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  1. I have heard of people making slings for chickens. If she is is healthy in every other way?? Saw picture of someone who had suspended the chook in a pair of knickers until she was back on her legs
  2. I can well believe that Mozzer, my ex would have said the same Never safe from surprise are we!!!! After all that muttering Mr Mostin has downloaded the soundtrack as he says he can't get it out of his head now
  3. The temp of the water seems to have a big effect on the behaviour of my chooks, I do them in the kitchen sink, usually when hubby is out . I was worried about scalding them at first, or overheating them, but then I remembered that their body temp is higher than ours. Mine seem to like it quite hot!! And kick off if the temp begins to drop . Good luck. Have an old towel ready and within reach! You don't want to go and search for one and leave a soggy chicken unattended, they shake like wet dogs!
  4. I like the Welsh theme. How about Alwyn? Apparently it means great and blessed
  5. As soon as the shortest day was passed my boys have started getting frisky again Time to separate them all from my ladies before they go to work!! I like it in the winter when the boys are all docile and I can leave them with the girls, or even have them running around in a big boys gang with no trouble. But all bets are off now they are feeling a spring in their step!! Need to choose all my breeding groups and split everyone up before next week I think. Back to having umpteen runs instead of just an easy few It's a good job I'm chicken mad, you have to be to go through all this each year
  6. Has anybody been watching this new David Attenborough series?? Loved the first part, but I found the second part a bit brutal and upsetting. I know it is real life nature, and that's what really happens, but watching that mother bird pick the strongest baby to feed and let the other die was awful , I was very glad I breed chickens, my girls mother all their chicks indiscriminately and non-stop The worst bit was the filming of the baby elephant dying in the drought. I sobbed for an hour after that Does anybody else get that upset over these things or is it just soppy old me , I notice it was shown at 5 o'clock on a Sunday, way before the watershed. I imagine it is classed as family viewing, but to me it's much more upsetting than a scene in casualty and I would have preferred a warning as I may have skipped that episode. I've done a search on Africa but can't find any other threads on it. If there are and I've missed them, please feel free mods, to add this post on to the end of another thread
  7. Subjected OH this on Sat night. I loved it!!! I have seen the stage version and cried a bit in that. I sobbed at least 4 times in the film and couldn't stop at the end, hubby was thrilled with that I understood much more of the plot after watching the film, can't believe how well they converted it. Just to warn you Dogmother that not all partners agree on this film Mr Mostin said it was the most depressing and miserable 2 1/2 hours of his life
  8. She's still a wee thing!! All that mucking out of horses, chooks and alpacas obviously pays off!! I know that I've also known for a while but I am still sooooooo sooooooo happy for you guys. Counting down along with the pair of you xxxx
  9. RIP Poet. Like others, I don't come on here as much anymore but I remember some lively times on here when she was posting. Sad news.
  10. So sorry ANH, families are tricky things indeed. Anyone who has met you knows you would never do any of these things she accuses you of, remember that.
  11. I've just come back after a "wee" break myself . It's nice to dip my toe in the water again, I'm sure you'll enjoy being back, just as I am
  12. Thanks sha. We are off tomorrow in OH's parents caravan. We have the house/cat/chicken sitters all organised so very excited now. Just realised that I will have to fill in my entry for otley show right now and post it in the morning, as entries close on the 19th! I will put a thread on in get-togethers incase anybody else is going
  13. Nice to be back. Hope you are enjoying the catch up same as me
  14. Yes, they used to make aspirin from Willow bark. Apparently if you take the natural version it doesn't hurt your stomac the way aspirin does. What does the skullcap do?
  15. I work in the NHS and I don't like pulling it apart but I think you should complain. Nanny Oggs points are spot on!! As staff we are always saying how we would hate to have anything go wrong out of hours as the head honchos are all on the golf course with do not disturb messages on their mobiles You may not be sure if your outcome was any different, but if it happened once, it will happen again, and the next person may not be so lucky. The good thing about complaints in the NHS, is that there should not be witch hunt, but that they find the cause of the error and then change standards and proceedures so that it can't happen again! No need to feel guilty, you are being positive and helping to improve the NHS service
  16. Hi *waves back*. I've finally taken your advice and am taking feverfew and white willow to keep the migraines at bay. Fingers crossed!
  17. Just to add a bit more to my post in view of cost conversation. Our lady is now a very good friend. She's not with the agency any more so it's £8 an hour cash and 6 or 12 eggs, depending on how hard the girls are working
  18. We have a lady for 2 hours on a Friday, to make the place respectable for the weekend so we can relax instead of spending it cleaning We used the same agency that a neighbour used. It took a couple of ladies but then we found the perfect fit. The lady we have now loves the cats and the chickens, and will even come and look after them if we are away for the weeken
  19. Hehehehe, the balloons!!! I had forgotten I wonder if the waiter in pizza hut has recovered yet, or if he's still rocking in a corner
  20. Whaaaaaaa hahaha. That was such a good night. Soooo many cocktails

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