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  1. I promised you photos ....................... It's taken me until the day before mothers day , but I have just finished making my mothers and mother in laws gifts from the felt I made at the crafting weekend. I started 1 corsage but didn't finish it...probably due to hangover . It's amazing how quickly I have finished 1 and made another this morning with a clear head and non-trembling hands . I have to say Diane, that I am even proud of the back of them , now you have shown me how to finish them off properly. Thanks for showing me how to make such lovely pressies for them xxxxx
  2. Errrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm They are all very cute........I know that much . I think I'll need to cuddle them in person to give a proper opinion on the rest. Can't wait for this lurgy to go
  3. Only just seen this thread. I filled it in on-line as you only had to fill the names in once and then it was all done for me for the rest of the form. I am happy to report that I did indeed put Omleteer as my religion . I feel the joy and healing power of chickens is much to be believed in, and they have introduced me to some of the loveliest and kindest people I have ever met. So chooks are my chosen faith .
  4. That's the girl The one who is always up ladders and never stops decorating
  5. Hi babes, I'm sorry I've only just seen this. It's weird because when I filled that question in, I thought of you, and wondered how it would make you feel as you filled it in. I hope the spring cheers you up, and that you know how happy we all are to have the new and improved Diane here with us in Yorkshire. The one who worked out what was wrong with her own boiler! Who put together her own shed! And who can switch on the heating in her home whenever she likes without being told off! Cats are good judges of character and your boys adore you. Us Yorkshire folk think you're not too bad either Huge hugs darling, always here for you xxxxx
  6. This really made me giggle. Just because it was a bit too close to the bone for me. It was as if they had interviewed my OH, but with a different accent It was fab when he admitted it was their 26th wedding anniversary and he was there at the store buying more electric fencing. I was told not to get 1 more chicken, or he would get the divorce papers when I had 13 chooks! I have 38 now, with more due to hatch, and still happily married with OH building the runs for them to live in
  7. My word those chicks are big already !!! Can't wait to work out what they all might be
  8. Just thought I would add to this as it is definitely "that time of year again" and the "sap is rising" . I have 4 big Sussex cockerels, and they have all been as good as gold.............. until yesterday Rodney, the Red Sussex is still a softy with me (so far!) but he is determined to fight to the death with any of the other boys he can even glance out of the corner of his eye. I am going to have to rethink the fencing. The two Buff Sussex boys, who run with my biggest flock have turned from cute little teenagers into evil stared monsters overnight. I don't try the cuddles with them anymore , I have too many scars from previous attempts with Big Bad Bill, another cockerel I had. I find a hose pipe of water in the face, just as they are creeping up on me, tends to have a good effect . The behaviour always gets worse when they are free-ranging. And if I need to need to pick a girl up for treatment who I know will squawk a lot, I make sure they are penned in, as they come running to protect her very quickly in those circumstances too. Strangely, so far, the best behaved one of my 4 is the son of Big Bad Bill . Maybe he is saving it all up for one big surprise attack on me . Big hugs to all the aggressive boy sufferers xxxxx. I keep telling them all to behave , once I have hatched all the chicks I want, they will be skating on very thin ice .
  9. Well done for getting it working Scarlett , glad all the chicks are doing well, and enjoyed their night on the town
  10. Very true , I'm drowning in eggs at the moment, but also have 3 pancakes
  11. When I crossed the araucana cockerel with my columbine and corton blue last summer a lot of the chicks were black. some became blue, but most stayed black. All my black chicks from those crosses are green egg layers though, so fingers crossed. I will check my diary for next week and see when I can come and visit and check them out
  12. Big hugs from another bi-polar here xxxxxxxx sometimes it just hits you, and there is no reason, I've given up trying to find the reasons as sometimes thinking about why it's happening makes me feel worse. I find setting tiny goals is the way to go for me. Normally everything seems too much to do, so I tell myself that when I next upstairs to the loo, I will bring some dirty washing down with me and put it in the machine. Then I make sure I give my self a big mental pat on the back for doing that. Sometimes it takes me all day, and many hours to just gradually get washed and dressed and then see to the chooks, but I make sure I tell myself how well I am doing after each small step. If I think about how much I haven't or want but can't do then I would just crumble. Keep positive, and keep coming back to us for hugs xxxxxxxxxxx
  13. awwwww Glad you've still got 9 babies though. So exactly which eggs hatched then of which breeds? I can't remember what I gave you
  14. The little so and so's. They always hatch early for me too hehehe
  15. forgot to take any pictures of my work today , I did do some though ......honest . I made 3 lovely pieces of felt which I am now in the process of making into corsages .
  16. errrm well we were for quite a while, but all dressed and busy felting and knitting now
  17. We are all crowded round the PC looking at the photos together and absolutely wetting ourselves at the photos Especially the before and after wine shots . Love Cath's knitting while doing yoga photo
  18. Very well done , This all sounds very interesing
  19. Has the new torch arrived yet? Any more candling news?

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