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  1. Getting very excited now :dance:


    In my BBQ bag Mr mostin and I will be bringing


    Eggs for brekkie, hopefully 2 dozen

    Baps for brekkie sarnies/hamburgers prob 24 or more

    Cooking oil



    Sausages/burgers/General BBQ meat


    Forgot about cakes or desserts :shock: , May have to go shopping :lol:


    Is anyone bringing coffee, tea, sugar etc?

  2. Yes fleet is on the list!! Loads of Chicken people nearby :D


    I really hate to admit it, but having the girls under house arrest for just 3 weeks has completely transformed the garden. Oooops :lol: OH is really enjoying the I told you so dance grrrr


    Oh we'll, fingers crossed it sells quickly and they can have their freedom again :wink:

  3. That sounds so awful!!!! It's disgraceful what can happen to our elderly these days.


    OH's grandad has Altzeimers and he is getting to the "Can't be left alone stage". The gas was disconnected from his house last week as he switched on the hob and then wandered off for a fag!!! He keeps complaining that the paper shop is always shut, turns out he has been trying to get his morning paper at 2 and 3 in the morning!!


    Found very good support up here and OH's mum gets some money now as she cooks all his meals and checks on him a few times a day. He has a place booked in a home for people with dementia, but it's not built yet!


    I really hope you get things sorted soon. It's very difficult. Take that agency to the cleaners!!!


    Is there any chance of the charity helping with carers so your dad can go away? I know that OH's mum has organised for people to come in 3 times a day when she has a holiday?


    Good luck with it all. Xxxxx

  4. Thanks for all the good luck guys. So nice to know that there are chicken people everywhere :D


    Just taking a break from more packing, sorting and boxing :roll:


    So much bric-a-brac and books, a charity lady is coming to our house this pm to pick it all up. And we've only done 2 1/2 rooms so far!! How do we collect this stuff!!


    Chooks are all settled in to their temp smaller pens, but they are giving me evil eyes as they are not allowed on the lawn again until we have a firm offer. I can't believe how fast the grass grows with no chickens on it! :lol:

  5. Yes, financially it's definitely harder to go south than come north, but taking into account all the travel costs and hours that hubby spends driving at the moment, we figured that it must be worth the risk.


    Priorities are right!!! Got to get the chooks sorted 1st :lol: We dropped the huge WIR last weekend with the very kind help of Laurmurf and all her clan. The girls are all in the smaller breeding pens now, so that we can transport the big run and some of the housing down to the field. Why didn't I just stop at 3 chickens? :roll::lol: :lol:

  6. Thought I'd break the news on here that hubby and I are leaving good old Yorkshire as soon as our house is sold.


    In typical style, we haven't got a home to go to yet, will just rent something, but a corner of a field for the

    Chooks is already sorted :D


    Looking near the Hampshire/Surrey border, Alton/Odiham/Fleet area.


    I wondered if any omleteers were around that area at all?

  7. It's inevitable that you get those @I'm not doing it right' moments - you're exhausted, hormonal and want to do the right thing... babies are remarkably resilient and the wee man won't be wanting for love:wink:


    Beautifully said :D

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