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  1. Hi, As soon as we went out to lift the Araucana's down from the cube, Hilda decided to hitch a lift down the ladder on Elsie's back . She seems to be quite a bossy chicken and has been holding her own in the run. That just left poor Phyllis in the cube. We lifted her down & she panicked and leapt onto the side of one of the extra water bowls we'd put in there. She's since moved and is perching on the edge of another water bowl but at least she's had a little bit to drink. She won't be tempted by food though and we've put 3 separate bowls down... I've seen her panting a bit and she's been making a chirrupy/ purring sort of noise . I'm not sure what to do next... don't know whether I'm making things worse by trying to tempt her with food ... She's not being bullied by the other girls, but they aren't giving her a wide berth either. Am I fussing too much?!
  2. So far, so good - ish.... Last night went well... introduced all the girls into the cube after it had gone dark and they settled down straight away. Woke up this morning and rushed outside to open the door & after about 10 minutes, they gradually started emerging! Four of them were happily scratching about in the run. I was slightly concerned that they weren't getting to grips with the drinker for about the first hour but after an intensive super glug training session they'd all cottoned on! I would be really thrilled at this point but the two araucana's, who came from a different breeder are resolutely refusing to come out of the cube. I've tried coaxing them out with a few pellets but they aren't playing. I'm worried that they haven't eaten or drunk anything since 8pm last night... Any suggestions? My OH wondered about lifting them out of the cube & putting them in the run with the others but I don't want to unduly stress them... Apart from that, we're loving our new chickeny life!!
  3. Hi, just wondered if anybody knows if it's possible to buy spare run clips? Oh has just finished constructing the and said it would be handy to have some more Had a look on the site & couldn't see them there...
  4. Hello! The magical day has arrived!! We are getting 6 chooks in all... 2 from one breeder and 4 from another. The first two are on their way home now and the others can only be collected after 5.30... What do you suggest we do about introducing them all? I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago and the thought was, that we should only let them into the cube once we've got them all. Does this mean that the first 2 should wait in their box until the others arrive or should we let them into the run where they'll have access to food & water but keep the cube door shut until they're all here? Also, should we wait until it's going dark before we introduce them? The other thing I'm slightly concerned about is that the glug that came with the cube is the super glug... will my ladies be able to suss it out with a bit of encouragement from me or should I whiz out and buy an alternative in case they're flummoxed by it?!! Sorry to bombard you with questions but I'm so excited & ever so slightly !! xx
  5. Update on the torchlight cube assembly...! Poor Mr Groovychook got a good soaking last night & couldn't finish the job before bedtime... Feeling guilty about not helping but just came out of hospital yesterday afternoon & not up to diy! Most annoying to be missing out on all this excitement- not up to chook collection either ... He's just gone off to collect our first two chooks and is hoping to finish off the cube by the time he goes to collect the other 4 at 5pm... Apparently, our 3 cats our loving the - they've decided that it's a cat kennel . Might be a bit of the old when the girlies arrive!! Hoping to be up & about so I can take loads of pics tomorrow!! xx
  6. Mr. Groovychook is currently assembling it by torchlight! Hope it looks cube shaped in the morning ... We're getting our chickens tomorrow - I can't wait!!! We're getting them from 2 different breeders and are planning to introduce them into their new home at the same time tomorrow evening... how exciting!! Can't believe that chicken day has finally arrived!!
  7. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your sad news ... must be heartbreaking. At least you know that you made such a massive improvement to her life. xx
  8. Oh, bless her! So pleased she's safe... sorry to hear about your quail though...
  9. Wow! What a stunning collection of chooks!
  10. very sad to hear about your chicken ... best wishes x
  11. Hurrah!! Exciting news indeed!! We get our cube & chickens next week & I can't wait! Best of luck - can't wait to see the pics!!
  12. How exciting! Beautiful chooks & what a cute looking dog too!! Have fun!
  13. Hi Chelsea, LOL That's not ridiculous at all.. perfectly normal! (sounds like one of my dreams) Nice to know I'm not alone in my madness!!! xx
  14. Hi Fur 'n' Feathers! Thanks for your advice... Just wanted to say how much I love that photo of your Rascal & chooks!! xx
  15. Hi mojojojo! Our eglu is arriving a week today!! I'm so excited... I even had a dream about poultry spice last night!! - how ridiculous is that?!! I can't believe how the last 6 weeks have dragged by... I'll be thinking about you tomorrow & hope all goes well. Looking forward to seeing photo's of your new babies! xx
  16. Thanks everybody for your advise.... there's so much I've got to learn about this chicken keeping business! Thanks to Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here, too for this valuable information... ... was on the verge of ordering a great big tub until I saw that!! xx
  17. So sorry to hear about your cat... fingers crossed that he returns home safely soon... xx
  18. Lovely pics - they're so beautiful! We went to look at some chickens last week and were very taken by the pekin banthams - gorgeous round little things! Congratulations!!
  19. Hello, me again! Just about to order all my chickeny needs but am confused about whether to get flubenvet or vermex. I'm presuming that they do the same thing but that vermex is a more natural product? I'm probably completely wrong! Just wondered what your preferences are... Also, we're planning to get 6 chooks - am I going to be needing a great big tub of diatomaceous earth? Not sure how much I'll be using... xx

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