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  1. Congratulations Plum!! Have a great time with your girls!... I bet you thought this day would never come!!
  2. Only just seen this thread... I read this book last year and like a lot of people, found the first few chapters a bit pretentious and over wordy. I'm so glad to have persevered though because I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's such a richly interwoven tale... I haven't read anything else by him so I'm not sure if it's typical of his work but I'm tempted!
  3. Hi Mike, I know exactly where you're coming from! We got our cube about a month ago and four of the girls took to the super glug after a bit of training almost straight away. This involved tapping the 'teats' with a stick so that they could see the water coming out. The other two, however, couldn't get the hang of it at all and as I was frantic with worry, thinking that they wouldn't be getting anything to drink, I put a large dog bowl full of water in as well. As soon as I introduced that, the two that hadn't been using the glug were happy, as were the other four... they seemed to prefer drinking from the bowl! The water bowl needed changing a couple of times a day as they seemed to like paddling in it as well... It was suggested to me that I just remove the dog bowl & force them to get used to the super glug- I tried it for half a day but was still very concerned that they weren't drinking... so.... I've ended up sending off for another grub & (normal) glug set and I have them positioned at different sides of the run... I've placed the normal glug so that it's really low down and they can all dip into it easily. They do still use the super glug so all's not lost... just seems a shame to have had to go to the extra expense of buying another feeder & waterer but in the end I thought it was worth it not to be worrying all the time! Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!
  4. Thanks GreenGirl for the link to your conversion photo's! The run door is the bane of my life!! It's more of a belly crawl than a 'wriggle' to get in & I'm fairly slim... During the recent cold snap, whilst wearing loads of layers, I wedged myself good & proper whilst trying to reach the glug - much to OH's amusement!
  5. We live in the countryside & have seen many foxes over the years. I believe that if I want to keep my chickens safe from them, that I'll just have to take as many precautions as possible and to supervise any free ranging. Not so easy at the moment with a segregated chook... I had to bring her inside earlier because the rain was teeming down. She sat on my lap, wrapped up in a towel, purring away whilst I tried to get some work done! I've started dropping heavy hints to my OH about having a walk in run. I'd be much happier if I knew they were safe & had a bit more space... Constant supervision is very time consuming!
  6. Hi Dinkychick, been wondering how you were getting on with Alfred... I don't know what to do - I was just wishfully thinking that a cockerel might teach our naughty Hilda some manners! If the long awaited bumpa bit doesn't work, (& I wouldn't put it past Hilda to find a way of pecking with it on!) then we might get a bantam cockerel... Emma's got me scared - Bumble sounds like a bit of a handful!!
  7. Lovely chooks Tom! Nice names too!! Best of luck with the introductions!
  8. Do you think it would help to stop my Hilda from pecking the other girls? It's probably a stupid question but would it make the girls go broody if there was a cockerel with them? I'm worried that I might solve one problem & start another!! I do like the idea of having a little bantam Cockerel... Maybe it's just an excuse to go chook shopping again!!
  9. I know the feeling Chelsea... Once upon a time it was Veggie lasagne & now it seems to be mushroom stroganoff or goats cheese delight! Over the years I've got used to not getting over excited about menu's... If you do find an exciting veggie menu anywhere in Devon & Cornwall, please let me know!!!
  10. Just a tad too far - but thanks for the offer!! !! I hadn't even considered that I might be scared of him! Spongebob sounds gorgeous by the way...
  11. Please excuse my ignorance but I don't know much about the pro's & con's of having a cockerel in your flock. I am wondering if introducing one would help with my pecky chicken problems... I'm still having to keep Hilda separated during the daytime as the bumpa bits I sent off for a week ago, haven't arrived as yet- that they will come today!! The crowing wouldn't be an issue as we live in the countryside and our neighbours, being farmers wouldn't object. They suggested that we should get one when we first got the chooks... I wondered though, if it would mean that the girls would be going broody all the time? Thanks in advance for any advise! xx
  12. Sorry to hear your sad news x
  13. I haven't gone down the ukadex route yet - just sticking to segregation. I'm awaiting delivery of bumpa bits and have been spraying the other girls with anti peck spray. I've been keeping Hilda in a separate but adjacent fenced area during the day. I allowed a bit of communal free ranging and things have gone okay until Hilda gets a sort of demonic look in her eye and launches at Elsie or Betty to whip out a few feathers. As soon as she's done it, I've either whisked her away to her own run or 'shown her who's cockerel' by placing my hand over her back, as suggested by pistachio! Yesterday, Hilda had been kicking up a fuss, wanting to get in with the others, so I let her into their area where she has access to the cube. She went straight up to the nesting box to lay, where she remained for over an hour... Hilda always takes ages to lay ... I took the opportunity to nip inside to make a cup of tea and came outside to see Hilda charging towards Elsie, whereupon she started pecking at the place where she attacked her the first time. I put Hilda back into her bit and bathed Elsies back where she was just starting to bleed again. I then took her inside & sprayed her with the purple stuff- didn't get any on myself this time until Elsie wriggled free and flapped her wings - purple spray all over my carpet... . I've been popping Hilda into the cube after dark and getting up at 6.30 to let them out & to separate Hilda once again. I'm hoping that the bumpa bits will arrive soon! I'm terrified about fitting it though- I'm so worried about hurting her... If she's still pecky after we've fitted the bit, I'll order some ukadex. I love my girls but I'm hoping that life with chickens won't always be this stressful! I'm off to scrub my carpet again...
  14. Bless her, poor thing... She sounds like a brave little chook- keeping my fingers crossed for her...
  15. Aah, bless them! Lovely to think of them settling into their new pad! xx
  16. Yes, I have! They nibbled away on it but didn't wolf it down - I just scattered a few sprigs around for them...
  17. Eugh! That sounds grim! I was going to order a couple of bumpa bits today to help out with my pecking problems but that sounds a bit alarming! I'd got the idea that they were a pretty fail safe solution...

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