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  1. hello all, i would just like to point out to my dear mother, that actually the top image is not George it is in fact Dola's son. And the bottom image is not Evey, but also Dola. Nevermind loz, i will change the images as soon as possible to avoid furher confusion.
  2. actually it's laurmurf, I forgot that it was helly's account opened (she's very cross with me!) doesn't mean the recommendation isn't a half way decent one to consider, though
  3. We heard that if you put them in a broody cage and hang it, from a tree for example, by a few feet then this shakes them out of being broody. It's something about the broody realising it wouldn't be a safe environment for chicks.... We've never tried it though, only heard about this method - have you got a handy tree?
  4. ponyo, ponyo, ponyo is a fish child! it's a new film that's coming out about a fish girl called ponyo I just thought it was cute so the chicks are all named ponyo for now
  5. here's another one willow decided it was a good time to have a dust bath, so the poor little babies were falling asleep where they stood
  6. Hi all Laurmurf's daughter here I am uploading some photos of the ponyos onto photobucket as i type. With any luck i will be able to post them here in just a few mins
  7. What a surprise! (sorry, photobucket will NOT co operate and resize to medium ) Sorted now. Egluntine we're expecting chicks on Wednesday but this little one was determined to arrive early (she was even talking to us from inside the shell yesterday ) We even got to witness the first meal - we were feeding Babs some live mealworm and the baby slurped some down like spaghetti just the one so far, luckily Babs is sitting tight on the rest of the eggs - fingers crossed for a healthy hatch of 6 more
  8. i disagree... it took 2 hours to prep then 2 hours to deliver i'm not a happy chicken
  9. Hi from hellymisscloud and laurmurf in Fulford! AbigailGrace and Aletroux are in York too, but i haven't seen them on recently. We're having a get together on 9th May at Harlow Carr (see the get togethers thread) if you'd like to meet some northern Omleteers. Or just pm us and we can arrange a visit! where did you get your chooks?
  10. number 13 is 'teenagers' by My chemical Romance
  11. i would highly recommend the Abhorsen trilogy (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen) by Garth Nix. He also wrote the keys to the kingdom series which was mentioned earlier in the thread. I read them in year 6 (i was about 10/11) and thoroughly enjoyed them.
  12. I've signed and I'll send it out to all my American friends and family to get them to sign too!
  13. Is she sitting on the nest, or is she looking under the weather? Have you picked her up and had a look at her legs and tummy to see if you can see anything? Try standing her up and checking how she bares the weight. Look for any cuts or bruises on her legs and feet too. if you mean she's just sitting on the nest and spreading her wings a bit and refusing to budge off - then it could mean she's gone broody. give us some more details after you've checked her over and i'm sure omleteers will offer some advice.
  14. I've given up on the Organic Layers' Pellets for the moment (despite having an unopened 20kg bag). I've freecycled the end of the opened bag. I've bought Dodson & Horrells layers pellets to try on them (couldn't get mash) to see if they'll take to them. If they don't like this brand then I give up and they'll just have to eat them! My dad thinks we're mad....

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