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  1. The Orpingtons would be about 12-14 weeks and the Araucanas would be 18-20 weeks old... seems like quite a big age gap to me ...
  2. Thanks for the advice , we just want to make it as stress free as possible for the chooks. ... that was the plan - hope it comes together! The other thing we were wondering, was, what sort of age range of birds could we mix together? We wouldn't be wanting to get any that were too young, just not sure how crucial the age difference would be. We expect to pick up 12-14 week olds from one breeder... Thanks again...
  3. Hello, Cube will be arriving in a couple of weeks and we've been doing a bit of chook sourcing. I have a few favourites that I'd like to get but Mr.Groovychook has developed a passion for Araucanas... it's all about the blue eggs ... This now means that we'll have to get our ladies from different breeders - if possible... This is probably a very silly question , but, if we collect our chickens on the same day and put them into their new house at the same time, will this be okay?! We're really concerned about world war 3 breaking out! Please help!!
  4. We're still not sure where to get our girls from... I know there's a place in St. Giles on the Heath- might try there, although we've had lots of other places suggested to us... Good luck with the chickeny names!!
  5. Hi Scrambled, Not long to wait now I suppose - I keep going out to the garden to look at the empty site where the cube is going to live! Hopefully, the nice delivery man will leave the parcel if we're not around! we're in North Cornwall, not far from Launceston... how about you?
  6. Hi scrambled, Congratulations on your imminent arrivals - looking forward to some photies! I noticed that you're in Cornwall too - did your cube arrive on the day you were expecting it? Ours is due on October 1st and I'm a bit concerned after reading other posts that it might come earlier than that... worried that I might not be around to receive it & we've waited soooo long!!!
  7. Oh, what beautiful girlies!! My chicken wish list has just taken another twist!!
  8. Ahh, so pleased you've managed to find him a good home ... what a handsome little fella he is!
  9. Hmmm, yes - think I might have been over-reacting! ... The sparrow hawk didn't make a reappearance - well & truly scared off by my cat!
  10. I was just walking through my garden and startled a small bird of prey trying to lift off with a large pigeon it had just caught. Too small to be a buzzard I think (which we have in plentiful amounts around here) but didn't get a good enough look at it to identify it. It swooped down again a couple of minutes later, only to be chased away by one of my cats! It got me wondering if my chooks (when I finally get them!) are likely to be at risk from attack whilst free ranging. Has anybody had any experience of such a problem?
  11. Hi chelsea, thanks so much for the suggested shopping list! It's very confusing knowing where to start - every time I read a post there seems to be something else I need to get! We're only just over the border into Cornwall, so Crediton wouldn't be too far to trek - I'll make a trip to Mole Valley too... Ooh - St. Minver too! By the way - loving your !! Wish ours would hurry up and arrive... still got a month to go! Thanks again for your help...
  12. Hi, Really hoping that you'll manage to move on from your awful experience. It's a worry to hear that this man is still practising. Makes me realise how lucky I am with my vet... Good luck & best wishes... x
  13. Just wondering if anybody could recommend somewhere in the Cornwall/ Devon area where I can get all the bits and bobs I need before my girls arrive... Reading through lots of posts, there seems to be an endless list of feeds, supplements, medicines etc. that I'm going to be requiring! I'm trying to work out if I'd be better off going to a local supplier or using a website... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Congratulations!! Ooh - so jealous! Can't wait to see them!
  15. Hi Kit & GreenGirl! We're in the same position as you two - eagerly awaiting arrival of cube & trying to plan everything properly... We think we know where we're going to get our girls from but haven't made any arrangements yet as we want to make sure that we've got everything sorted first. The cube arrives on October 1st - we delayed ordering it because we're off on holiday in the middle of September & thought it would be better to wait until we got home to get our chickens. It's bad enough leaving the cats at home when we go away - I worry like mad - but chickens too?!! It would have cost us a fortune in phone calls! On the other hand, it's meant an awful long wait before we can get started and I'm so impatient! Wishing you well with everything...
  16. Hi quickcluck & DA! Had a look at the pics of your beautiful girls! Realised I was spelling it wrong & have now managed to find a bit of info.... Smitten!
  17. Hello! Only 41 days to go until cube arrival day! I've already had some fab advise about the pro's & cons of moving your eglu around or having it on a permanent site... Now my attention has returned to which type of lovely chickens to get! I'm still quite smitten with the idea of getting some orpingtons or marans. However, whilst looking at all the lovely photo's of other peoples chooks, I've come across some pics of' bluebells' which have rather taken my fancy! I've had a look in my well thumbed chicken books but can't find any reference to them... Can anybody tell me what they are and if they know of anyone who breeds then in the Cornwall/ Devon area?
  18. Hi! Thanks so much for your advise - the permanent run is starting to sound very appealing!! If I was to put wood/ bark chippings down on a slab base, roughly how often would they need to be changed?
  19. Hello! I'm planning a space in my garden to site the eagerly awaited cube - only 6 long weeks to go! I've been trawling through the FAQ's to see if I could find any tips on how often you should reposition the run in order to protect your lawn. I'm now thinking that perhaps I should wave goodbye to one patch of grass and put some chippings down instead... I want to get everything sorted so that as soon as the cube arrives, I can rush out and get some chooks!! Has anybody got any suggestions?

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