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  1. Sending you lots of love, so sorry to hear about Tilly... It must have been a hard & upsetting decision to make but it sounds as though you did the kindest thing for her. xx
  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for Myrtle Hope she perks up soon...xxx
  3. Hi Pistachio, thanks for posting back- It's such a worry to know what to do next and I'm desperate for things not to escalate! I think I'll risk free ranging Elsie with the other 'good' girls(!) - under close supervision & put Hilda in her own little enclosure with a cat carrier with hemcore in the base. I'm thinking that if she needs shelter or to lay an egg, she can go in there! If all goes well, I might put Elsie back into the eglu with the other chooks after dark & put Hilda in the cat carrier in the run. I might then risk free ranging tomorrow with me in attendance & Hilda included and implement your 'show her who's boss-hand on the back' technique if I see her pecking again! Glad you're bearing up a bit better today - maybe we should set up a support group for exasperated pecky chicken owners! xx
  4. Well, Elsie slept in the house last night... I've put her outside now in one of the fenced off areas where she's got food & water but no shelter - poor thing . I went to open the cube and noticed Hilda pecking at Audrey (think she's already pulled a few feathers out) and Betty too . I whipped Hilda out and put her in the other fenced off area, leaving the other chooks in the run. This is turning into a bit of a nightmare! Neither Elsie or Hilda have anywhere to shelter from the weather and as Hilda's started laying, roughly every other day, she has nowhere to lay either. I'm thinking that I'll have to bring Hilda into the house tonight too. I'd considered blocking off part of the run with corrugated plastic (only thing I have that would be remotely suitable) but am not sure how I would get it to stay put. I'm going to see if I can get a bumpa bit at my local smallholding shop, if not, I'll ring the Wernlas collection. Oh, I'm fed up! Going to start saving my pennies for a spare eglu... these eggs are working out to be more & more expensive as each day goes by! I'm off to feel sorry for myself...
  5. Me too - it sounds horrific... what an awful way to find her... Poor you Lots of love x
  6. The breeder we got our araucanas from raved about it... He said it's really good for them & he suggested that we give ours some to nibble on!
  7. Hi, I don't think I'd given it a chance to work. I was presuming in my ignorance that as soon as I'd applied it, that the other chooks wouldn't attempt to peck her. I've brought her in for the night & put her in a cardboard box with hemcore in the bottom & plenty of air holes. It's not very big but slightly more room than the cat carrier! I've put her in a darkened, quiet room and am hoping that she'll doze off. There wasn't any room to put food & water in, but I'm thinking that the other chooks will be heading into the cube about now, so she's only half an hour ahead of them. I'm slightly worried about Audrey too - whilst I was sat out in the garden with them this afternoon, (freezing to death!!) I noticed Hilda plucking a feather out of her too. Oh dear... what's happened to Hilda? Maybe it's because she's just started laying - does that normally make them argumentative? Anyway, I'm sure the gentian violet will do wonders for you - it's so highly recommended...
  8. Hi pistachio, I've been following your thread over the past couple of days and am so glad that your girl's doing better now. I feel so lucky to have spotted Elsie early on - I think they must've only just started on her. I initially put her back in with the others because I was thinking if the wound had been covered with the purple spray & the others couldn't see any blood, that they would leave her alone. Hilda had other ideas... I did lots of research before I got the chooks and knew that they would probably have a bit of a vicious streak- I'd prepared myself as much as possible but I guess these things happen. What with worrying about pecking & foxes & whether the little darlings are warm enough/ dry enough... I'm wondering what I used to worry about before I got them! Wishing you well with your girl - hope it's not stressing you out too much... xx
  9. Thank you so much for your responses - I was only thinking yesterday how lucky we'd been with the girls - no bullying whatsoever in the 4 weeks we've had them... not feeling quite so smug now! I've separated the fencing in to two areas. We've got 50 metres of electric fencing - un-electrified at present - we just use it to confine them to an area of the garden. I've put Elsie into her area and given her some pellets mixed up with warm water & some yoghurt. The other girls have got the same... thought it might keep them distracted. Elsie's not happy though & is pacing up & down, wanting to get back in with the others. How do you tell a chicken that it's for their own good?! I'm worried about putting her in with the others tonight in case they have another go at her in the night. I think we'll keep her indoors tonight in the cat carrier to be on the safe side. I normally let the girls out of the cube at 7am but only let them free range from midday onwards. I'm thinking that I'll put Elsie in her fenced off area earlier on. Can't keep her in the tiny carrier for too long! I had seen the other thread about pecking , but as Elsie, thankfully has come off far lighter from her ordeal, that the advice might be different. Thank you for pointing me in that direction though. I haven't got anything to separate the run with - only a couple of sheets of clear corrugated plastic that we originally had to cover the run before we got our tarpaulin. Maybe I could use that... I'm not sure why the pecking started though. I can only think that they object to being shut in the run until noon. It's a cube with run + 1 metre extension. Should that be room enough for 6 birds? I'd better go & get some broccoli & cabbages to hang from the roof for them to peck at. I'd avoided doing that as I was trying to prevent them from having treats until the afternoon. Will I need to reapply the gentian violet again or should I just leave well alone? I'd better go & check on Elsie - think she's planning an escape tunnel... Thanks again.
  10. Just gone to let the girls out of the run and noticed that Elsie had some blood on her lower back at the base of her tail. Had a bit of a closer look and quickly whisked her inside to bathe it in warm salt water. Whilst I was preparing a space in the kitchen, OH was observing in the garden & noticed Blanche & Hilda having a peck at her. It was hard to see the wound itself because of all the feather shafts there & wasn't sure if I was going to make things worse by fiddling about. Anyway - patted her dry with some kitchen roll & sprayed on some gentian violet which thankfully, I'd bought as a precaution. I wasn't sure what to do next - I only have cat carriers and although I considered popping her in one of those for the afternoon, I decided to let her out to free range with the other girls. She seems completely fine in herself and haven't seen any signs of pecking... Oh God - just had to dash out as I spotted Hilda pecking out a few of poor Elsie's feathers! I've separated her from the other girls - they are all free ranging within their fenced off area and Elsie has got the rest of the garden. Help! What do I do now? I'm concerned as I don't have any spare housing... Should I just keep her on her own until bedtime and then pop her in the cube with the others? Otherwise, I could put her in the cat carrier and bring her inside for the night. Also, should I do anything else to the wound? It's completely purple- as am I, after the panic of putting the spray attachment into the bottle - thankfully, it's my favourite colour! Elsie still seems fine in herself - happily mooching around the garden... think we might have caught them right at the start of the pecking... Any advice would be gratefully received...
  11. I'm so sorry to hear your news - what an awful shock for you all Thinking of you xxx
  12. So sorry to hear about Gabbi What a horrible shock for you I shall keep a closer eye on my girls now. Thinking of you...xx
  13. Sorry to hear your sad news ... Sending you lots of love... x
  14. Hooray!!! It's so exciting, isn't it?! We got our first one last week & have had one every day since - the thrill hasn't worn off yet & they taste fab!!!
  15. Oh- I have done a spectacular egg dance!!! ... Because, Hilda has laid me a perfect little blue egg today! It only weighs 34g but it's so beautiful! Betty has laid an egg a day since her first one and then today, I was giving the cube a good clean & changed all the hemcore in the run & Hilda was going banana's! I didn't think much of it because both the araucana's are so chatty anyway but when I finally let them back in, Hilda bombed past me, went straight up the ladder & into the nest box where she remained for the next couple of hours. After much shuffling about, she finally emerged leaving the perfect little behind! Two eggs in one day! I need to go & lie down in a darkened room! Think it's going to be tiny omelets for tea!
  16. I know! & I've had one every day since! ... ooh - touching wood as I say that- the supply is sure to dry up now!
  17. Mrs B, I really feel for you... it's horrible when you feel as though everything's going wrong at the same time... keeping my fingers crossed that your chooks will have no ill effects. Sending you a big hug and best wishes for a brighter day tomorrow. xx
  18. Fantastic photo's! I love the action shot too - most of my chicken photo's turn out like that! x
  19. I've no idea about her bottom half but she's got the same hairdo as my araucana, Hilda! Loving her fluffy feet!!
  20. Good news, hope she continues to improve! xx
  21. Happy Egg Day!!! Congratulations! We got our first one today - it's only small but perfectly formed!!
  22. Oh! What an exciting day!! !! Just been out to have a peek in the egg port & there it was!!! An egg!! I had to do a double take... all I've been greeted with before now has been a pile of poo and the odd feather! It's our first one since we got our girls 2 weeks ago... small- 40g but perfectly formed. I think it belongs to Betty because she's been crouching for the past week, although her wattles & comb are no where near as developed as Audrey's, who has shown no sign of crouching. It's the wrong colour to belong to the other suspects... Hilda the araucana is very red of face & crouchy at the moment so I don't think she'll be far behind... not sure I can stand the excitement!

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