we've had our girls a week tomorrow, so I know how you're feeling! We've put one scoop of garlic powder into the grub and filled the grub about half way. It's never been empty, we just top it up and stir it around as the powder seems to fall to the bottom quite easily. We just added bokashi bran last night; they wouldn't eat it from our hands but we mixed a bit in with the pellets: it's supposed to make their poo less nitrogenous. We've also tried lots of different types of treats on the girls and they all have different tastes! Dried meal worms are an enormous hit with a couple, but others prefer mixed corn. Apple cores are chased around the garden by most but not all. None like raisens, all like grapes... i could go on. Try things out on your girls, that's what we're doing. We even hung a bagel from some twine inside the run for them to peck at! (that was after they knocked down their shiny CD pecking at it). We let them start free ranging just yesterday late afternoon and it was fantastic to watch them wander around then put themselves to bed that evening! We got our girls as POL pullets on Saturday and had our first egg on Wednesday and second one this morning - incredible! I was sitting in the garden with the girls wandering around when our big girl, Meg, started getting restless, walked across the garden, into the cube, up the stairs, and within 15 minutes stood in the doorway and 'announced' she's laid another egg. We are quite honestly addicted, madly in love, and don't watch telly any more - we just watch chooks! You will have a fantastic first few days with your girls while you find out that everything the old-hand omleteers say on this website comes true! I give a huge thanks to everyone here for making our first week so succesful - yours will be too!

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