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  1. Now if it's not pecky chickens you've got to worry about- it's stinky OH coats!! Best of luck Pistachio!! I'm always wearing things that I shouldn't for doing messy jobs... Had a fair bit of explaining to do in my time!!
  2. It must have tardis like qualities!!
  3. Ditto... how long does it take for them to grow back?
  4. Ahh, bless her! She looks ever so slightly embarrassed in the second photo!
  5. Oh poor you... I'm not an experienced chook keeper so can't offer any explanation or diagnosis but it certainly doesn't sound like a dust bath to me... Hope you get some help from an expert soon...
  6. It sounds as though you have got the beak rings that my local smallholding shop sells. I sent off for my bumpa bits from The Wernlas Collection. I hope this link works, it shows a hen wearing a bumpa bit. http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=12361 The 'bumpa' part of it stops the tip of the beak from being able to do any damage... I hope you have success with your rings, if not, I'd send off for some of these form Wernlas- only 10p each. Alternatively, I've got a couple spare... I could post them to you first class if you like!
  7. It's a bit hard to describe, but you put the prongs of the pliers on the inside of the bit and prise it open. Because you are opening the bumpa bit with pliers, you can do it with one hand and it takes a lot of the fiddling out of it. I'm glad we bought them- I think it would've been much harder to do otherwise. How has today been for you? Peace has reigned in our coup! Hilda has tried to peck Elsie but soon realised that it was fruitless to even try! I think she's getting used to wearing it- I was slightly concerned that she wasn't eating enough but but hopefully that's just me being a worrier! All in all though, it was a much more relaxing day!
  8. Groovychook

    My Dad

    Oh Poet, I'm so sorry to hear your sad news... Lots of love wending its way up from Cornwall to you...xxx
  9. It was a bit tricky & it took a couple of attempts to get it right... I used a pair of circlip pliers in the end...(found them in a shop in town- £8 well spent!) You're right to wait for help- must be very difficult to do on your own. After wrapping her up in a towel, to cut down on the 'flap factor', we soaked the bit in hot water for a few minutes to soften it & prized the prongs open with the pliers. Once we'd got her beak open, we slotted the bit part into her beak and eased the prongs into her nostrils. I can't say that it was an enjoyable experience for any of us but neither was it the nightmare experience I'd built it up to be! She was feeling very sorry for herself for a while... poor thing... I know she's a bad girl but I love her all the same! Anyway, a couple of hours on & she's pottering about with the others & has stopped trying to remove it . I feel so much better now that it's done... the other girls aren't flinching away from her as she approaches and it's altogether a much more peaceful group. ... hope I haven't tempted fate with that last bit!
  10. Sad news ... you gave her lots of loving care though & the best possible chance to recover... xx
  11. Hi Pistachio, just to let you know that the bumper bit is on! Good luck with yours... xx
  12. Well, we've done it! We ended up buying a pair of the magic pliers... luckily, found a place in our little town that sold them... anything for an easier life! The hardest part was getting her to open her beak- once we'd done that, after a bit of fiddling, it seemed to fit in to place. Took her back outside, where she attacked it with her foot and promptly pulled it out! I think (hope ) that we've done it properly the second time around... she's not very happy and has been trying to remove it again but fingers crossed it will stay put! I've told her to think of it as a very beautiful piece of jewellery/ chicken bling... she's not impressed though- looks slightly embarrassed! Here's looking forward to a more peaceful day! Will do Egluntine! If she knows that there's any chance of her becoming a celebrity chicken, it might just improve her mood!
  13. I'm an Eau Dynamisante girlie too! I like it because it's nice & fresh and natural smelling- I can't bear anything too heavy or 'headachy'...
  14. Thanks for going to all that trouble Miffy! I found it on the website... I'm hoping that the Launceston branch of Cornwall Farmers stocks them- I'll go and have a look over the weekend!
  15. They've arrived! It's 2 weeks since I ordered them, but hey ho! I can see light at the end of the tunnel They look very small & fiddly... I've seen the tip about soaking them in warm water to soften the plastic and having someone else to hold the chicken whilst you try to fit it but I haven't managed to get any circlips(?!) pliers. I asked in my local Focus today and they had no idea what was talking about! Is it a nightmare trying to fit them without the pliers? It's too late to do it tonight but I'm building up courage to do it in the morning ... I'm so worried about hurting her!
  16. I've been looking for this for years- presumed that they've discontinued it ... I bought something called 'Mozart Chocolate Cream Gold' in duty free a while ago. It's made in Austria & it's a good substitute!!
  17. I just let them get on with it & I scoop the poo pile out in the morning... I feel too mean to force them out of there at bedtime!
  18. I'm so sorry Nicola, sending you lots of love. xxx
  19. Mine have a cat litter tray with compost, play sand, red mite powder & diatom in it. Well, I say 'in it'... As soon as they get in, they boot all the contents over the side! I think I need to get a different container- like the sound of this... Where did you get it from, Miffy? I'm thinking it might be a little deeper than my tray... I'm going to add wood & coal ash today- I've resisted up until now- thought the coal dust was a no no...
  20. Hi Pistachio, I'm so sorry you're still having problems - it's horrible feeling so helpless... My pecky hen, Hilda, is still being kept in her own fenced off area during the day because I don't trust her if I'm not around to intervene. I'm getting up before daylight to remove her from the cube and bringing her inside every evening at dusk. I then put her back in with the others & hope for the best! I decided that I would go ahead and order the bumper bits - I've read so many posts where people with similar problems have great success with them. Having said this, I sent off for them 2 weeks ago & they still haven't arrived! I've rung the people at Wernlas on a couple of occasions to chase them up... seems they've got lost in the post. They've promised to put some more in the post to me a.s.a.p. I think she felt sorry for me... must've been able to sense the desperation in my voice! I'm just mentioning this because I would suggest that if you do decide to order them, to do it fairly soon & then you're not left waiting for too long. Try not to get too down about it, I know exactly how you feel, especially when there are other things going on in your life on top of all the hen hassles! Hopefully things will pick up for both of us soon! I'm setting a lot of store by these bumpa bits!! I'll let you know how I get on with fitting them...
  21. That looks fantastic!!! I'm so envious! I want a spanking walk in run like that!!!

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