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  1. It's been snowing very sp"Ooops, word censored!" flakes here all morning... Not sticking. My little man is insisting that he will be making a snowman today He's only ever seen snow on Cbeebies, where there is always a thick white layer of the special stuff just waiting to be played with. Oh dear, I'm anticipating the crushing disappointment.
  2. It was a bit dull this morning but the afternoon made up for it. The past couple of days have been lovely but bitterly cold. Makes such a nice change to have sunshine and blue skies. It's meant to warm up a bit next week... hope it stays sunny.
  3. Just having flash backs of the codpiece... Silhouette
  4. Went to the vets this morning with Wilf and my Vet was telling me how she had Environmental Health (or at least I think that's who she said) knocking on her door last week. She has a small backyard flock of chickens and initially they said that they'd had a tip off that she's been letting her chickens free range. She assured them that she hadn't and they then realised that it was a case of mistaken identity as she had the same surname as the other person. We both thought it was reassuring that they are following up on reports of people not adhering to the curfew. I was pleasantly surprised. Just goes to show that it's worth contacting the authorities if you have concerns about a flock. She also said that she'd be very surprised if the curfew wasn't extended until after the end of Feb
  5. Very windy yesterday and raining heavily. Not as windy today but still raining. Much cooler here too this evening Mullethunter.
  6. This is interesting... I always used to blame the cats but maybe it's something that happens anyway It's infuriating. Most of my cotton jersey clothes have them and I've found that whenever I try to repair them, it always looks more obvious than if I'd left them alone!
  7. Tis indeed... I hate this weather... everything is covered in mud and it's making me really grumpy! Hope we get some more cold, frosty days soon
  8. Lovely photo They all look very happy in their run!
  9. It's lovely to hear from you ANH Even lovelier to see photo's of the rapidly growing Cassie. Goodness me, she's grown! Our Wilf was surprisingly good at Christmas... only the odd decoration delicately removed from the tree and sneaked into his cage whilst we weren't looking
  10. My lot prefer to sleep on the perches in the run. I have to lift them into the cube on particularly cold nights but as a rule, there's only my cockerel and one of my older girls sleeping in the house roll: I've had to odd one that likes to sleep in the nest box (especially when they get older), but the rest of them prefer to be cool.
  11. Sounds like you've got lots of hard work ahead but it's going to be so satisfying!

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