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  1. Redwing

    Opinions please - damage to oven during clean

    I think you've done exactly the right thing I had a similar situation with my vets and they insisted I dealt with the guy that came out, this makes things very awkward and it becomes one word against another, I think sometimes in cases like this they think it will make the customer back down and thats not on
  2. Last year's BBQ get together ended up very small due to my husband's accident I don't know if they have run their course now the forum is a lot quieter but is anyone up for a 2016 BBQ? For those not in the know this happens each summer at my field in the Midlands, BBQ from around 4pm on a Saturday then a camp fire, some people camp overnight and the odd tipple is consumed then breakfast in the morning and people wander off from mid/late morning. Some people come for an hour at some point, some stay for the duration If sufficient interest is shown I will make a thread in the proper get together section
  3. Redwing


    I'm with Soapdragon on this! I've bought a bucket thing of sweets for the local kids but I am secretly hoping no one knocks and I can spend tomorrow eating a bucket of sweets lol
  4. Redwing

    The Apprentice - a familiar face!

    Are you thinking of Dragons Den maybe?
  5. Hi, yes thats a male unfortunately
  6. Partridge Wyandottes are very easy to sex from day 1, the colour and pattern will tell you. the females have a relatively uniform pattern of the black pencilling and the males will have some solid coloured feathers most notably on the chest, on the hackles and across their wings in a solid bar of colour ny pics?
  7. Redwing

    Roosting Bars

    Ideally 20 weeks onwards but you can get away with intros from 16 weeks if they are confident chicks and the others are laid back
  8. Redwing

    Roosting Bars

    none of my lot roost when they are young it dents their keel bone which although not detrimental healthwise but it ruins them for showing and why let a bird get a deformity just in order to get them to roost 16 weeks onwards is safest the old original ex batt cages never allowed for roosting but most freed ex batts learn how to perch so its not something dependent on them learning while they are young
  9. I agree It could be her heart, that's usually number 1 suspect In saying that a number of birds like this have appeared on facebook in the last few days so it could be linked to the heat and sheer lack of air movement some parts of the country have experienced recently, ensure the run is shaded, lots of water is available and consider restricting their free ranging so they don't get too exerted. heat isn't normally such a problem but even my husband said today how still the air was and that his breathing wasn't great
  10. Redwing

    Sexing cream leg bar chicks

    I'd say those two are male, markings can be misleading but head spots usually never lie See I'd say the one on the right has a head spot....could just be the pic though
  11. Redwing

    Damn those hatching projects

    Its sad that children are taught to love something cute and fluffy and dispose if it when it gets bigger and gets inconvenient
  12. Redwing

    Dwarfism in chicken

    Aside from the possibility they are a different breed (as DM says above) the term used by breeders in this case is 'failure to thrive' these birds usually catch up to close their intended size but most breeders will say that they are never really quite right even if they do
  13. Redwing


    Its brilliant, very best shavings I have ever found, light fluffy proper woodshavings. We use it at our local show and always get comments on what good quality it is
  14. Redwing

    Ebay, why do I let people get to me?

    I think I would have paid the £13.50, its not an unreasonable amount and she was doing you a favour by reopening the sale In the great scheme of things to refuse on principle over a few pounds may may you seem unreasonable to them, if entering in to a sale I would be worried that would lead to poor feedback and pickiness over condition/delivery so I would also have taken down the listing I'm afraid
  15. Redwing

    My BBQ this year

    Due to my husband having a road accident a couple of months ago the date for my BBQ has only just been set It is 25th July I realise this will be too short notice for most people but if you are interesting in coming please see my post in the Get Together section lower down the forum