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  1. ahhh that sounds a better idea, keeping them in the run for the morning rather than all day!
  2. Have I understood correctly? My hens free range all day - does it mean that whilst under treatment they have to be kept in the WIR? Many thanks
  3. http://www.farmandpetplace.co.uk/products/poultry/poultry-feed/poultry-feeds/marriage-layers-pellets-with-flubenvet-10kg-layers-pellets-with-wormer.html Just paid £9.46 incl delivery as SPR is out of stock (£12) incl delivery
  4. Hi Does anybody know where I can attend a dispatching course please? Not planning on culling my 7 Barnewelders cockerel chicks but I believe it will be a good skill to learn when chickens are poorly & need to be PTS. Thanks Kit
  5. Oh no, I'm so truly sorry! Hope you start to feel better soon x
  6. Hi Thank you so far for all your help. Is 5 weeks old enough to leave Mum? Came back for 1 day before leaving again tomorrow for a week to find Mum hen pecking at her chicks. The chicks went to sleep on top of the cube (Wir) as she would not let them in to sleep with her! Anyway I have separated them but not sure if I have done the right thing. Please help Many thanks Kit
  7. http://gardenhens.web.officelive.com/default.aspx Hi The above lady sells vorverk so I'm guessing she could advise you. Kit
  8. Kaza 46 Hi I did the same and the best thing to do is dispose of it properly. In future when lifting her out check under wings and between her legs to make sure there are no eggs tucked under her. I only misted when it was very hot and I did it during midday when the sun was the hottest. Good luck with the rest, mine are now 9days old and changing rapidly
  9. very pretty indeed. Is she a Barnevelder? Kit
  10. Hi Chezza Hang on in there - as all the post that I have read says a day or so here and there...fingers crossed for you x 6 hatched today and one is pipping. Candled the 2 welsummer eggs and I think that they are half developed and I can hear no cheeping inside. (Yesterday I took a few eggs to my ears and I could hear them cheeping away.) Will leave those eggs under hen for a few days and see what happens. Does this make me a Nana Hen? Kit ps the lady who sold me the eggs said to me last night that as the weather has been up and down it is bound to mess the hatching up a little bit. Have you sourced somewhere where you can buy day old chicks just in case?
  11. So very pleased - 6 have hatched and one in process of hatching 5 Barnevelders have hatched and 1 pipping away which means Michelle from Garden poultry who has taken over from Lisa in Frodsham has a 100% success rate 1 Vorwerk and the 2 welsummers seems to have stopped developing. They were candled 10mins ago and I can see a dark mass 2/3rds of egg but no movement at all. Will leave them for a few days to see what happens. Thank you everybody for holding my hand throughout the 21 days. Another note I started off with 4 hens 3 weeks ago, I now have 4 hens, nearly 7 chicks and about to take to unwanted 2 year old hens from my friend totalling 13 hens. 13 is bad luck so should I get another vorwerk day old chick to join the other one don't tell the husband!
  12. Hi I have agreed to take on my friend's 2 existing hens who have never free ranged and live in a cube at the bottom of their garden. To cut along story short what do I need to do to aid smooth introduction in terms of mites and other insects? I wormed them last week when I was looking after them whilst friends on holiday/ Is it enough to give them a Johnson's insect spray under their wings? I know that they have not been treated precautionary or otherwise for insects and mites before. One of the chickens has very red skin around her bum area, so I will give her a wash under her bottom but what do I treat it with? Sudocreme? Thank you Thanks Kit

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