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  1. Groovychook

    Breast cancer

    So great to hear your positive attitude, I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were getting on. Sending love and positive vibes xx
  2. Groovychook

    Breast cancer

    So sorry to hear your news. It sounds asthough you discovered your lump very early and I wish you a speedy recovery. Just wanted to add that my mother in law and sister in law both live in Cheltenham and have recovered from breast cancer. They both received the most excellent care. Good to hear your positive attitude. Sending love and hugs. xx
  3. Groovychook

    The Weather Thread #9

    Me too! I kept thinking that it was about to stop but it went on, and on... Such a treat. Hope we get another one later!
  4. Groovychook

    The Weather Thread #9

    Thought I'd drag this thread back from the depths to announce the most amazing thunderstorm last night! Started at 1.30 am and went on for a couple of hours. Torrential rain to fill the water buts too Got up to watch it so feeling very tired today.
  5. Groovychook

    Word Association Game #28

  6. Groovychook

    Word Association Game #28

    Sorry for the bad memories mullethunter! Terror
  7. Groovychook

    Word Association Game #28

  8. Groovychook

    Word Association Game #28

  9. Groovychook

    Bird flu May 2017*updated June 2017

    Oh no. Not again
  10. Groovychook

    Word Association Game #28

  11. Groovychook

    Peter Kays car share

    We watched it on iplayer last night... agreed... noooooooooo! So sad that there won't be any more
  12. Groovychook

    Word Association Game #28

  13. Groovychook

    Word Association Game #28

  14. Groovychook

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Congratulations Lewis!
  15. Groovychook

    Easter accident

    Sorry to hear that DM I can imagine how much that hurts... fingers are so painful when you damage them.