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  1. Mine is a picture of a huge marzipan chicken that was on a birthday cake that a good friend got me a couple of years ago . It was about 4 or 5 inches high !!! He lived in the fridge for months, I couldn't bring myself to eat him . He wears a Santa hat at Christmas, or sometimes at random other times if the forum is being daft . I do have some similarities to my avatar, especially in my shape and sweetness .
  2. I was wondering that too?? I think it looks awesome in the pictures, but there's no way it would look like that after 10 mins near my rabble!!!!
  3. Still luvin' my slanket 5 months later . Mr Mostin took the rip out of me constantly when I got it at Christmas, but now I have to wrestle it of him in the evening when it's sofa time . He recently asked it they made them in blue so he could have one too .
  4. Glad it went as well as it could do babes. Big hugs xxxx
  5. I'm sorry for being such a coward my darling and not posting on here before. I knew it would be too much for me to read everyones comments after you 1st told me though and sure enough I am blubbering like a baby as I write this. I hope you know how much live I am sending to you and your fantastic mum xxxx. Your stories of your Dad will always keep him with all of us though, when you mentioned about him telling your mum to get some lunch I thought, I hope she got nothing with nuts in!! " He wasn't so famous on nuts! " xxxx I really hope tomorrow goes as alright as it can do for you, and that you aren't so busy with all the arrangements that you do get time to be quiet and grieve yourself. Don't waste all of your energy on everybody else as I know you can do as you are so lovely, save it all for you and your mum xxxx
  6. I'd put them under the new broody. Remember what they said at our poultry club meeting.......sometimes in the wild mothers have to abandon the nest for quite a while due to predators being nearby, but then they go back and sit, and the chicks just take a few days longer to hatch. If I were you I'd try it xxx
  7. They were soooo cute. Cheekiest and the greediest were the buffs , typical . It will be really interesting watching them all grow.
  8. The fountains really vary in price. We got a very cheap one, as we had no idea the cats would love it so much. We bought from ebay, but we got this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hagen-CAT-IT-PET-DRINKING-FOUNTAIN/dp/B0006L2LWS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1302189927&sr=8-1 Flora always drinks from the dome, and Oscar always drinks from the bowl
  9. Probably not , but that might be a nice excuse to see Dr Dishy again
  10. Not quite sure what you mean , but hope I'm being helpful by saying that I have never had any visits or phone calls. I just get the letter once a year, asking me to update my information.
  11. We've been having a lot of cat vomiting problems recently , but due to the increase in rabbits and mice being consumed . Our cats just get dried Royal Canin food. Sometimes Oscar gets an upset tummy and completely dry food irritates it but the lady in the pet shop told me to add some water to his Royal Canin and give it a very quick zap in the microwave. It makes a bit of a gravy and sorts his tummy out, and then he goes back to dry food again. To make sure mine drink enough water to go along with the dried food, especially as one of my boys is getting on a bit, we bought them one of those cat drinking fountains. They love drinking from it, the movement, and the lack of chlorine in the water, it's nice to see them drinking in the house and not out of the pond . I hope your boys tummy problems are over soon xxxx. Being greeted by a fresh pile at the bottom of the stairs in the morning is never fun
  12. One of the vets I go to is a keen hen keeper, and he happily prescribes it for my flock. My old vet wouldn't though
  13. Thanks for that Egluntyne I know, and I filled it in before this weekend when I have another 6 due to hatch
  14. Even though I don't have over 50 chooks I have always been registered as I want to know if there is avian flu in my area. I just got my form through to update my details this year. I have to add 30 chickens to my numbers from last year , and 3 extra chicken houses Oooooooooppppsss
  15. Awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks for all the complements you guys *blushes*
  16. Diane can't make Tuesday due to baby Landy being poorly , I think we will have to do the Tues after????
  17. That sounds like fun . I gave my mum hers today as we visited that side of the family today. She was absolutely thrilled . Even my dad was really interested in it as his dad was in the Bradford wool trade and used to have to choose which bits of Wool would get used for felting. Small world

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