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  1. Not sure although the puppy trainer thought there might have been a bit of Lurcher in the mix... judging by his gait and his long neck. I'm more inclined to think that there's a fair proportion of Monkey in him
  2. I think it's hilarious! The very idea of storing food in that cupboard... my Wilf would find a way to get to them and it wouldn't take long! He's a master at picking dog crate latches
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-39346315 This wasn't you was it Dogmother? Thought of you straight away!
  4. Oh poor Neela, Hope that you manage to get her sorted soon... and that it isn't too expensive
  5. Lovely and springlike in the afternoon and has started off bright and sunny this morning. It's much cooler though.
  6. Am I the only person that's nonplussed about Marmite? I neither love it nor hate it. I feel like I really should have a very strong opinion about it Spread
  7. Lovely and warm here yesterday when the sun managed to burn through Dull and drab again this morning.
  8. By Jove, I think you've got it I'm enjoying this much more than the last series but, although I love her as an actress, I'm finding Julie Hesmondhalgh's accent a bit distracting. I wish she'd just stuck to her natural northern voice because I keep hearing it peeking through!
  9. I know. I thought the car bursting through the garage doors was a bit Hollywood too
  10. I though the ending was a bit rushed and weird too. I enjoyed the first two episodes so was expecting the last one to be better than that!
  11. Must have missed that bit Wonder if they are testing that against the DNA samples they are collecting from around and about too? Well, I could be getting mixed up myself! I think your theory would make for a really good storyline though
  12. But hadn't they found traces of a ... ahem... sample?
  13. Ooh, look at you soapdragon with your fancy picture! Congratulations... well done Cat tails
  14. Lovely yesterday but drab this morning. Can feel a bit of mizzle in the air. Weatherman said it's going to get colder again as the week progresses
  15. Same here DM. A drab start to the day.
  16. Thank you Val, we needed it! The new sofa was wedged in the hallway for a good 20 minutes whilst the increasingly frustrated delivery men tried to work out a way of getting it in One of them was stuck in the living room though with no escape, so I knew that they'd figure it out somehow! The weather was horrible yesterday. Heavy rain with just the odd flash of sunshine. It's started of drizzly and grey today. I just want it to dry out for a bit. The mud is driving me mad!
  17. Very changeable yesterday. Brilliant sunshine one minute and heavy rain the next. We've had hail and heavy showers this morning and it's very windy again. Hope we have better weather tomorrow morning. We've having a new sofa delivered and it's going to be a very tricky manoeuver getting it through the front door. Our old cottage is such a stupid shape... I'm having visions of one half of the sofa being stuck outside in the pouring rain...

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