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  1. Ok, So we took delivery of our 6 ex-bats on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Nesbitt, Lulu, Marge, Dorothy, Valerie and Priscilla. Bless them, they are lovely. I had added a temporary ramp to the Cube ladder and two of them made it up first night. The others decided to cuddle up in the run so i put them up myself. On Sunday they all managed to go up and down several times during the day and had all put themselves to bed by 2100. Same tonight. They seem to have a routine already. They are eatng and drinking well and there combs are shrinking and turning red already. We have had 12 already! Will post some pictures soon
  2. Ok thanks all, As i said, most of the time they would be free-ranging the garden. However, after the advice we will stick with rescuing 6 chooks for now. Thanks again
  3. I know that officially it is ok for 10, but is 8 too many for a cube? I have a cube with the standard 2m run but have a 1m extension coming this week. I know a 3m run will be plenty of room for 8 chooks when we are out (we have a large garden to free-range in when we are home) but it is just the upstairs space I am worried about for 8? We have 6 ex-bats coming at the end of the month but would really like to take another 2 to help out! Your thoughts?
  4. OK thanks, I dont have anything like that so do you think it will ok to leave them in the run and just put them away before it gets dark until they are strong enough to get up there themselves?
  5. Thanks Space Chick, Did you just lift/help them in and out until they were strong enough?
  6. Hello all, Sadly we lost the last of our original hens (Bodie) on Thursday morning. We just found her passed away in the nesting box with no previous signs of illness. She had been with us over 5 years so maybe it was just old age. She will be sadly missed However, we are now taking 6 ex-bats from the BHWT on July 31st. My question is, has anyone with a cube had ex-bats, and if so, do they manage to get up and down the ladder ok or do they need to be placed/assisted into the cube for the first few days/weeks until there muscles develop? I have no other concerns other than this. Appreciate any advice. Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the advice. I must admit Bodie still seems to come rushing down the ladder in the morning, has a very healthy appetite and spends all day pecking and s"Ooops, word censored!"ping around the garden. Shes still an egg-a-day girl too. We will keep a close eye on her though!
  8. Sorry to hear that - Miss Marple seems to have had a long and happy life, though. From what I've read, it is best not to leave a chicken on her own. If your wife wants to start with 6 ex-bats but you have to wait until Bodie is no longer around, that's a bit hard on Bodie. Had you thought of rehoming Bodie? I don't think we could ever consider rehoming Bodie, shes been with us for nearly four years and we just couldn't do it. It's a difficult one.
  9. Sadly, our , Miss Marple, died on Friday. She had problems with a respitory problem about a month ago. We took her to an agricultural vet and she was give some antibiotics. She made a full recovery but took a sudden turn for the worse on Thursday and we found her dead in the nesting box Friday morning She was nearly 4. The dilemma we have now is that we now have Bodie left on her own. She seems perfectly happy but is it wrong not to get her some companions? We want more chickens but my wife wants 6 battery hens next and I'm aware there's problems mixing them with regular birds, so she wants to wait until we can start a clean sheet.
  10. When can us Cube owners expect them? I presume everyone has received Glug & Grubs on delivery?
  11. Hello Redchick, For that reason I bought the 1m straight sections from B&Q. These are rigid and have a spike at each end to hold them firm in the ground. You can cut them to the required length and reposition the spike to the "new" end. I then bolted the joints and corners together with metal brackets to make it really rigid.
  12. After feemcg's experience, has anyone received my cube roosting bars my mistake
  13. I had problems with my cube on delivery. Fortunately most of the replacement parts arrived next day but I am still waiting for replacement of my badly damaged in-transit roosting bars, even though the cube is in use. My cube also turned up a day earlier than advised so I couldn't inspect the packages on arrival. I think that Omlet have bitten off a little more than they can chew with the introduction of the cube. Maybe they should have gone them manufactured before advertising them heavily. Didn't have any problems like this with the Mk2 eglu delivery in Sep05......just my opinion.
  14. Hello feemcg, I was going to try that but the three thin pieces of wood that hold all the bars together are split. However, I called Omlet HQ this morning and they are sending me a new set, along with the mising bolt and a complete new set of base legs! Couldn't have been more helpful.
  15. OK. It's built! Looks great. Definately purple and not lilac. Supplied with standard glug & grub. Took around an hour and a half to unpack and complete, with a 15 minute break for a MASSIVE thunderstorm! No real problems encountered with the building but a few areas I am going to contact Omlet on today. 1. One package had been dropped and severely bent the corner mesh (where the run clips to) on one of the bases with the wheels (The one on the door handle side) I have managed to straighten it with pliers and it's almost back to normal but I've taken a little plastic off the mesh in doing so. 2. Roosting bars badly split. Will be asking Omlet for another set. 3. One of the 4 long bolts to attach the ladder is missing. Cube isn't in use yet. Need to alter the current Mk2 log roll base to accomodate the cube. Swap over will be on Saturday, although the girls have been wandering in and out of the new run this morning! Overall really pleased. Great product and very practical.

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