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  1. Sorry folks, I'd forgotten to check back in on this thread Thanks for all your suggestions! I'm going to start off by looking for rabbit netting. We're on a bit of a slope so I think the fixed panels might not be so practical for us. The bantams haven't been so adventurous recently but I know come Spring, they'll be on an escape mission
  2. Congratulations! I've just got a couple of hybrids to help with the egg drought too!
  3. Wow, what an incredible year for him. An amazing achievement to end the season as world number one Surely he must win the sports personality of the year?!
  4. Thank you We're hoping that these last two attacks are just a blip and have been the result of a couple of nasty viruses. They are reluctant to prescribe a preventive inhaler because of the risk of exposing him to too many steroids but if it happens again in the near future, they will reconsider. He does take it all in his stride, though I think he loves all the attention! He'll be so disappointed the next time we have to go to the doctors surgery and it doesn't result in a trip in the ambulance
  5. Had to be rushed to hospital in the ambulance with my little man again yesterday. Another case of virus induced asthma. Thankfully, they they let us come home late last night because he'd responded well to treatment. He's bombing around like a lunatic this morning, high on steroids
  6. It looks so beautiful Sarah. It's easy to see why you fell in love with the place All your discoveries sound fascinating too. Can't wait to see how your renovations progress! Hoping you're starting to feel more settled

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